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  1. We were a bit surprised by this. My husband was going to add an extra tip onto the bill, but did not have any cash on him so he was going to write it in, but after this was said in both restaurants he left nothing extra.
  2. We just got off the Regal on Sunday. We ate in both the Crown Grill and Sabatini's and was told by both waiters that if we put the tip on the bill the tip would be pooled with the rest of the tips shipwide, but if we tipped in cash the waiter and assistant waiter would be able to keep it. By the way, we did not ask about this. Both waiters offered this information, obviously hoping for the cash tip.
  3. My husband is a diabetic and does what he does at home and also enjoys the sugar free desserts on Princess very much
  4. Actually, we do walk around a lot on our own, but just like anywhere, there are nice parts and rough parts, and it's no loss to us if we decide to stay aboard, and by the same token, if someone thinks it's fine and chooses to explore the area, all the best to him. Personally, I always listen to my instincts and if I'm wrong, oh well, no big deal.
  5. My husband and I were there 2 years ago, and we always venture out alone. We started walking beyond the pier shops and only got a few blocks before we turned back. It really did not feel safe and we weren't the only ones. That night a number of passengers we spoke to felt the same way. We always follow our instincts. Better safe than sorry. The only other place we felt that way was in La Ramona in the Dominican Republic. This year, we'll probably just stay aboard.
  6. You may not be planning on using your debit card, but I thought that I would throw this out there anyway. I worked at a bank for many years, and it is never a good idea to use a debit card in a foreign country. They do not have the same protections as credit card companies and banks, definitely, do not work as fast to rectify any problems.
  7. Yes, I think that my husband's DD214 is a lot like your father's. It's very hard to read in spots, but I think they just want to see proof. I doubt that they scrutinize it.
  8. My husband's dd2 14 is on faded carbon paper. I made a copy, blacked out his SSN on the copy and emailed the copy. They accepted it without issue.
  9. Yes, but your price may change. I have done this to secure the cabin that I wanted.
  10. I also love eggs benedict and one time I had mentioned this to my husband at breakfast and a waiter overheard me and told me to please order it every day if I wanted, that it wasn't a problem so I have ever since, and it never is a problem. :)
  11. Ah okay. I wonder if that was a "I'm sorry for this mishap" gift to those passengers which might explain the staff's over-attentiveness. Otherwise, it just isn't right.
  12. I'm just curious how do you know that they are non suite people?
  13. I've had this happen. I called right after I received the email and had to fight tooth and nail to get my cabin back. The so-called upgrade was not a "real" upgrade to me. Now I mark my reservation No Upgrade.
  14. My husband and I have stayed in one of those balconies on that very cruise. They are a good size and the only obstruction is while looking down you see the promenade deck and sometimes people are sitting in the chairs out there or walking by. We really liked it.
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