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  1. Port of Miami parking in Jan and June of 2014 was pay as you exit. $20 per day.
  2. I so hope this is true! Would be so much nicer to not have to worry about repacking all that stuff (costumes are quite large) in the chaos of preparing for debarkation! where did you get the info?
  3. This is our 20th cruise but first on Norweigan. We will be on the Getaway over Halloween. Please tell me that there will be Halloween themed activities and that there will be adults in costume! We've done 5-6 Halloween cruises and they are always such fun!
  4. Cruise #20 booked but first on NCL, Halloween on the Getaway! Tell me all I need to know about NCL, the Getaway.
  5. The trick is for Carnival to limit the number to bowls per person. On the Ecstacy a month ago I was third in line and it took more than 30 minutes. there was an older lady in front of me that had 2 bowls in her hand and a little girl came up and handed her 4 more.
  6. We got a call exactly one week before our Ecstacy cruise in January. We went from a balcony to a grand suite with an extended balcony for $300 (it was only a 4 night cruise). It was a beautiful room, walk in closet, huge balcony and loved having the jetted bathtub for a nice hot soak before bed. Not sure how we were selected. It was our 19th cruise but the first time we'd been called for any type of an upsell/upgrade.
  7. I've had it on the Dream and on the Victory both in the last 4 months.
  8. Amusement parks have them too. You buy their cup for the day or season and fill it yourself. The chip in the bottom allows you access and you can fill only like once every 15-20 minuteds.
  9. We've done Halloween cruises for the last 10 years. Yes take a costume. There is lots of adult participation; like many others we wear costumes to dinner and keep on all evening. The ship is decorated, spooky photo ops, trick or treat for kids, festive cocktails, costume contest. My mother started making our costumes last weekend. I think she is just as excited as I am and she'd not even going with us!
  10. I had not gotten a response yet either so I checked my booking under "manage my cruises' on carnival.com and it was there. It showed what I originally paid; what they reduced it to and the amount of the credit. If you booked directly with Carnival you might want to check there.
  11. We've both cruised and done land vacation to Cozumel in January. It's great time of year weather wise. Still very warm, lots of sunshine but humidity is down. The port areas can be very crowded this time of year though as winter months have an influx of ships in the Caribbean and a lot of them visit Cozumel.
  12. You dont have to 'book' the clip n zip. You can walk right up but they do charge it to your Ship Card, $59.95. We were surprised last month that they were Carnival controlled; we'd done it 2 years earlier and it was still independently owned and only $40.00.
  13. Yes, each person (adult) must purchase the $55 pass and each person gets the $30 food/beverage credit. It's a small beach but very nice, calm water and very uncrowded, few hotel guests even use it. It's a bit more protected that the public beaches; there have been days when winds prohibit enjoying the water on the public/other hotel beaches but the protection that the channel provides the beach at the British Colonial Hilton leaves it calm and beautiful!
  14. I have to agree. Off legend week ago and the last sea day was a zoo in the MDR. Who wants a drink at breakfast and with the MDR only open for lunch on sea days, everyone showed up on Saturday. They could not turnn over tables fast enough, there was not enough staff, drinks were slow to be served. They either need to open up the availability to use the coupon or staff up the MDR adequately. I know it's free and we shouldnt complain but it's their marketing ploy to reward loyalty and redeeming it was less than a pleasant experience.
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