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  1. Our Harmony in August is going between $65 and 61.
  2. Hi everyone, my husband and I will be on a kid free cruise on the Harmony the first week of August. My husband has already bought a ticket for the thrill waterpark. Originally I bought one too but realized it just didn't make sense as I don't love waterslides. I was thinking about trying to get a Chill Island Bed Rental. Couple of reasons, main one being I won't have to fight anyone to get a seat and then my husband can find me easily later. Here is my question, is it worth it? 🙂 I cannot tell but are they shaded? Also, when I got to purchase it do I put in just one guest so it only charges me for the one bed? Thanks as always.
  3. Hijacking this thread a bit. We will be on the Harmony first week of August. We have both purchased the tickets for the water park. My husband loves slides and thrill rides. Me not so much. I am thinking about canceling mine and just getting two chairs at the pool or beach. Would this work you think? Does that seem like a good idea. I just think that may be more my speed.
  4. Portland is very walkable and is a wonderful small 'town'. (Full disclosure used to live there and trying to move back). There are some wonderful stores in the area and restaurants. There is a great small jewelry store called d cole which I love.
  5. Thanks everyone. After much debate (deciding upon cruise in Europe, Caribbean, hiking in Peru and sleeping a tent), we just booked the Gem out of Boston to Bermuda leaving July 31st. Are there any examples of past navigators (daily activity sheets or whatever they are called on Norwegian) that I can possibly find? Thanks again everyone.
  6. HI everyone, my husband and I are looking at the Norwegian Escape that visits Northern Europe this summer. We will be traveling just us leaving kids at home. Can anyone give us an idea of activities that are held on board (besides the port of call). Just worried that it might be a bit too quiet. Any advice thoughts are welcome. Thanks as always.
  7. Can you share what some of the perks are? Are they available for the mini suite or just full suite? Thanks.
  8. Evening all, my husband and I are thinking about doing the Boston to Bermuda 7 night cruise in July on the Gem. It would just be the two of us as we would be leaving the kids at home. Can anyone give me an idea on what activities there are on board during the day? Are there any examples of a daily activity sheet/navigator something like that? Also any suggestions on what to do in Bermuda? General thoughts on the ship? Thanks everyone.
  9. Current AM as of two weeks ago on the Freedom was Bern (do not know last name).
  10. His offici His official letter of resignation was submitted today. So I think as of now things are good. We fly down Saturday to go on the freedom on Sunday.
  11. Ours started at $52. We bought it at $50 and then cancelled and re bought it at $47.
  12. Yeah, the lyrics to Greased Lightning are def. not pg.
  13. I believe that today was a day that people had off. Today's is a very planned protest.
  14. The Freedom sailed yesterday. We will be on the Freedom this coming Sunday. The issue with the day stops is that they dock at the pier that is right in Old San Juan and the timing of the stops often. I was worried about us leaving but am no longer worried. I think we will be fine. We did change our hotel from Old San Juan to the Condado area just in case. Today's protests are massive partially because everything is closed today. I honestly thought he would have resigned last night but still think that might happen this week.
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