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  1. Thanks, won't be bidding for an upgrade to one of those then!
  2. Is this just a normal balcony room? I know there is Ultra Spacious Ocean View Balcony but I'm specifically talking about Spacious Ocean View Balcony
  3. It's never an empty threat, and taking them to court won't cost me a penny so I have nothing to lose.
  4. I now think the doctor didn't bill us so they could deny it ever happened!
  5. Like i've said. A simple acknowledgement would have gone a long way, but it will now go to a solicitor. They wouldn't take it if they didn't think they could win. I just don't get why these big companies behave like this. CUSTOMER SERVICE is KING. I'll never cruise with MSC again.
  6. We booked a cruise for 8 of us on Meraviglia earlier in the year. Our first cruise on MSC. I'll start of by saying the ship itself is magnificent and the Spa is fantastic. However that's about as far as the good points go. We had various issues whilst on board but I won't bore you too much with that. HOWEVER. We were over billed to the tune of about £120. A couple of reasons for that but the main one being we were offered compensation by the way of two bali massages, however there were no Bali massages available and were told to book something else instead. Which we did. (the cost of this was less than the massages so we were not taking the biscuit) The charge for the treatments then appeared on our account. I approached guest services and was shocked when I was told that the charges would stand as we were offered Bali massages. They were not transferable. I explained that there were no massages available and was told by (pointing to other CS agent) to book something else. She totally lied and denied she had said that. Well that really got my back up. This was the second time on the cruise a member of crew had blatantly lied in front our our faces. So, it's taken me TWO months to get a refund for it, but finally I got it. BUT THAT'S NOT THE WORSE OF IT! As a treat for my sister I booked her and her other half in to the tepenyaki restaurant. They were with their 9 month old and don't get to go out much so this was a nice treat for them. Within hours my sister was being violently ill. I mean VIOLENTLY. I went back to guest services who sent the doctor who administered some injections and other medicines. No one else in the cabin fell ill and the doctor didn't confine her to her cabin. So there was no case of infectious virus, it was clear that it was a case of food poisoning. It's now been nearly Three months since our return and can you believe it on Tuesday MSC denied that my sister was ever ill. They said there is no record of my complaints to CS and there is no record of the doctor visiting my sister. So I promptly emailed them a copy of the medical questionnaire that the doctor asked my sister to complete. A copy which is kept by the ship and a copy which my sister kept. Imagine my surprise today when MSC emailed me again with their FINAL RESPONSE on the matter. Dear Mr ***** RE: MSC Meraviglia – 6th April 2018 Thank you for your further correspondence received regarding your recent cruise. Whilst we appreciate your feedback, as per the ship’s medical records there is no evidence of any alleged food poisoning that may have occurred on board and therefore it is with regret to advise once again that MSC Cruises will not be proceeding any further with this claim. With regards to cancelling your future bookings, kindly contact your Travel Agent directly who will advise you accordingly, however you will be liable for the cancellations as per the Terms & Conditions. We would like to offer our sincere apologies once again for any disappointment felt, however we can only hope that one day you may reconsider using our services again in the near future when we hope to be able to restore your good faith in our company. In the meantime, please accept our very best wishes. Yours sincerely, I am absolutely GOBSMACKED that a company can treat it's customers like this. So. This was my reply Hi ***** I really cannot believe that despite providing you with evidence that my sister was visited by the on board doctor you are still denying that she was ever ill. I think you have a serious problem here if your on board doctor is not recording visits! You have pretty much called me a liar and claimed that it never happened. How can you expect a customer to continue spending their money with you when you treat them like this!? I booked this future cruise before taking this one, but since taking it it has become apparent that MSC really don't give a monkeys about their customers. It's taken 2 months for me to get money back that I shouldn't have been billed in the first place and I've not even received any interest payment or gesture of goodwill. Interest I'm legally entitled too. Had you admitted that my sister had been ill and made a simple goodwill gesture weeks ago, we wouldn't be where we are now. I wasn't demanding a full refund or a discount on a future cruise IN FACT I've not asked for anything at all! All I wanted was for someone to admit it happened, take some responsibility and say sorry. BUT YOU CAN'T EVEN DO THAT! but all you've done is denied it ever happened and THAT IS DISGUSTING. I will also be contacting our solicitors as a mater of course. Something that could have been easily resolved for little or no cost is now likely to cost you tens of thousands is legal fees. WHERE IS THE SENSE IN THAT!
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