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  1. The list of drinks shows on the comparison page and does show soda under classic package. https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/05_07_SP_Beverage-Package-Flyer_051721.pdf
  2. Pinned at the top of this board is an "S Class" notice - linked is a spreadsheet which will give all the details you need. If you look at a room you want on Reflection it will state if the bed is by the balcony or by the bathroom. Here is that spreadsheet to save you time. Make sure you only look at Reflection cabins though as other ships have different layouts. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lYvbGYBf2WB3jSFTVuliFltauVnhdqfheWJTeFujSbs/edit#gid=86443689
  3. My sister and niece were on this cruise - boarded in Auckland and disembarked in Dunedin. They had to get off then as the new restrictions came into place about 14 day isolation etc if they carried on to Australia. My sister and my niece are now in isolation after being informed by our health authorities that they were exposed to the virus - both on the cruise and also at Dunedin airport where they were most of the day waiting for a flight.
  4. Most travel insurance does not cover pandemics. I know our major policy has this exclusion - thankfully we managed to cancel our holiday before losing much money.
  5. We also cancelled our May cruise before paying in full and lost our deposit. That cruise will not go ahead now due to cruise ships not being allowed to dock in New Zealand. Oh well... $400 down the drain but at least I know what I'm doing.
  6. It does say this so perhaps by May it won't apply? It's crazy. "These temporary safety precautions will remain in place for a projected period of 30 days and will continued to be reviewed daily"
  7. I would imagine that obese people would often be diabetic or have high blood pressure etc. If they are fit and well then I don't think obesity itself would be a reason. It might also be a brave doctor to sign off a morbidly obese person as 'fit to travel' under the current situation.
  8. I think that is covered here: Boarding will be denied to any person with a severe, chronic medical condition, including those specified by the CDC. Guests of all ages will be screened prior to boarding, regarding underlying health issues that may prevent them from sailing, i.e. chronic heart, lung, liver, or kidney disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, or cancer.
  9. My sister is currently sailing on a B2B cruise. Does this mean that when the ship gets to Sydney for the start of the second leg of her B2B she will be denied re-embarkation? She is over 70 and suffers from advanced diabetes.
  10. On another thread it mentioned that someone had died from a fall off a balcony? Could it be because of this?
  11. You don't seem to want the truth regarding this. I'm sure you are a lovely person who has cruised for many years but we are not guessing. There are many, many first hand accounts from passengers on these ships. If you don't believe me please go and have a look at David Abel's videos from before the quarantine up to today. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKydRcHz9jhu_t247j7JLUQ/videos
  12. Because that is exactly what happened on the Diamond Princess. Did you not follow that closely? The time spent in their cabins was dreadful. They were given a dust pan to clean the floor, towels were dumped outside the door and the ONLY contact was with a medical professional in full face mask and gown at the door to test for the virus.
  13. No, it's not how it works. You won't have a cabin attendant or a butler. Your meals (such as they are in disposable plastic trays) will be left outside your room. You have to change your own bed, clean your own room and bathroom. I don't think that sounds like fun to me especially as you are then at the added risk of becoming sick. We have certainly cancelled our cruise.
  14. My sister and my niece are also doing that B2B cruise - enjoy 🙂
  15. We have cancelled a May cruise and also will cancel an August cruise. The main reason is not fear of Corona virus but that we are not covered by travel insurance for this event (pandemic/epidemic including corona virus). We had planned a 6 week European holiday involving many thousands of dollars and to not be covered for change of travel plans etc is simply not worth the risk. Thankfully we only lose one deposit, everything else is refundable.
  16. My reason for cancelling our two upcoming cruises (and UK/Europe holiday) is more to protect a financial loss. We can't insure for either a pandemic or epidemic (check small print on travel insurance) and specifically we can't now insure for Corona Virus. We'd be mad to outlay thousands of dollars at the risk of being held up in some country due to the virus. Forget the fear of actually getting the virus, what about the cost of being stuck somewhere and no insurance to cover that? It's a no brainer for us.
  17. Our travel policy, with a major international brand, specifically excludes epidemics and pandemics. I think we won't be taking the risk to travel.
  18. From what I can tell he actually held the girl out of the window - I would never ever do that with a child, let alone even hold them high near a balcony! Yes, he has to live with this forever but I'm glad it wasn't the cruise's fault. I noticed a lot of these sliding windows recently on Reflection and I'd hate to see a law suit make them all become barred up or something.
  19. Did you see this? People removed from your ship in Picton! https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/118468149/cruise-passengers-removed-as-ship-docks-in-picton
  20. We just got off Reflection the other week and yes, Concierge class up had footstools. Those chairs do recline too.
  21. We went to the World Class bar one night but they couldn't make up the drink I wanted! They said they could only make what was on the list so we left. Our dinner sommelier didn't listen to us until we got more forceful about what we wanted. Things got better all over the ship once we got more assertive about what we wanted 🙂
  22. Yes, there was a bar set up there but they had the most dreadful wine! There were servers coming around later in the cruise if you got to the theatre early enough. The bar inside the theatre had only one barman who was constantly off getting something so the queues were crazy.
  23. I enquired about booking another cruise onboard. I was given a really expensive price plus no gratuity included (like I do when booking from New Zealand). I came home from holiday and booked the exact same cruise, same cabin but with more perks for around $2,000 less, including gratuities. I think the onboard selling is not a great deal!
  24. Interesting. On our recent Reflection cruise we upgraded but were rarely offered the premium drinks! When we ordered the more expensive wine at dinner we were offered a lesser wine on more than one occasion. This also happened around the ship - at the Theatre bar they only had the cheaper (classic package) wine! Often when we asked for champagne (the one covered under the premium package) we kept getting the cheapest bubbly from the Classic package. I actually complained to the hotel director on the ship and to be fair they looked into it and miraculously we were offered better wine at dinner. I also found that other than the Martini Bar, most bars offered drinks within the classic package. Other than the availability of the sparkling water and better quality still water we felt a little cheated by the premium package. We certainly never had any bartenders remember us as others have said. Getting a drink was always such a long wait too. I found the bars to be extremely understaffed - the bar outside the Theatre only had one bartender and the wait there was ridiculously long. Another thing that we noticed was that they were selling drink packages onboard for half price! Too bad for those who had paid more. Overall we were very unimpressed with the wine offered, availability of wines at different bars and service level. I'm really not sure if we'll bother with upgrading our drink package for our next cruise - we might just pay the additional dollar or two when we want a better wine with dinner.
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