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  1. I have a question about how to apply Viking’s FCC. If my upcoming South America cruise is cancelled by Viking, can I use the FCC to pay for excursions in a second cruise which is already paid in full (cruise fare portion only)? Furthermore, if later I happen to cancel an excursion of the second cruise, what happens to the FCC that I use to pay for the excursion? Must I use it all up before I disembark the second cruise?
  2. I did the expedition route Ushuaia -> Falkland Islands -> South Georgia -> Antarctica -> Ushuaia with RT air between Buenos Aires and Ushuaia. It was a trip of a lifetime. The experience can be summed up in one word “amazing”. There is no comparison to a scenic fjords, drive-by cruise. Do not waste time or short-change yourself doing a drive-by of Antarctica. The experience of an expedition cruise with landings is totally different. Although I have not yet done the scenic fjords cruise from Santiago to Buenos Aires (via Ushuaia), I am guessing it is not much different than
  3. I would continue with sailing plan. Only difference is not to wander off by myself in port but to stay with travel group at all times.
  4. I have become more selective for the following reasons: 1. I have visited many places via cruises and land tours. 2. My travel style and preference have evolved through age, experience, accumulated wealth, and much reduced responsibility. 3. I am not getting any younger, and my quality life will be getting more restricted with time. Itinerary, cruise line/travel company, and available time slot trump price and everything else.
  5. To me, freedom is a special privilege (e.g., speech, religion, and etc.,) that I can enjoy here in United States. I cannot say the same in other countries under dictatorship-like leadership. In some countries, the fortune that you accumulate over your lifetime of honest hard work can be taken away overnight without any good reasons. This why I think of freedom as a privilege. Do not confuse it with entitlement.
  6. Agree. We should teach our children responsibility and respect to others (I.e., not to be selfish). Freedom is a privilege to have, as long as it does not negatively impact others’ safety and space.
  7. Of course. Certain cruise lines such as Viking accept only adult guests. No need to worry as long as the cruise liner requires Cov-19 vaccination to board. Perhaps the worry is more focused on fellow passengers from countries with “questionable” vaccines and exposure to residents of visiting countries that are not at an advanced stage of getting its people vaccinated.
  8. Definitely, I would cruise if vaccine is mandatory. I feel safer if I know all people onboard have received Cov-19 vaccination. On the contrary, if there is no vaccination requirement for boarding, I would feel uncomfortable thinking that I might be exposed to the virus while on board, as I may be the unlucky few who cannot have protection from the vaccine. If I do not receive vaccine in time or cannot take vaccine due to health problems, then it is just too bad for me, and I shall cancel my cruise reservation. I think freedom is something I prefer to have, as long as I do not cau
  9. Have you cancelled or rebooked to 2023? I am starting to wonder if we should also cancel. Hard to believe that when I booked this cruise in summer 2020, I was confident that the COVID situation would be well under control by Feb 2022. Now, with the scary news about several new strains and the out-of-control situation in Brazil, things seem to be just as uncertain as back then when the lockdown began in March 2020. Even after I get the vaccine, I am not sure if I can be well protected while in South America. Key question is when to make the call to cancel. Anyone else is also contemplatin
  10. Ours follows yours. I am also doubtful that ours will sail. Chance is 50/50, even if US achieves enough percentage of vaccinations for herd immunity. Bigger questions are situation in South America and duration of our vaccine protection. