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  1. I haven’t seen it on the X website, but I have seen it on other sites. Sometimes switching to a different browser resolves the issue; have you tried that?
  2. Me, too. The animation aspect of LPC seems totally irrelevant to me--maybe a little cute, maybe good for one dinner. But unlike live theatre, it doesn't change at every performance, and I suspect would become a bit wearing.
  3. i was researching a Caribbean cruise next fall, and found several that were of interest. Today, when I went to the X website and entered the parameters (months, destination, departure port) two of the cruises I had ticked off weren't showing at all. I then went to their list of ships, picked the one for these cruises (Equinox), and clicked on the itineraries for this ship button. Lo and behold, the two cruises now showed up. Has anyone come across this sort of thing? It's not due to the refurbishment in the spring, as the cruises are in September and October.
  4. We were on a similar cruise on Reflection last year, and I am really enjoying your review. The spaghetti with pistachios you had at your niece’s sounds delicious, too!
  5. Thanks for an excellent review. We were on Reflection last year (Western Med only), and will be on her again just after Thanksgiving. Your comments reminded me of various things we liked, and of things we had missed last year. I'm glad you enjoyed your B2B.
  6. I was looking at the this tour via the Curacao Taxi web site. I've emailed them for info but haven't heard back yet. I'm glad to hear that there's no minimum number required; right now it's only my wife and myself (we'll be there on December 3rd, on Celebrity Reflection). Do you know if they have a maximum number for the tour? (I'd rather not get stuck on a bus with 30 people, but 12 or 14 max is fine.) And did you have to pay in advance, or could you pay the day of the cruise? (If you paid in advance, would they take Paypal?) Finally, do you know if the price changes depending upon the number of people on the tour? Their website doesn't specifically state this, but the implication is that it's a fixed price per person. Thanks.
  7. There were menus for the specialty restaurants on my iPhone, but not the main restaurant. The room service menu showed a $4.95 charge for any room service delivery, and charges for many of the items available. Has this changed? It used to be no charge for room service delivery (save a reasonable tip to whomever brought it)--at least for breakfast.
  8. My wife and I really enjoyed Qsine, and while we might go to LPC once for the novelty of it, I can't see us going twice (on one cruise or multiple cruises). I too hope Celebrity brings back Qsine, or something similar. LPC is gimmicky, and paying $55 for a gimmick (rather than special food) seems like a waste. I'm not sure what motivated Celebrity to do this, but it seems very wrongheaded to me. The "tests" seemed to be aimed at making sure the technical details of the LPC animation worked, rather than gauging the reaction of customers.
  9. Thanks for the detailed review. My wife and I are ocean cruisers, and our favorite line is also Celebrity, so it was easy to see where you were coming from. Now we’re thinking of a river cruise and I am doing some research. I understand the higher costs of a river cruise as well as the smaller cabins. But a lot depends on how the cabin is laid out. Similarly, the crew of the ship makes an incredible difference in how you deal with the whole experience. It seems you managed to get the dysfunctional crew—and that shouldn’t occur when you’re paying so much to sail with a company that has such a good reputation.
  10. That's good to know, We enjoyed Qsine, and would like to dine there again--but would also like to try Le Petit Chef. Thanks for the info;
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