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  1. I want to thank you all for your responses! I feel much more hopeful now. As much as we have loved Carnival and enjoyed being able to use the buffet tables after hours, the loud music on deck and their lack of customer care has prompted us to check out RC. I appreciate you all - thank you!
  2. This is exactly the question. On Carnival, the tables are always available, whether or not the buffet is open. I've heard on RC they actually close the doors and you can't sit at the tables.
  3. Thank you, starvenger! We do always bring our own games. 🙂 My husband and I live in Florida and always drive to the port, so it's easier for us to have an extra bag because we don't have to fly.
  4. Hello, everyone! My extended family loves to cruise together (about 10 of us) but we have only cruised Carnival. Due to the loud music on deck and bad customer service, we are ready to switch to Royal Caribbean. Instead of going to the shows after dinner, we like to meet up in the buffet area and play board games and cards. However, I have heard that the buffet area closes after dinner on RC ships. I have also heard that there is no place with tables where we could play. Is this true? What is your experience? I got this information from a friend who has only sailed RC one time. Any input would
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