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  1. I spoke with iphonetrip.com. This is an ATT sim card which will use the ships signal.. This was there reply Thank you so much for contacting us. Following are the answers of your questions: 1.) Our SIM card works with every locked and unlocked ATT device. 2.) The SIM card will work while traveling on celebrity cruise as it is included in one of the cruises on which we are providing roaming for voice and data. 3.) For the internet usage the per day charges will be according to your selected plan and the call and text message charges will be according to your selected plan as well. Jeff
  2. Ok, I know we are on vacation and not suppose to use our phones. I was looking at iphonetrip.com. They will send you a sim card for your iPhone for about 15.00 day. They say unlimited data, it's actually up to 7 gb per week.. They also charge for calls, but i was going to use my Skype account and get the unlimited to U.S,A. for about 8 dollars for phone calls. SMS through Skype is .18cents outgoing. When I called to get the info I was told that you could use the data plan on the ship as well as in Europe. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this Thanks Jeff
  3. We are looking for 4-6 more to join our Naples tour on Soltice Sept 5th jeff
  4. Thoughts on just the water/ Soda package? Is that worth it for a 12 day cruise?
  5. We will be on our honeymoon as well Jeff and LuAnn from Dallas
  6. How do I contact them? Thanks Jeff
  7. We will be over nighting in Venice in Sept midway through our cruise and are looking for a small venue to get married. We are looking for something low key and romantic, we may have one or two other couples with us. We will also get married in the US before our trip. Any thoughts?
  8. Im looking on the RCL site as well. Difficult to tell about this place. We will be there in Sept as well
  9. We are flying in to Burbank. I checked things out. will take a reserved Supershuttle (6 people) 90 bucks Jeff
  10. Hi We are in the same spotand will be on an RCL cruise leaving the 9th of August. We are arriving on the 8th and staying by the airport since we get in around 7pm. The cruise line wants 109$ to transfer to the port. This includes a 4 hr tour of Rome. I'd like to find a tour company that will do a half day tour and get us to the port. We will also have a ful day on our return on the 16th and would like to go to Vatican City as well as some of the other historical spots. It's my first time with the kids 18,13
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