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  1. Someone said use Chrome and go into safari and enable pop ups. This worked for me. I use an iPad mini. Good luck.
  2. Looking at the itinerary it seems as if we are only spending one afternoon, on the third day of the cruise, around the Scottish islands. Are we just bobbing around on the sea for the remainder of the time? Not complaining, just happy to be back at sea.
  3. We sail on Iona 21st August and I noticed on Facebook that some people have had their cabins assigned. Nothing on Cruise personaliser, but phoned our TA, who gave me our cabin number, confirmed an hour or so later by their email.
  4. Does anyone know the route that the ship will take? I presume we go up the west coast to the islands, but then do we come back the same way or circumnavigate the the U.K. and come back down the east coast? Thank you.
  5. Moved this cruise to 2022. Not convinced it will go ahead even 14 months ahead.
  6. Kentish Lass. Your mention of the oxymeter test was worrying for me. I have COPD and therefore my readings are much lower than normal. I have declared this on my included Saga insurance so they should have a record of it We’re not due to go until Easter 2022, so things may have changed by then.
  7. We were booked on this but changed to September 2022 as we didn’t have confidence that all the proposed countries would be open to Brits.
  8. They could fix their IT systems so they work. This morning I was trying to do my online Tesco shopping. A message came up “error. We are aware of this problem.. Please try later” Ten minutes later it was fixed. AND - Answer their phones within ten minutes. We don’t have all day to sit listening to silly music.
  9. With the current 4 to a lift it would be a good idea to have some sort of system to prevent people jumping the queue. Not sure how they would do it. I use a wheelchair which my partner pushes and in normal times we can wait a long time for a lift to become available. Then other people rush up and claim the space. Not only us, but other slower people have this problem. If there are only 1000 on board Iona in August it shouldn’t be a problem, but if P and O increase capacity it may become difficult. I’m not asking for priority, just fairness and courtesy.
  10. On the breakfast menu I see there are no sautéed potatoes (dont’t like hash browns) or the wonderful crunchy fried bread. These, for me, make the best breakfast at sea.
  11. Phoned my TA this morning and they told me it is only Britannia cruisers that are being cancelled. But lindylou says her 21 August, 7 night Iona one is cancelled, which is the one we have booked. Who is correct? Sounds like my TA is not aware of this.
  12. My travel insurance is around £250 for one week cruise to nowhere in August, so I hope they don’t cancel that. We booked in March. same cruise as you lindyloulouise.
  13. Can anyone please post a link for this app. I’m not very technologically minded and can’t find it on my App Store. I use an iPad Mini. Not got a smart phone. Thanks in advance.
  14. We have 3 cruises booked in the next 18 months. Two are with Saga, so that’s no problem as insurance included. The other one is P and O in August, cruise to nowhere. As we have a couple of medical conditions which makes our insurance premium far more than the deposit we shall wait until a few days before cruise balance is due.
  15. Just attempted a quote with Cover for you, but they don’t accept people over 75.
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