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  1. UK government has announced that from Aug 2nd fully vaccinated arrivals from US and EU will not have to quarantine but will have to take a covid test before they travel and 2 days after arrival.
  2. We're just a bit further north than you in Cheshire and not a drop. Hottest day today here so far at 30 degrees (still 28) after previous 4 days at 29 max each day,. Supposed to be a cool 26 tomorrow, better get the winter woollies out!
  3. My wife has just booked our Flu jabs for 21st September at Boots. We had last years flu jab there so she got an email notification. We go away on a Princess Cruise on 5th October (hopefully) so will be nice to have it 2 weeks before we board. We both get it for free this year as it is for all over 50s.
  4. TA managed to get our first choice balcony cabin on QM2 Canaries and Caribbean cruise in January.
  5. Surprised to wake up to overcast skies and fog this morning 20 degrees. After being sunny and 29 for past 3 days.
  6. F1 for Practice and Sprint Race, golf in between and after, cycling recording and will watch the last hour after the golf. Cider is 8% so will have to take it slowly!!
  7. Already 26 degrees here, I'm glad I got the gardening done early. Cooler in the house at 23 so curtains closed in sunny windows and windows closed to let the double glazing keep the heat out. F1, open golf and tour de France for the rest of the day, cider in the fridge perfick.
  8. Is free parking an alternative to OBC? I can't seem to see it on the website for these cruises.
  9. Anthem of the Seas is leaving Southampton. Web cam link below. Port Cam - Southampton Port Camera Cruise, Ferries, Tugs and Container Ships (Live Stream 24/7) - YouTube
  10. Are the 'from' prices quoted saver fare or Cunard price? Do grill prices normally only come with Cunard price or saver as well?
  11. I would have thought that after 2 weeks or so with testing and isolating those testing positive that it should be clear. If they are going to quarantine a ship for a month every time there are outbreaks on board we don't stand a chance! Edit: My wife has read the Cunard statement and I believe that because of isolations etc.. it mean that preparation for cruise start up has been delayed and won't be ready in time.
  12. Why was the cruise cancelled? August is some weeks away if there is a current outbreak onboard. If that is the case there are going to be many more cruise cancelled with rising cases and likely to get worse.
  13. I'm sorry to hear of your woes with Princess maybe they will change their stance? Shapps a few hours ago declared: Grant Shapps says those on approved clinical trials in the UK will also not have to quarantine when they arrive back in England from amber list countries. And will treated the same as those that have been double jabbed.
  14. We love QM2 but she could do with a lick of paint in places on the hull and superstructure, I'm sure that Cunard will see to that before welcoming people back on board again. The departure from Southampton is from 25th June and was with crew only. Link below has commentary most relevant is from 57 minutes but there is more footage before that. Ships TV - Queen Mary 2 and Marella Explorer Departing Port of Southampton with Commentary - YouTube
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