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  1. We have stayed in the Miracle cabin 6232 and are booked in 6232 on the Legend for December which is 2 floors down from yours. 10x18 balcony. Covered. 2 lounge chairs with table and 2 regular chairs with table. Close to elevators but no noise. Wonderful cabin. Not my pic below, but rather one I pulled off Google. This is an accurate photo though. Only con is you hate leaving the balcony to go get a drink.
  2. That was it. Only 2 at a time. Thanks!
  3. Since they made the official announcement, has anyone been able to buy a Carnival gift card? I can't get the site to work with various browsers and computers. I want to use my points up since they won't carry over. From the email I received: Points won't carry over to AARP Rewards, and any unused Rewards for Good points will be lost.
  4. Google go ccl deck plans and you can see part of the TA website created by carnival. It has state room dimensions, ship highlights, and a few different formats for deck plans. The Sunshine doesn’t have all the aft balconies that Sunrise does it that Radiance will have. Radiance and Sunrise have the most similar deck plans it looks like.
  5. All of the aft-balconies are NOT the same size. I am booked on the Radiance, that once after it's dry dock will look very similar to the Sunrise. We are booked in 5344, which is 213/169 sq ft and category 8M. Next door to it is 5346, also an 8M, but only 213/100 sq ft. I had looked at deck plans and knew that when I booked it.
  6. We've sailed the week before 3 times now, with a 4th coming this December. We enjoy the decor and Christmas cheer, puts you in the spirit to come home and be with family. Plus, the price is a bargain compared to Christmas and New Years. Ship always seems to sail full, but hasn't ever felt too crowded. Go for it!
  7. Awesome! Thanks! We did the 10x18 on the Miracle deck 6 last year, booked the same cabin on the Legend this year, and snagged the last big aft balcony on the Radiance for next year - never had an aft before. I love the space.
  8. The Sunrise has the same aft balconies on deck 5 as the Radiance coming out next year. We are sailing on the Radiance but looking for those on the Sunrise to give us the cabin scoop. Has anyone sailed in cabin 5344 or 5345 who can share impressions or pictures of the space? We are very excited to try the aft balcony on the Promenade.
  9. Maya Chan in Costa Maya! Best beach day we've had in years 2 weeks ago. Very worth it!
  10. We will be in Cozumel in December. We have done the beaches and would love to take the kids to a cenote. DD will be almost 5 and DS almost 7. Yes, that's young but they've already done 'strenuous' excursions and would love this. They can also swim. Are there any tour companies that will take my 4 year old? Secret River will, but not Carnival's version. Leaving her on the boat isn't an option. They are too light to zipline and too small to ride ATVs, this was the only 'exciting' day I could come up with. Suggestions?
  11. On the Allure now. On embarkation day they were pushing the packages hard at buy one get one half off. $60 each meaning $90 for 2 or $45 final price each per day, plus gratuity. No idea if that is common or not.
  12. Just a heads up to anyone who enjoys single malts (like my DH) that Royal is supposedly no longer carrying the options that are on the bar menus going around the internet or that are on the ships. Ardbeg and Laphroaig are on the menu but no longer carried and Talisker used to be available off the menu, no more. If you were planning on buying the package to focus only on single malts, don’t. If you were buying the package and that was just a nice perk, don’t expect that perk. They only carry Glenlivet and Glenfidfich in the bars and Macallan in the champagne bar now. All 3 are the “travel market” varieties, meaning nothing you’d buy at home and on the lower end. They do sell some in the duty free shop, but price check first. Several were the same price or even a little higher than buying at home.
  13. On the Allure now, same 12:30 “advised time”. Arrived at the terminal at 11 thanks to traffic and on board by 11:40. Longest wait time was kids muster wrist bands which they were putting on in the terminal. That part was a disorganized mess.
  14. We had the bowling alley balcony as well on the Miracle. Cabin 6232 pictured above. 120 sq ft of outside bliss. Check out the deck plans to see if any of those are available, they cost the same as a 'regular' extended balcony but give you so much more than the 20 extra sq ft. We booked the same cabin on the Legend when it comes to Tampa this winter.
  15. We have UDP and the beverage package on our Allure cruise at the end of the month. DH was looking for a sake menu at Izumi. Is there one? Can he get sake without eating at Izumi? Thank you in advance.
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