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  1. On a recent Black watch cruise, the RIB were onboard the ship and ships crew that took them out, I didn't go on but my dinner table partner did and loved it.
  2. Ships shuttle buses in ports cost us £8 each in May on a Baltic cruise.
  3. Card in cabin on our recent cruise offering a/I for £25 PPPD we declined, and it proved right choice for us our bar bill was less than the £250!it would have been for our 5 night cruise.
  4. hi has anyone done a group booking, and if so do marella offer any kind of discount? If so what? Thank you
  5. Yes we were on black watch and I agree re service outside around the pool, I wanted to order a drink waited and waited for waiter, none came so I eventually went inside to lido bar, ordered drinks, waiter asked were I was sitting and said he would bring them over, nearly 20 mins later still no drink, so I went back inside to the bar, our two drinks sitting at the bar, de fizzing and getting warmer, the bar man asked me what I wanted and I said drinks, think these might be them, they were! The waiter then said I will bring them over, he did but at least five mins after I got back.
  6. Black watch is ship. Now we are home I gave to say disembarkation was very smooth, we thought the restaurant would be very busy but it wasn't, we went to breakfast about 7.40am, plenty of room lots of people must have eaten earlier as the public areas were busy, nice relaxing breakfast, staff didn't rush us at all. And easy walk off at 8.30am
  7. For information we are onboard now, disembark tomorrow and says breakfast served until 8.30. Disembark by deck.
  8. Interesting that information, trying to grow new business, whilst potentially losing business that's in your hand and bank for the company. Again on a recent NCL cruise they were also showing groups round the ship on embarkation day but we as passengers had boarded the ship. They left just before muster.
  9. It is really early closure for breakfast, on all other cruise lines we have been out you are out of cabin for 8 but breakfast till 9am. Especially given with Fred O you are also very late embarking, with other cruise lines again we have been onboard at 12 noon and lunch served, granted cabins not ready till 1.30 but I am ok with that.
  10. hi, could anyone tell me please the usual disembarkation procedure and timings on FO cruise, just looking to book train tickets and unsure about timings, we cruise a lot and cruise lines vary. Thank you
  11. It is good value, at £15, I know other cruise lines charge more but their inclusive list is much more comprehensive than FO. For eg bottles of beers included, corona, coors, budwiser, and branded spirits and of course cocktails.
  12. Thanks for the maths, but for us at a cost of £25 a day each, and I drink southern comfort and diet lemonade, I would have to pay extra for my drink anyway, my hubby thinks it's worth it however I don't. I take it we both have to buy the package? The maths would work out different I guess too.
  13. Thanks Tring, we like ballroom dancing, we have been on FO before but a few years ago and that was 14 nights, we enjoyed that one, was Balmoral. I am sure we will be fine, thinking about it it was mainly people in 50 60 70 on that ship.
  14. It is a short break to Scotland, I never thought of it being a party cruise though, oh dear!
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