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  1. Hmm...who did you hear that from? :p I'm not sure actually. It's been over a year since I've been around here and actually the past two years have been kind of rough...divorce will do that to ya...so now that I have a little breathing room I thought I'd poke around a little, see what's available and what's changed. I feel like a virgin all over again LOL.:eek::D:p
  2. LOL, Yep! Good to see you too :)
  3. Monday is a tad too soon. :p My last cruise...Feb 2005. I believe I'm entitled to a free one.
  4. Thanks. I can't take credit for that - someone sent it to me years ago. Do you know what they call Southern Comfort?
  5. Time to start looking around and see who's going where and when.
  6. Yes, you have. I can here it from here. BTW...you have hotmail.
  7. Good for you. I'm guessing you will be taking the Ducklings? Seeing a 5th grade teacher and she suggested an all-inclusive...in July. She wants to go to Hedo, LOL...You can imagine the thoughts going through my head....teacher...hedo....LOL.
  8. AFLAC.....what is next on your cruise agenda, Duck?
  9. :D (have to add something to this message....said it was too short...WTH?)
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