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  1. We have sailed this room on the Legend and the Miracle. Have it booked on the Pride for NYE 2022. LOVE this room! Amazing balcony yes, but also great location near elevators/stairs and on a middle deck, so easy to walk/get to other decks. My kids expect this from balconies now and were sorely disappointed at our tiny balcony on the Allure of the Seas last year.
  2. I can see a boarding time on my boarding passes for November 21 on the Breeze. I can print luggage tags, boarding passes for all 4 of us, and the other paperwork.
  3. Exactly! How can they change an already sent email, but people still get the auto-emails about cancelling and deposits? I was never going to fight for the $600, just posting that Carnival made an oops. As a stock holder, I’m glad they caught it and fixed it - less money to give away. It’s my second cancellation so far. Fingers crossed it’s the last.
  4. I have no idea why it says $300. When I got the email from Carnival at 9:01 AM, it was $600 and I copied the chart over. I received another email from Carnival at 11:43 AM and it was updated to $300 and my first email also said $300 now. The typo was referenced on the main chat thread about the cancellations and addressed by John Heald on his FB page, but it has been neatly cleaned up now. Bizarre.
  5. Our Paradise NYE cruise was cancelled. Yes, I'm bummed, but like many it isn't the first cancellation we've had this year... One big oops from this cancellation and others is the typo CCL sent out in their cancellation notice email: In the past, and when you click the link to select your refund/FCC option, a 5 day or less sailing is $300, not $600, OBC. I understand it's a typo, but how many won't and will demand the extra $300 OBC and how many more angry people will the call center, PVPs, and TAs have to deal with?
  6. DH and I each received it for our 11/21/20 Breeze sailing out of Port Canaveral. I had already checked us in with a 12:00-12:30 time slot at the 90 day mark. That still shows up in my booking. We are platinum though, so does that mean the platinum perk of priority boarding is fading away or do you think they will come out with a diamond/platinum/casino/suite/FTTF/wedding/whoever else boards first time slot of 11:30-12:00 once cruises are announced as officially happening (whenever that may be...)?
  7. Word of caution, you may be stuck. We were on the Radiance and swapped to Breeze. Very unhappy with cabin assignment. Was told cabins were locked and couldn’t be moved, now that they can be moved the rate code is a strange one and not listed on the website to price compare. A suite is now less than what we paid, but they are saying it’s a $1200 upgrade. Bottom line, call and bug them ASAP. Do t take any ‘cabins are temporarily locked’ excuse. Move now if you want to move.
  8. We finally got a balcony on deck 11. An 8G after we had an 8M, aft extended balcony. Not comparable. DH had a casino rate show up so I asked to move cabins and get the casino rate, save $800 from a cabin we can’t have, and was told no cabin changes or rate changes right now. How bizarre that someone can book a new reservation, but I can’t modify mine. Also, still no Cheers, internet, or $200 OBC. But I have email confirmations for those, I’ll deal with that later.
  9. Update: We went from an 8M to a balcony guarantee and are just supposed to be ok with that... not cool Carnival, not cool...
  10. Our Radiance to Breeze for 11/21 is back in My Bookings, but the cabin is listed as TBA. Not thrilled with that cabin assignment, lol. We have/had an aft extended balcony for 4 on the Radiance. Those don't exist for 4 on the Breeze. Now I'm TBA... Also, CHEERS, Internet, and Shareholder credit did NOT transfer yet.
  11. Thanks for your update. I too have questions about the reassignment process. We were booked in a quad aft extended balcony on the Radiance, same sailing as you, with our 5 & 7 year old. There are no quad aft balconies on the Breeze. I completely agree that we paid more than a standard balcony and that isn't comparable. I'm happy to sail in a standard balcony, but would like standard balcony pricing, not aft extended balcony pricing. My TA has no idea where we will be assigned but will call and work for us, if needed, once a cabin is finally assigned.
  12. We've had one twice. On the Miracle and Legend. They are on decks 6, 7, and 8 of Spirit class ships I believe. Some are double occupancy, but some are triple/quad! We have sailed in 6232 on both the above ships. When I saw amazing, that's what they are! We had 2 lounge chairs, 2 regular chairs, and 2 tables. Easily accommodated the 4 of us and another 3 people we were traveling with. Afternoon naps on the balcony are the best!
  13. It does look like a great itinerary! We booked in Jan 2019 and snagged an aft balcony on the promenade, our first one. I have a list of other sailings that weeK, just in case. Fingers crossed for good news all around though. Breeze out of FLL is also an 8 day and was cheaper than what we booked for last time I looked. That would be my 1st back up.
  14. No news on Radiance. It’s been asked on John Healds Facebook page a few times and he keeps saying no updates right now. 😞 For what it’s worth, we are booked on her for Thanksgiving and will be making final payment. Would rather have options if it’s not ready than nothing. We booked refundable deposit so I will lose nothing by cancelling. Prefer to be hopeful than cynical, much to people on this boards dismay I’m sure.
  15. Sunshine 10/8 and Radiance 11/21. Looking at Panorama Or Horizon for April 2021, but haven’t booked yet.
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