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  1. I have a question regarding the way the 25% will be applied. If you are not the 1st/2nd person listed on reservation, will they give you 25% of the reduced 3rd/4th/5th fare. On my August cruise on the Breeze the 3rd and 4th were $10 on one room and $70 on the other. Obviously thats an extreme case but even $239 vs $1019 is substantial. Thank you for any assistance.
  2. My husband it over 300lbs. He slid and used the wooden ladders. They didn't say anything and there were life vests to fit him.
  3. JH posted it was changing very soon. I’m hoping that means by November. The lanyards were nice to me but I don’t need another. My kids liked their lanyards. Me and my husband didn’t use ours but we can just keep as extras when one of the four of them lose theirs.
  4. Yes the taxi stays the whole time. We left most stuff in the van but did pay for the locker for wallets etc and my husbands stuff and shoes. I'm back. Thanks for the info. We got a van that fit 7 of us. After 5 ppl its supposed to add more money per person. They told me $120 Round Trip. I said of I though it was $100. he said yes but the extra people and showed me the chart. He then said ok $100. We didn't argue of anything. Maybe they are just used to people haggling. The walk for the kids(10-16) was easy. For us chunky folks....it was a bit harder. Honestly is was th
  5. I was on the 8/24 sailing of the Breeze. I too was surprised at what I saw in regards to the dining room chairs. Our table for 12 had mostly stained chairs. The chairs are a reddish burgundy color and the dark stains on then had you making sure it wasn’t fresh grease to stain your clothes. We sat at another table for Brunch and those were stained but not nearly as bad as our dinner table. The only other think I noticed was the smell. We were deck 7 aft. I’ve smelled a waft of sewage before in my 22 cruises but it was kinda bad for most of the cruise. I only used the pu
  6. We are a group of 15(6 adults, 9 kids). We would like to do the Falls on our own but wanted to verify how many people can fit in the vehicles. In other ports I know they have cars and vans but was unsure what the maximum anyone recalls seeing would be. I noticed on another post someone said they took a 4 person car. I was hoping that wasn't the only option. Thank you for any assistance.
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