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  1. ugagal07

    upgraded to extended balcony. Good decision?

    We had the bowling alley balcony as well on the Miracle. Cabin 6232 pictured above. 120 sq ft of outside bliss. Check out the deck plans to see if any of those are available, they cost the same as a 'regular' extended balcony but give you so much more than the 20 extra sq ft. We booked the same cabin on the Legend when it comes to Tampa this winter.
  2. ugagal07

    Sake? Izumi?

    We have UDP and the beverage package on our Allure cruise at the end of the month. DH was looking for a sake menu at Izumi. Is there one? Can he get sake without eating at Izumi? Thank you in advance.
  3. ugagal07

    Cheers and Dinner

    One thing we enjoy in the dining room with Cheers is to trust the waiter/waitress to pair a drink with each of our courses. We find a good wait staff team and request them every night. Natalia on the Miracle was wonderful in December. Great way to be open and try new things, DH and I each tried new things. They know what is included in the package and keep you under the price limit. She asked our preferences and we let her surprise us. It is a fun experience. We also enjoy a bottle or 2 of San Pelligrino with dinner, also a part of Cheers. 🙂
  4. ugagal07

    What is going on with Haven Pricing?

    Our December 14-21 Breakaway sailing is currently selling the cheapest Haven for $8200 without drinks, dining, or airfare and is $9700 with those perks added. We are booked in a mini suite for $3200 with drinks and dining included in that price. Yes, a mini isn't the Haven, but it's almost a third of the price. We loved the Haven on the Epic, but that was before this bidding nonsense and we actually got a great last minute upsell when I called.
  5. ugagal07

    I am booked on the Mardi Gras!!!

    Anyone booked been able to book a Family Harbor Deluxe Oceanview, FJ category? It shows on the deck plans, but neither my TA, nor Carnival can find them on the ship... It appears they are on deck 4 and include 4330, 4332, 4368, 4374, 4384, 4390
  6. Update: Still not handled. Reached out to Michael Bayley's office as well as RCCL through TA. Bayley's office cannot resolve it, but extended my final payment deadline til the end of February so my booking won't be completely cancelled. The booking is currently in the hands of supervisors reached by both the TA and Bayley's office who are trying to figure out why it keeps re-faring itself and refunding final payment. It could be a corrupt booking, in which case everything will be cancelled and we start fresh. The team of supervisors could not promise me the same cabin or price protection for onboard purchases I have already made, but Bayley's office did. It could take up to 3 weeks to straighten out... For my hassle, I was given some OBC from Bayley's office, but that was also after I complained that the taxes were $177 higher on the Allure than the Oasis, so my OBC for the cancellation was actually less than the $300 given due to that fact. My faith in RCCL not high at this point as everyone admits it is their error, not mine, but no one seems to know how to fix it.
  7. I have ALL the paperwork and I am certain they have access to all of it to. Honestly, what company wouldn't. 🙂 If they have to start from square one, I expect the same pricing for the cabin, drink package, dining package, same show reservation slots, etc. It's not my fault that someone on their end screwed up big time. When we had to switch to Allure after Oasis was cancelled, we were granted price protection, but still had to pay another $177 in 'taxes and fees' that RCCL said we owed due to the change... I'm not paying anything else.
  8. Thanks. I reached out to them yesterday morning, waiting on a response. My TA has 2 supervisors also trying to fix what RCCL said "they had never seen this before"... Very comforting. Current plan is to cancel everything and rebook from square one, but they can't promise price protection because they may not be able to access the price I booked at and this could take a while... Seriously?? I'm beyond frustrated as I've booked airfare for this trip already so I can't just change sailings, and we booked KSF which means we got an amazing deal.
  9. Update: my final payment was refunded, again. Posted to credit card today... 😞 The payment system shows a balance due again but will not allow TA to make a payment. TA can’t do anything with my booking. Waiting on RCCL to open, again, and hope they aren’t short staffed for MLK Only thing my TA can see is they overcharged us for the final payment and were going to issue a refund for the overage. Best current guess is they aren’t smart enough to do that and are refunding the whole final payment for a $60 overpayment...
  10. We were booked on the Oasis March 31 sailing that was cancelled. We finally got moved to the Allure leaving the same day in a GTY balcony. We made final payment, but they overcharged us. Rather than refund us the overage, they refunded the entire amount 2 weeks later and then recharged the credit card, again for the overage. This happened twice. I the meantime we were assigned a cabin. I was told, by RCCL through my TA, that there was nothing to worry about with the strange billing practices and have bought dining and beverage packages. For the past 2 days, my reservation number doesn't work and the RCCL website says reservation not found, I cannot access Cruise Planner, and my cabin is back to GTY. I was advised to call sometime later this week to get a supervisor to look into it since they were unable to figure it out when my TA called several times this weekend, no one can access my booking information. Has anyone had this happen before? Nothing has been refunded to me in the past few days, but this whole Oasis to Allure thing has been one huge mess. I've seen Royal's IT be terrible, but is their accounting/billing/reservation dept this bad too?
  11. ugagal07

