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  1. Is the intercity train 510 the regional train or the Freccebianca train?
  2. What is the difference between 1st class and 2nd class? I did a mock booking( as we wont be in Civitavicchi until April 16, and all the dates I put in showed that 1st class is not available. Can you keep your luggage with you for the trip into Rome with 2nd class?
  3. Thanks Anne for your quick response. So just checking 1 last time; I CAN bring the Tylenol with me , and the Gravol (for motion sickness) too, and don’t need to buy it there, as long as it is not on the list. PS: I have been following another thread with the roll call for my cruise and have made note of MANY of your suggestions and advice...thank you .. even though it wasn’t specifically addressed to me Margrethe
  4. Am I understanding this correctly? I only need to carry the copy of the authorized prescription for CD, and not for other prescriptions (ie..asthma medication/high blood pressure/ high cholesterol/allergies/nasal spray/ & stomach medicine) Can we also bring in Tylenol (acetaminophen) and Gravol.(Dimenhydrinate) or should I leave them at home and buy in Dubai? We will be there for 3 days before we board for a cruise.
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