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  1. Has to be a 7 day gap.. had a 5 day Cabo then a 7 day Mexico booked and then my TA Received notice that this was not allowed but I had to cancel one of them
  2. I have a cruise booked middle of October 2021 will I be able to bring my POC on the ship?
  3. I had a cruise that was canceled there was an $800 deposit should I get an extra 25% for the cancellation
  4. Looking to book b2b 7day in October of 2021
  5. Has anybody booked a b2b cruise
  6. Is princess still offering the double deposit on cancelled cruise??
  7. alanasgpa


    I have had 2 cruises cancelled..I chose to keep the deposits as FCC can anybody tell me if I can use the 2 FCC for 1cruise???
  8. And it's available in room service also
  9. I would do Long Beach ports of call wouldn't go any further than that 10 min in Uber lots to see and do 10 min back
  10. Don't forget the $2 pp dock fee
  11. Use Uber it's a lot cheaper then the taxi
  12. Try and do the UBD while in port Honolulu would be perfect..
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