    debarkation taxi plan ?

    I have faith in my kids. They can just as easily meltdown with both of us standing in line as with one... They're veteran cruisers. I love my DH, but he couldn't wrangle them like this. Why he will be delegated to rental car duty. 🙂
  12. ugagal07

    debarkation taxi plan ?

    We are renting a car for the day. We have a 5:00 flight out of FLL. We plan to grab lunch, see/do something interesting, and head to the airport. We can get a one day car rental for $90 with car seats just for a few hours. We are flying down and back. I don't have room for a carseat in the cruise cabin with 2 kids already, so we are going to rent for a few hours. Not ideal, but when the Oasis sailing got cancelled, this was our only option that week of Spring Break. 😞 Royal has one excursion to the Everglades, but I can rent a car on my own, go to lunch (not included in excursion), see the Everglades, and still come out almost $200 ahead. I can entertain the kids for a little while with a little tablet time while waiting to disembark. They are good cruisers, this will be #5 for the youngest and #6 for the oldest, so I'm not worried about the luggage either. My biggest concern was would RCCL let one member of the party off without the other 3 and getting through customs without the other parent. I'll bring a notarized letter from my husband for customs, just in case, that's an easy emergency back up.
  13. ugagal07

    Best Kids Club

    We've sailed CCL, RCCL, and NCL with a 3 year old. The least favorite was NCL. He asked not to go back and didn't enjoy the programming or facilities at all. He liked RCCL, especially the Kung Fu Panda training, which RCCL is getting rid of. He enjoyed the activities and liked going. They do not let the youngest group in the 'extra areas' like the science lab and art studio on the larger ships if you are looking at deck plans FYI. His favorite is CCL. He likes the activities the most, we let him pick some of the activities to go or not. We also liked the dinner option with CCL. He ate dinner with the kids' club one night. We dropped him off at the buffet, special section with special menu, and had an adult dinner in the MDR, no extra cost.
  14. ugagal07

    debarkation taxi plan ?

    We are debarking in Miami off the Allure in April. We will be picking up a rental car. Can my DH debark alone, go get the rental car, and then the kids and I debark and meet him? Kids are 4 & 5 and I'm trying to help keep everyone's sanity. We will not be taking car seats on the ship, they will be included with the rental car. He would do self-assist with his suitcase and we would do zone debarkation with the other 2 pieces of luggage so the timing would work out.
  15. ugagal07

    Carnival day care

    Carnival doesn't offer childcare for children under 2. They offer a family play time option where you can bring your little one and play with the toys in camp, but you may not leave the child alone. Sorry. Your best bet is to find a family friendly shore excursion, like a beach day, take a babysitter, or plan to stay on the ship. One benefit that Carnival does have is stroller rental. I highly recommend it. Yes, it costs extra but it's so nice not to lug yours through embarkation or take yours off in port. However, a soft structured baby carrier is the bomb. Babywearing is amazing on cruises 🙂 Disney and some Royal ships offer day time care, but it is an additional fee and has limited availability. We've done it on Royal and found it good care.