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  1. The thing I dislike most about an inner room is the lack of any natural sunlight. I like being able to tell Whether it is day or night and also whether the ship is moving or not. You may not be able to see everything through a porthole but you can tell whether the distant landmarks are moving or not and you can definitely tell when the sun comes up.Whether it is day or night and also whether the ship is moving or not. You may not be able to see everything through a porthole but you can tell whether the distant landmarks are moving or not and you can definitely tell when the sun comes up.
  2. It’s been my observation that the climate change warriors seem to be less interested in decreasing carbon footprint themselves than they are in forcing their will upon others. I find it hilarious when some Hollywood starlet criticizes my once a year cruise as opposed to the private jet they fly every day!
  3. If you prepay your service charges you don’t need to tip further unless you feel that someone has gone above and beyond. Some folks use tipping for its old time meaning...TIPS- To Insure Prompt Service. They feel like if they bribe the cruiseship staff with a little extra cash they will receive better service. I’m not sure if that’s true or not but I do go prepared to give a little extra to the cabin steward when I’m cruising solo because with only one person in the room they only get half the tips and I know they depend so much on those tips to live. I also give a little extra to my favorite bartender to thank them for their service. And of course if staying in a suite I tip the butler because the Butler’s do not share in the service charges.
  4. I don’t even consider whether something is included with the price of the cruise or whether I must have it added later but rather I look at the overall cost. I’ve been cruising long enough that I pretty much know what I am going to require to feel like I’ve had a nice cruise vacation. If I’m lucky enough to get a good deal on those requirements I consider it a win win even if I had to call and add a given service. My next cruise is a prime example. I had to future cruise certificates on file at NCL. Since they are half price the cost of that $500 was only $250. I found a great sale in which I was able to book two 5 day cruises for only $977 with adult beverage package and $50 in onboard credit included. Are used my two future cruise certificates which lowered my expense to $477 but of course I had to spend $250 on those certificates so The total cost for this 10 day cruise was only $727. Somehow I think I’m the one that is nickel and diming them rather than vice a versa!
  5. I’m like you. I have a pretty large amount of Euros from my past trip to Rome. I view keeping it as motivation to visit Europe again some day.
  6. Lord help you if you and your friends are not naturally neat and tidy! But here are a few of my recommendations: 1) All of you should plan your wardrobe and shower schedule in advance. 2) Bring an over the door shoe bag to organize your toiletries. 3) Bring a power strip so that all of you can plug in your cell phones and such. 4) Plan the method you will use to communicate with each other whenever you become separated. 5) Bring ear plugs and eye cover in case you want to take a nap or in case any of you snore. 6) Come to some kind of consensus about what time you plan to wake up. You may think it would be possible for each of you to wake up at the time you choose, but you will find that in such a small room it is impossible for one person to get up and move around without waking the other three. I hope you and your Besties have a great cruise!
  7. often the cruise port is also where there are a lot of entertainment options for the pre-cruise stay. When that’s not the case, you won’t see very many people planning to stay near the port. A prime example of this is the port of Civitavecchia. There are almost no hotels there because no one wants to stay there when they could stay in Rome instead!
  8. Depending upon the age of the kids it is also very convenient for them to be able to get their sodas without the parent going and purchasing them one at a time.Depending upon the age of the kids it is also very convenient for them to be able to get their sodas without the parent going and purchasing them one at a time.
  9. it depends on how many cabins are available still at various distances out from sailing. The really good sales occur someday after final payment is due and sometime before the cruise leaves sure but where in that range the best price falls can vary greatly. Are usually check for any fantastic sales about once per week. If you wait too long you may find that The price has actually increased due to high demand for that cruise or if you don’t wait long enough you won’t get the best price.
  10. Wow! Your butler better come out dressed or rather undressed like one of the Chippendale’s every time he’s called for that price! 😆 Its definitely an error!
  11. That’s not true. I have been on princess cruise line, Royal Caribbean cruise line, and carnival cruise line and all of them had daily service fees. They may have called them Tips But it was exactly the same system in that the cruise line deducts a given amount of money per cruise day for service/tips. It has been a very long time since any cruise line gave customers the option of putting their tips in an envelope or not paying tips at all. I do think that Norwegian has been increasing their required gratuities very rapidly and also charges a much larger amount for their beverage packages. In fact I cannot imagine the average person actually purchasing a beverage package. Luckily most people receive the beverage package free other than the required gratuity. The gratuity on the drinks package is 18% of the usual price of the drink package. For my next cruise the gratuities on the drink package were $99 for the five day cruise. While that seems steep I’m confident that I can get my $99 worth of cocktails in during the five day cruise!
  12. it’s been a little while since I’ve been on a different Cruise Line so forgive me for asking but in what way does Norwegian nickel and dime more than other cruise lines?
  13. i’m not sure what determines whether somebody gets an upgrade bid invite but it does not matter who you book with. I usually book with a travel agency and I almost always get an invitation to bid from Norwegian Cruise Line. I can no longer use those invitations because I’m mobility impaired and there’s no guarantee that the room you would get is accessible. So if you are mobility impaired like I am and require an accessible room do not bid! If you do so you could conceivably lose your currently chosen accessible state room and end up assigned to a non-accessible cabin. once approved and upgrade cannot be canceled.
  14. I have ordered off menue a couple of times. I asked for an Apple pucker long island (which is a long island tea with apple pucker in place of the Coke) and they were able to make it until my last cruise when the bar said they were out of apple pucker. I also ordered A sour cherry limetini (cherry vodka with lime juice and grenadine shaken with ice and poured into a martini glass) and they tried to make it but they never really were able to achieve the same taste as the drink has at home.
  15. I personally really like to have some natural sunlight coming into the room because without that it tends to feel like it’s perpetually night. But I have found a solution that works for me. There is typically a channel on the TV on any cruise ship that will show the view from the front of the ship day and night. If you set the TV to that channel and turn down the volume at night you will have a faint glow of the ships lights glimmering from the TV screen and come morning you will see the sun come up. I sort of like to have a tiny bit of light in the cabin at night to find my way to an unfamiliar bathroom.
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