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  1. Baystate

    Sunday Services?

    My husband and I were on that cruise and I really enjoyed those two Saturday vigil Masses. And, that lounge seating sure made for the most comfortable "pew" that I had ever been in 😉
  2. My husband and I have done the UBD on a midship bump out on the Regal. Wind was not an issue at all, and I was told that if the weather was going to be an issue they could do it inside of the cabin.
  3. Baystate

    Dress Code - Regal Princess

    No, I'm from Boston and dress shorts are referred to as Bermuda shorts. So he had dress shorts on and a polo (tennis) shirt on. I never really notice what other people have on, but did because it happened right in front of me.
  4. Baystate

    Dress Code - Regal Princess

    I was on the Regal and a gentleman in Bermuda shorts was in front of us and he was turned away.
  5. Baystate

    24-hour dining? What is your experience?

    Tried to get coffee at 3:30am on turnaround day, but it was closed. Now, maybe that was just because it was turnaround day.
  6. Baystate

    Pizza on Princess has gotten really bad

    It's all in good fun. I don't know anyone who takes it "seriously". Just like good natured ribbing between friends
  7. Baystate

    Pizza on Princess has gotten really bad

    I will agree that your bagels are superior. It's getting hard here to find a real boiled bagel. Just a few left
  8. Baystate

    Pizza on Princess has gotten really bad

    Lol, I don't know. Seems like it has seeped into a lot of things, but though the two cities are similar they are vastly different on so many levels
  9. Baystate

    Pizza on Princess has gotten really bad

    Lol, I would agree. It's a pretty great rivalry between Boston and NYC. We both believe we're way better than the other. The North End is our little Italy and trust me, it's awesome! Or as we might say Wicked Good! ;) Sent from my SM-N950U using Forums mobile app
  10. Baystate

    Pizza on Princess has gotten really bad

    I was on the Regal last October and I am not a fan. I am from Boston and although I've never had NY pizza it looks about the same in terms of crust, gravy, and cheese as North End pizza. Now I understand that my standards are high in terms of pizza, but the pizza on Regal was extremely lacking. I took a couple of bites and threw it out. I'm not quite sure how anyone could equate it with NY pizza
  11. Baystate

    Shorts in the MDR

    On our Regal cruise at the end of last October there was a gentleman in shorts just ahead of us and the MD politely turned him away and without an argument he left. I don't usually notice what others have on once I'm seated and I don't really care either, but I do notice, as most would, bad or obnoxious behavior. I'm glad to say I saw neither on that cruise.
  12. Baystate

    Beware the Upgrade Fairy

    Believe me I talked to more than one supervisor and they told me that they are no longer doing that. I was so disappointed because I had a bump out cabin on the Regal and the only obstruction was if we looked down, not straight out. They "upgraded" us to a deluxe balcony that had a life boat directly in front of the balcony so there wouldn't be any view.
  13. Baystate

    Beware the Upgrade Fairy

    Last October we cruised for the first time on Princess. I booked a specific cabin directly with Princess I told them META upgrade only. Well a few months before our cruise we were "upgraded". Believe me it was not an upgrade. It was to a deluxe obstructed balcony. I called within about an half hour after I received the email and was told that there is no longer any META upgrade only no upgrade or upgrade. They told me that it was unlikely that I could get my cabin back, but after speaking to many people I was finally given my cabin back. So the moral of the story is if you book a specific cabin then mark it no upgrade