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  1. The lifeboats on Symphony are positioned outside the deck 8 category E windows. The obstructions on deck 7 are at the top of the windows. Personally, I would never book a category E as a guarantee. With my luck I would get a totally obscured stateroom on deck 8. With a guarantee on a category C, you have a slight chance of moving up to a category B. When I book a category E, I prefer one mid-ship even with the slightly obscured window.
  2. Please post to the Future Bookings thread and if this is your first Crystal cruise, to the STEX thread and also register for the Meet and Mingle party (the link to register is just above the new thread button.)
  3. Two past passengers may each sponsor four people on one cruise that they are on -- that would be $800 in on board credit. I think that would be the limit for one cruise and for the year for those two people (unless Crystal would have a "special".) I'm not sure where the credits cannot be used except for new bookings and the casino.
  4. I still watch the reruns of Murder, She Wrote. That would be marvelous if she would do a theater cruise. Jim, email BB.
  5. Becky, I'm selfishly very happy that you decided to do the whole WC. I've loved reading you blog and seeing your magnificent photography.
  6. Have certain people (head waiters; maitre d's; Lido guys) had their salaries raised to compensate. Since they were never on the list to receive gratuities before the AI began, I wondered about this. I for one had always tipped them. If under the new plan, if they didn't get raises, won't they be making much less now if no one considers them?
  7. I have an off line question for you. Please email me at Judithm310@gmail.com as I don't have your email address. Judith
  8. I relax. I like to go to the lectures, needlepoint, scrapbook, read, spend time with friends, etc. A sea day clears my head of any health problems I may have. As I am not supposed to be in the sun, it doesn't bother me any more on the Symphony that there no longer is my beloved Neptune pool for my daily hour of exercise. Larry and I always did the library quiz, name that tune, and the Liar's Club. Very often we won and selected Crystal tee shirts. He amassed 24 of them. He wore then to play tennis at home. His friends didn't realize he had multiples and thought he was wearing the same tee shirt every time he played! Looking back on it makes me smile.
  9. I don't like overnights on the first day. I'm one of those people who likes to board and get going. If the departure port is one I want to go to, then that is okay. But if it is NY or SF I prefer to sail there at night and disembark in the morning. What I do like is overnights during the cruise. Especially ones like St. Petersburg and Bangkok when we can go on excursions or stay on land at night. We often did Crystal's land tours prior to a cruise like the ones we did in Buenos Aires and Rome. Loved that.
  10. As you probably read -- just have your travel agent writ on your reservation which seating you want (main or late) and what size table you prefer (2, 4, 6,or 8), and the wonderful maitir d' will take care of you. If for any reason, you are not happy with that table, speak to him and you'll be moved.
  11. 10th milestone is a double upgrade. You can pay for a category C and get a category A. Just be sure your travel agent advises Crystal you want your 10th milestone double upgrade to an A.
  12. I got a second copy today! So much for being told that they had to be ordered and would not be sent out to past passengers.
  13. We stayed twice in 7034. The "obstruction" is the gangplank against the rail.
  14. Several years ago I booked a river cruise from a European nation. I had two MUSTS: (1) my husband ran 5-9 miles every day and I needed to be sure there was somewhere on board he could run. They assured me there was. I learned that meant when we were in a German or Austrian town, he could run on the streets. (2) I wanted to make sure there were English-speaking people on board. As it turned out, there were SIX only. Glad I canceled. I booked a Crystal cruise instead and never looked back. I still would love to go to Austria!
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