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  1. No, I actually have a certified copy that we used before we got our Passports.
  2. I thought I had a really good price drop earlier this week, but realized before I called that the system had added taxes, but there were no port charges listed. (The fares were the exact same amount.) From their disclaimer, they can add/change port charges, so I didn't even bother calling.
  3. We have passports, but once I had a dream that I forgot them at home. Now I keep a copy of our birth certificates in my glove box in my car so I always have a fall back plan.
  4. Yes, it was creamy but very strong also! Hubby even loved it!!!
  5. For us, it has been no charge for a lateral move, pay the difference for an upgraded cabin, and cancel/rebook for a downgrade.
  6. I do both also! I buy the gift cards with my MC and I put almost all my purchases and bills on the card also. I booked a 10-day cruise, immediately paid in full with the card, and then applied for statement credit for the entire amount two days later.
  7. Off the top of my head, these things have changed in the past 10 years: Sail and sign cards are now at your cabin. Mostly once a day cabin service instead of twice. No longer automatically have ice in your cabin. No longer have all of the beautiful fruit carvings. No more midnight buffet. Past guest program completely changed.
  8. My PVP has a note on my account not to call me and that I will call her when I get ready to book. I usually will do the 24 hour hold and then call her to finalize. She can look to see if there are any better offers available and also see if better cabins are available that I can't see.
  9. We also just use our points for a statement credit. Unless it's changed, bar cash/cruise cash is non-refundable, so you would lose it if you don't use it.
  10. Thanks! I just got a couple of the $100 e-cards and got them immediately by email.
  11. Yes, you can pay for the airfare with your Carnival card and then later get a statement credit for all or part of the purchase. I have received statement credits for hotels and other charges, but the best redemption rate is for Carnival purchases. I have gotten a statement credit for one cruise and I have enough points to cover another next year. (I saved my points to get the best redemption value 100,000 points = $1500). As for the husband/wife using their individual points to cover gratuities, you would need to pay for your own gratuities on your own card and then do a statement credit after the charges hit. (Go to Barclay's website, login and go to rewards. Use fun points and you will see a list of all of the charges that are available for a statement credit and when they expire.)
  12. Most of the time they do have some of the small danishes (like on the Lido deck buffet and room service) that are free in the mornings.
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