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  1. Several cruisers and travelers I know have used it and love it. Most have experienced 15 minute turnarounds and have results in less than that. We only know of couples who have used it though, not larger groups. We also have ordered the tests and will take them on the 3d or 4th of November.
  2. If someone doesn't report here before, I'll be happy to let you know in early November. 😎
  3. This is simply because the USB outlets near the bed likely have a very low output of 2.5 watts which may provide up to 1.5 amps. That charges anything very slowly (by today's standards.) Your 120V converter likely puts out more than that. It's not your fitbit.
  4. Some do have sofas.... see 6127 – Koningsdam | HAL Cruiser Information (halfacts.com)
  5. What an excellent job you are doing all while celebrating your birthday! Thank you for taking us along with your efforts here. Enjoy your cruise and Happy Birthday!
  6. Perhaps it's a pilot program? 👍🤞 Might be something Jan Swartz, president of Holland America Group, who came from Princess Cruises, is behind?
  7. Here's the link at HAL to redeem this offer for those looking for it: https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/deals/sandiego-military-appreciation-offer.html Interesting that it says active and retired military, although someone mentioned earlier that they received it as a veteran, non-retired (good for you and thanks for your service, all of you). It doesn't mention whether it is offered only to US military. Would like to see this expanded and operated like Princess does their program. Are you listening, Jan? 😁
  8. Folks on the Rotterdam TA have this dinner offered also, so it sounds like it is just being introduced and may be across the fleet eventually. Those on that cruise who inquired with HAL say there is no Mariner discount available on it. Thanks @Vict0riann for taking on this effort! Looking forward to reading your entries. Enjoy your cruise!
  9. By your signature I see that you've been on the other Pinnacle class ships of HAL. I am guessing but I think that Enchanted Princess is the same class ship as Regal Princess. Seems you have an advantage over me on this one. We are doing Rotterdam in November 2021 and Regal in January 2022 so I'll have more info then. Right now though, knowing Princess to a lesser extent than HAL, I would choose Rotterdam for the smaller passenger load and what I know of the entertainment on board. It's hard to beat BB Kings, RSRR and/or Lincoln Center Stage, unless you prefer the stage shows, where I think Princess might have an advantage, in number of shows, at least. Then there is the Pinnacle Grill, Tamarind, Nami Sushi, Rudi's, Grand Dutch Cafe, NY Deli and Pizza while Princess has the International Cafe, Crown Grill, Sabatini's. Either way, can you go wrong? 😁
  10. As you've seen by the earlier answers, there is justification for both sides of this coin. No one wants to lose their passport; no one wants to get stuck someplace foreign without their passport. I personally have never carried my passport while on HMC or in the Bahamas. It's not at all likely that you'll be able to go from HMC directly home, sort of negating the need. Like Jacqui, I do carry a copy of my passport while overseas though, just so I have a record of it which can be used to "verify" the passport through a US embassy or consulate. There are places and times when I have carried it with me though. My DWs uncle and aunt were on a Princess cruise in Europe only a few years ago; he got very ill while on an excursion in Portugal. So sick that he was left in a hospital there during the excursion. No passport. Lots of delays and paperwork, taking a few days, just to be able to get on a plane (although medically cleared), for which he had evac insurance, to get home. He never leaves his passport on the ship now. Basically, it all depends on your experiences and your risk tolerance. Hope that helps. 🙂
  11. Thanks for the update! That confirms what I've heard from others. Will know for myself in little over a month!.
  12. I'm sure they don't worry too much about someone stealing the chickens. But, you can bet CCL/HAL is paying for any customs/passport officials who are sent to the island, so I imagine they expect to see 🧐 these same officials. Was at HMC last in December 2019 and there were 2 people working the area for passports/xrays in a semi-uniform (Bahamian logo) looking golf shirt who were waving everyone through without checking docs or bags. Go figure. Nice work if you can find it!
  13. Yay Tim! Overnighting in HMC? Wow! Wonder if they'll have evening time along the beach? I'll bet it's beautiful to see the sun set from there. Say hi to aliaschief (Bruce and Susan) and I hope you enjoy your cruise. NA is a good ship and we've enjoyed her several times, last time in December 2019. Thanks for taking on this effort!
  14. Have a great cruise, Bruce and Susan! We'll catch up sometime soon I'm sure. 🍻😁
  15. It is a Bahamian island (private in that it is on lease to CCL exclusively) where you now have to pass through a passport and customs check on the way back to the tender for the ship. They have never stopped us though to look at anything however (and almost seem grumpy if you assume they do), but the requisite xray and metal detecting machines and podium are there along with the Disney-esque winding queues and enclosed waiting areas after the "check". As far as the health visa goes, we've been told that it will not be necessary in November 2021 when we visit on the Rotterdam as we are cruise ship passengers on day visits. I can certainly let you know how that goes but HAL has told some that it won't be necessary. Will update when I've been there and done that in November.
  16. So very happy to read another thread of cruising to Alaska! 🙂 Truly hope you do enjoy; we do like NA and with a reduced passenger count it should be relaxing. Might you disclose where you got your antigen test done, with such quick results?
  17. Just received my confirmation of it being applied to my B2B2B cruises in November. I sent email last Monday, 13 September, so it took nearly 2 work weeks. But it's there now!
  18. Fingers crossed all stresses are pleasantly relieved with negative test results and that the cruise truly goes well and smoothly. Thanks for the updates here; looking forward to reading. 🙂
  19. Hang in there Bruno and get well soon!
  20. The ship must seem empty Marty! Any issues with illness on board that you've heard?
  21. Hey, glad to see you're posting! Hope all goes well and thanks for the efforts to do so.
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