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  1. Glad you did.. ! Been reading a lot, but what you did looks exactly like something we would like.. And we are definitely Sleep Inn fans.. Nothing fancy - just clean and comfy!..:)
  2. We are now taking an 11 year old with us, so the Train is a must.. Seaplane sounds good.. (must investigate where available).. Whale watching.. thinking anything that moves will be interesting to the 'kid'!:D
  3. Jumping thread back up!.. Interesting topic and we got lost somewhere in Vancouver..!;) I don't think of Chinese food when I go on vacations, especially to Alaska.. IMHO..!;)
  4. so far, I have: Glacier Point Wilderness Safari (maybe) and 'shopping' in Skagway.. Helicopter to Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau.. on my wish (hope to do list) ! Any more ideas??:D
  5. I guess what is included and estimated cost!?We are sailing on Carnival Legend in August 2018!:)
  6. ....and this thread caught my eye, as these are the three ports we are visiting on our first sailing to Alaska..:) Like I hit a goldmine on my first search..:D (and I LOVE train excursions..);)
  7. I truthfully enjoy this venue for current updates and info, but am active on TripAdvisor as well, but mostly for US hotels, etc.:)
  8. We did a R/T from Baltimore on the Pride, but stayed at a local hotel and had them drop us off and pick us up, so that was easy!..:) This trip, we are doing a REPO, so will probably go straight to the airport from the pier. I don't remember seeing a lot of cabs, altho' I may have been in the wrong area.. :rolleyes: Are there really abundant cabs waiting?? Not sure what to use to get a quik trip to the airport or time involved..:o
  9. After our drive from Northwest, PA in November, I would prefer to stay in Baltimore proper, or at least at the airport hotels.. There are a lot of quirks on the way down once getting close to Baltimore, that make me say that, altho' I'd probably do a Park/Sleep/Cruise package at that point!:) The Pride was a little late getting into port and there were cars and vehicles everywhere.. Having someone local come and get us was so simple..:rolleyes: They knew their way around...:D That would be my choice again.. One never knows...
  10. Jane: Loved the review.. !! We are Dave & Denise who you met in the Red Frog, with our 'shirts' on.. A special thanks to your friend who made them for us..:) We enjoyed spending time with you and Morgan, and especially for your upbeat attitude, knowing there could/would be obstacles to overcome during the cruise.. It is a pleasure to have met you both!!:D Denise and I are booked on the February 'Journey' Cruise on the Pride from Tampa to Baltimore via the 'southern Caribbean' in 2017, so will be unable to join you in 2016 on the Pride, but wish you a wonderful sailing!!!:D Would LOVE to be able to sail with you guys again.. We will look forward to the opportunity!!:cool:
  11. Well, we've been there done that, so I will send out a quik review of our experience.:)We were greeted by Carnival as we drove across Pennsylvania toward Baltimore, with a phone call telling us not to arrive at port prior to 4 PM, as they were delayed due to an ill passenger/airlift! I immediately called the Sleep Inn and told them we'd need a later shuttle to the Port the next day. She said their driver usually isn't available that late, but they would make arrangements for us!:p We arrived in the evening (Saturday) so traffic was a tad congested in downtown, but we made it intact.. Real nice hotel.. Staff is wonderful! Arrangements had been made for a later transport, and the room was great! Parking for our vehicle was in a fenced in area.. After the cruise we called the Driver, and he arrived within 10 minutes.. We also found several nice places to eat several blocks away, and tho' we were hesitant to walk thru the area, we had no issues, and it was just the wife and I.. There are homeless evident in the area, but we were not bothered by anyone.. Everyone in the city was quite friendly..! We will definitely go back to the Inner Harbor Sleep Inn on our next trip to the area..!:D Just a heads up.. If using a GPS, have your final 5 minutes of directions written down, as we lost reception among the tall buildings of the city..;)
  12. I guess my main concern at this point, regarding the Sleep Inn is a place to eat close by..:o I haven't really seen much, but maybe this query will produce something to ease my mind!:)
  13. Thanks for the 'heads up'..! We've never cruised from Baltimore, so after some research settled on the Sleep Inn..:pIf it turns out to be a dud, maybe we'll switch to the Elkridge Best Western, as we've heard good things..:) If not, we'll stick with the Sleep Inn as you have with the BW!:D
  14. Many thanks for the 'review'..:p I keep re-thinking my choice, but you have cemented my booking as a good thing!..:pI think we'll even go to Mo's for dinner, tho' we will probably be earlier than 10 PM!:) I'll be sure to send out a quik review, as we sail in just over a month!:D
  15. I had asked about 7300 and 7302 which are side by side on the aft (extended - 8N)..:) I have just booked 7302 (center aft) for 2 which shows a sleeper sofa-bed.. Guessing it won't buy us anything except its center aft!:rolleyes: _
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