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  1. I was confused by the covid terms which not only does not cover you if you travel when gov travel advises against travel (quite understandable) but it says if you book when covid advice is in place. Surely if gov advice changes to OK to travel then it doesn't matter what the conditions were when you booked. Someone on here many months ago assured me that they had phoned them and the booking date restriction does not apply when travel advice changes to being OK, but the NW wording looks quite clear to me.
  2. I made a claim last March / April when we had to curtail our land tour of Vietnam due to Covid restrictions coming into place. I got a letter from the travel company confirming how many days we had left of the tour when we had to fly home and they worked out how much the reimbursement should be (cost per day x number of days left). I completed the online claim form and attached the letter, got a phone a week or so later where I confirmed what I had put in the claim. I was expecting problems or them trying to wriggle out of it with some technicality but it was agreed during that phone cal
  3. All booked for 24th March and 2nd dose 14th June at the local Honda motor cycle show room! The owner of the showroom has donated half of the floor area at no cost to the local Pharmacy to use as a vaccination centre. My wife is annoyed because her letter to her 10 days ago had a leaflet titled for Older Adults whilst mine is just titled for Adults, she is group 7 and I'm 8. 🤣
  4. I'm in group 8 and received my vaccine invitation letter today.
  5. After transferring our cruise from September to March 2022, so no cruises now in 2021, I feel more relaxed and not waiting for the next announcements. Tension might raise again, depending on the situation at the time, when the balance is due around December time.
  6. We had a TA + USA and Canada cruise on QM2 in September which hasn't been cancelled yet, but I'm sure will be. Yesterday we transferred it to a March 2022 cruise from Sydney to Dubai which departs a year today, hopefully!!
  7. The uptake in a lot of areas is very high, which is encouraging. I think that the struggle will be as we go down the ages to the reluctant ' I'll be OK without it' generations.
  8. Our area has vaccinated 95% of the over 65's and above. The link below gives a useful tool to look up your local area and it is very local, by area of town etc Covid-19: Gloucestershire neighbourhood has only vaccinated 20% of over-65s | Daily Mail Online
  9. Hadn't seen Life of Bwian for years but coincidentally watched it yesterday on Netflix, just as funny as I remembered it to be.
  10. At least P&O have made the announcement, our next P&O cruise is not until October 2022 to Eastern Med which was transferred last November from a June 2021 cruise to Iceland. Still no further cancellation announcement from Cunard. Our QM2 TA + USA and Canada cruise in September is very unlikely to go ahead, so today transferred to a QM2 Sydney to Dubai cruise which departs March 2022. Surprisingly it is slightly less in cost but at 29 nights is a night longer but we have to add flight costs yet.
  11. Well we jumped before we were pushed and have transferred our 28 night September / October cruise on QM2 TA + USA and Canada to QM2 Sydney to Dubai March 2022 29 nights. It actually works out £200 less per cabin and is 1 night more but the flights v to/from Southampton will add extra cost. We will book another TA + USA and Canada cruise in future years when they are released.
  12. I was thinking that myself, as the plan is that all adults in the UK will have been offered their first dose by 31st July and maybe over 40s their 2nd dose by mid September. If similar progress is made in US then the 7 day max cruise length could be eased? We are booked on a QM2 cruise in September TA + USA and Canada, I think that it will be cancelled and would rather know sooner rather than later so that I can get the deposit refunded.
  13. That's the cruise that we are on. It was for my wife 65th Birthday so we would like to know sooner rather than later so that we can make other arrangements. We will ask for a refund because with Cunard charging a 15% deposit it is rather a substantial amount of money tied up.
  14. Latest from P&O about cruise cancellations, I expect that Cunard will make a similar announcement soon? Well at least the cancellation bit. (10 a.m. GMT) -- P&O Cruises has cancelled all its planned cruises until the beginning of September and those on Britannia and flagship Iona -- which has not even sailed with passengers yet -- until the beginning of October. The line will instead offer a series of short break and week-long UK cruises, which will go on sale later in March.
  15. Our record is 35 minutes from leaving my late mum's house on the outskirts of Southampton to stepping onboard!
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