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  1. Thanks Andy. I’ll take you up on that if it actually sails.
  2. We are booked on Ventura for Summer 2021. Have sailed on her before and have had to wait ages for a lift as I use a wheelchair. How on earth are PandO going to manage lifts with social distancing. I have visions on standing, waiting for an empty lift for hours on end.
  3. Saw somewhere on the internet that Saga will require COVID-19 test before you board. Does this mean that you would have to get a private test 72 hours before sailing? These tests are very expensive, at least £150 per person. Also could be very difficult And expensive getting to test centre for the elderly or disabled, our nearest one is in London, which would involve two trains and long taxi ride. Very difficult as I use a wheelchair and need someone to push me.
  4. Nosapphire. Re blood oxygen tests. Mine is very low due to COPD, always declared on my travel insurance. Are Saga going to refuse my boarding because of this?
  5. I received a cheque from Carnival for £22.70 with a reference to a cruise we cancelled months ago, but no explanation as to why. I phoned P and O and was told they would investigate. A week later they phoned back to say it was a mistake and to destroy the cheque.
  6. Found 2 cruises for April/May 2022 last week, but they have now disappeared from the website.
  7. Yes, it is indeed Torshvan. Thought it was a lovely place, people were so friendly and kind. Here’s another picture from the same cruise, different country.
  8. Elderflower Fishing nets on Cochin. Southern India. Fascinating area.
  9. Thank you for all your comments and suggestions, I’ll look into them further.
  10. Tried them PR. They stopped offering travel insurance in August 2019, but thanks for your suggestion.
  11. We booked a cruise over 12 months before sailing and none of the travel insurance companies will quote unless you are within 12 months of your cruise. we are now within that time frame and have tries lots of insurance companies, but because of our ages and medical conditions they have said they are unable to quote. As P and O say you are unable to travel without insurance, what would our position be regarding getting our deposit back and TA waiving their cancellation fee? I would have thought that we would be refused boarding if we just turned up, which we, of course wouldn’t without the proper cover.
  12. And our January one to Canaries.
  13. I agree, the pillows were lovely as were that mattresses, so comfortable.
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