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  1. Thanks for the update! That confirms what I've heard from others. Will know for myself in little over a month!.
  2. I'm sure they don't worry too much about someone stealing the chickens. But, you can bet CCL/HAL is paying for any customs/passport officials who are sent to the island, so I imagine they expect to see 🧐 these same officials. Was at HMC last in December 2019 and there were 2 people working the area for passports/xrays in a semi-uniform (Bahamian logo) looking golf shirt who were waving everyone through without checking docs or bags. Go figure. Nice work if you can find it!
  3. Yay Tim! Overnighting in HMC? Wow! Wonder if they'll have evening time along the beach? I'll bet it's beautiful to see the sun set from there. Say hi to aliaschief (Bruce and Susan) and I hope you enjoy your cruise. NA is a good ship and we've enjoyed her several times, last time in December 2019. Thanks for taking on this effort!
  4. Have a great cruise, Bruce and Susan! We'll catch up sometime soon I'm sure. 🍻😁
  5. It is a Bahamian island (private in that it is on lease to CCL exclusively) where you now have to pass through a passport and customs check on the way back to the tender for the ship. They have never stopped us though to look at anything however (and almost seem grumpy if you assume they do), but the requisite xray and metal detecting machines and podium are there along with the Disney-esque winding queues and enclosed waiting areas after the "check". As far as the health visa goes, we've been told that it will not be necessary in November 2021 when we visit on the Rotterdam as we are cruise ship passengers on day visits. I can certainly let you know how that goes but HAL has told some that it won't be necessary. Will update when I've been there and done that in November.
  6. So very happy to read another thread of cruising to Alaska! 🙂 Truly hope you do enjoy; we do like NA and with a reduced passenger count it should be relaxing. Might you disclose where you got your antigen test done, with such quick results?
  7. Just received my confirmation of it being applied to my B2B2B cruises in November. I sent email last Monday, 13 September, so it took nearly 2 work weeks. But it's there now!
  8. Fingers crossed all stresses are pleasantly relieved with negative test results and that the cruise truly goes well and smoothly. Thanks for the updates here; looking forward to reading. 🙂
  9. Hang in there Bruno and get well soon!
  10. The ship must seem empty Marty! Any issues with illness on board that you've heard?
  11. Hey, glad to see you're posting! Hope all goes well and thanks for the efforts to do so.
  12. Once again, thanks for taking us along. Very interested in how things have changed.
  13. I just got in through the "Already Booked" links.
  14. Thanks for taking on this task. First cruises are always memorable ones and I hope your fiance has a great time on this cruise. Have a wonderful time!
  15. You've been a rock with these reports, Rich, and I thank you sincerely. 🙂
  16. It's 6:32 AM and I am jonesing for pea soup and kaas broodjes!
  17. This may be required for international travel, especially for Canadians.
  18. Looks like a great start Peter! Be safe and enjoy. 🙂
  19. Thanks for the ride-along, John! Gelukkige Verjaardag!
  20. @Copper10-8, a quick, hopefully easily answered question for you.... Are there any 11 and under (obviously unvaccinated) children on board that you know of? We are booked in December on NA and have an under 12 child also booked and are hearing now that he will not be allowed to sail from a non-HAL source.
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