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  1. We just ordered luggage tags for our 9/16 cruise. We have not been able to get a check in time as of yet. Hopefully soon.
  2. The Dover sole is a table side treat. Not to be missed. The dessert crepes are the best.
  3. We used the valet parking in 9/18. It was great. Only way to go.
  4. Disappointed that B2B from St. Maarten is not allowed. I did not read that anywhere regarding these cruises. Booked online with no problem and spoke with a rep about getting the same room for both cruises as the room we wanted for both legs became available after I booked. Again, no mention of no B2B! Transferred my bookings to our TA and he could not transfer them as a B2B. Cancelled the 2nd leg and expressed my displeasure at the lack of information!
  5. We receive OBC from our TA and have always been able to receive cash on the day before we leave the ship if we have not used the OBC. We use this cash to augment our gratuities to staff. The Celebrity OBC is non refundable.
  6. Pictures below from our butler on Equinox in a Sky Suite (March 2019). He learned from the butler we had on the first week that my husband had a birthday coming up. This was the spread he created for us and our traveling companions! He was always asking what he could do for us. All we asked was for ice twice a day!
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