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  1. Guessing the bars themselves will have prices printed but they may not be placing the folders on all the tables like they have in the past.
  2. I'm thinking "first night, first cruise back" might explain at least some of the odd sounding activity. Perhaps also with the stock in the shops and maybe even the wines not being completely refreshed and set yet? Thanks again Lisa for all your efforts at keeping us up to date! I do believe those are new elevator doors you pictured earlier, I don't remember those in December 2019, but there's a lot I'm sure I've forgotten about BC!
  3. Happy to read that everything is going so well to this point. Wishing you and all passengers and crew aboard NA the very best. I would have a hard time myself trying to catch my breath being on that cruise, I would be so excited! 😁🤪 Bon voyage!
  4. Best wishes to you and all the brave, excited cruisers heading to Alaska!
  5. Loved this ship when we were on the Land of the Midnight Sun cruise....
  6. @irishjim, which HAL ship is this?
  7. Agreed! The OBC must be refundable. However, it likely wouldn't sway me unless it was a considerable amount. A good, responsible TA is not so easily found. It's not the 99 cruises that go as we expect that matter, it's the 1 cruise that falls apart that does matter and a good TA will handle that well for you.
  8. BC (Before Covid), happy hour was buy 1 regular price, get the 2d for $2.
  9. For everyone's reference, here is a link to the pdf from the annual report with details: Shareholders Benefit PDF
  10. It was likely down due to the Sabre reservation system outage yesterday.
  11. My DD and I were also in Haines in July 2019 on board Noordam for 7 days. Loved the area and taking in the history of Fort Seward. Hopefully HAL will continue to make calls there from time to time. It's a lovely little town.
  12. Correct! Up to 4 adults. And much more expensive now than formerly.
  13. They do this so there is no conflict with any other excursions that you might purchase at Half Moon Cay. Otherwise, the website would show you a conflict and might prevent you from purchasing say, the horseback riding.
  14. I did not say tips for cabana personnel was covered in the HSC. I said I expected it was covered in the daily charge for the cabana, if there is a gratuity collected in that charge at all. The deck/pool stewards assigned to the cabanas generally don't receive gratuities unless they are part of the lido dining or bar staff. Bar stewards are covered by the gratuities collected on drinks ordered when there is a charge for them. I also pointed out that additional tipping is always optional and up to the individual. The available literature for cabanas (located here) does not specify whether gratuities are collected with the daily rates.
  15. I really can't tell you much about how tipping in the cabanas works as we've never had one but, generally when we tip above and beyond the standard gratuities that are collected, we will do it in cash and often will enclose it in an envelope with a note to the individual, or a card doing the same. If there is a additional gratuity for having a cabana I would really expect that it is collected in the daily charge for it. Any additional tipping is optional and really is up to the person giving the tip; there is no right or wrong amount. Whenever we've done this we've never been made to feel as though we were being cheap; the crew simply seem grateful and gracious in accepting any amount. So far as champagne in the room upon boarding, there is a very limited number of choices available online for order pre-cruise in your account. If you click on "Manage My Cruise" and then look for the "Beverages" button, you'll see the options and costs there. You can also call Ship Services at 800-541-1576 to order. You'll want to have it delivered on the day of departure which should have it in your room when you arrive but isn't a guarantee. You may not want to be the first on board in this case. 😁 Hope that's helpful!
  16. Perhaps these are only some of the requirements. Short term also; in order to return to cruising in the next few months requiring a vaccination is likely to prevent most people from being able to cruise. Longer term, I won't be surprised if vaccination is required.
  17. The state of Florida already has an online program for tracking vaccinations that requires providers to enter vaccinations when given to individuals. I gave my PCP my 2 "yellow books" that date from my birth and are current with every shot I've ever received (being a military brat and former military myself, these things were a must) and they entered in all the information from them; now it's all tracked digitally for me. Right now, individuals can not view their own records online but any provider can print the records as needed. I agree with Hank; few must "leisure travel", so freely choose not to have or carry a smart device if you'd rather but realize your decisions will have consequences for yourself and others. I'm reminded of an old saying: "Your rights end where my nose begins."
  18. Sure, tango! The flaring, swirling look of a dress on a tango dancer is there. I think it's much nicer than the bands of silver and crystal on the K'dam and NS.
  19. Well said, @tuolumne couple!
  20. I too echo these same comments about the cabin size, bathroom and main shows. I would say that HAL has changed the entertainment focus to live contemporary music with BB Kings and the RSRR. I have no hesitation about sailing either line but would likely choose HAL if the cost and itinerary were so similar.
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