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  1. I would have thought that as long as the booking name matches that on the passport and the picture in the passport is identifiable as the person then P&O wouldn't have a problem. Like any other travel / airline / Border Force requirement.
  2. Looks like it will be the mildest weather that I can remember on my birthday, up to 18c here. I never went to school on my birthday as the 27th October was/is always in the autumn half term holiday, in England anyway.
  3. Encouraging signs around here with covid rates, after mushrooming in September and early October rate is down 25 % in the last 7 days. In contradicted to many reports on here, when I went to the supermarket last week about 80% were wearing masks but there weren't many under 50s in the shop which does seem to make a difference.
  4. Situation at our local vaccine centre: Pfizer walk-in this weekend Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th 9am-6pm. 1st doses for anyone 16+ and 2nd doses for anyone 17 years and 9 months+ as long as it’s been at least 8 weeks since the 1st dose. Also accepting walk-ins for booster vaccinations for those eligible - 180 days from 2nd dose and aged 50+ or work in health or social care.
  5. The roll out of jabs to 12 - 15 yo that was announced a month ago seems to be less well organised than the previous age groups. Our granddaughter got a letter last week saying that the vaccine team will be in her school on 18th and 19th November!! But of course they are starting to have a booking systems for half term and beyond now, it just seems more haphazard.
  6. Wife went into our local chemist who was encouraging people to take them a month ago but yesterday reluctantly gave her a pack of 7. Apparently the system now is to go to gov.uk/get-collect-code or call 119 and then quote it or show proof when going to chemist to collect. Yet another online system to navigate.
  7. I won't be bothering it's only 5 more days until 10 days after the cruise, I feel OK and gov advice is only to self isolate if feel unwell or get a positive result (I think!!!)
  8. We were on Sky Princess last week and the turn down service was still in place and food room service was free. It's interesting how sister Carnival brands approach services differently.
  9. Well we got back from our Sky Princess cruise last Friday and I still have not received my PCR test result! PCR test arrived through the post Saturday lunchtime, too late to catch the last post, did test on Sunday and put in priority post box for Monday collection. My wife got her result this morning as negative and I'm still waiting over 5 days since I disembarked!! We both did LFT on Saturday morning, which was negative, before we met up with family.
  10. I'm glad that this rule wasn't in place for our 10 day Sky cruise that finished on Friday, it worked perfectly OK wearing a mask while walking around, in lifts and in the theatre only. Having to wear it in bars for hours except at the time of sipping a drink would have spoilt the experience.
  11. We were on this cruise. Took LFT before mixing with family and shopping etc on the day after the cruise finished which was negative and did 2 day PCR test yesterday, results probably won't come back until tomorrow or Wednesday.
  12. Same here, we got back to Southampton on Sky Princess on Friday. PCR test was delivered Saturday lunchtime which was too late for 12.00 post, tested Sunday and put in priority post box so probably won't get result until tomorrow (Tuesday) at the earliest. We took a LFT on Saturday before we started mixing with family and shopping. P.S. Sky Princess cruise was fantastic, really impressed with service, food and general atmosphere of the ship.
  13. I’m on Sky on a UK cruise at the moment and diet tonic is available. The Princess plus package at £30 ($40) per day for drinks, gratuity and WiFi is good value for money .
  14. Last Tuesday for Sky Princess people were allowed on board without completing the test and plf, there have been 3 sessions on board to help those to be guided through the process. Mind you this cruise only became an international one with the associated requirements 3 days before departure so there had to cut some slack!
  15. On Sky at the moment, there is a card in the slot that you just leave there and the medallion does the auto lock and unlock of the cabin door.
  16. Just come back from a cheek by jowl self service hotel buffet breakfast. Strange feeling after 18 months of largely avoiding others!! Should be boarding Sky Princess at lunchtime, fingers crossed.
  17. Wife has just taken 30 minutes to fill in the PLF for me and her, many tuts and cursing along the way. Took several attempts for it to accept the QR vaccine code. What happens if you don't have the technology?
  18. Is it just me but is this website been playing up the last couple of days? Yesterday when changing from threads or cruise line subjects it took varying times to load and for some reason kept disconnecting me from my wifi (no other website did this). Then today it took me 3 times to post a reply before it appeared.
  19. We are on a Princess cruise departing next Tuesday but Cork which is in the common travel area has been changed to Le Havre an International port. This morning we got an email saying that as it is now an international cruise we need to complete a PLF and book a PCR test at our expense as a condition of travel and allowing embarkation, with 3 days to go!!! Leave out Le Havre and problem solved.
  20. Yes she's scrubbed up well, from a distance anyway! We should be on her in January.
  21. QM2 back in Southampton after it's refit and repaint in France.
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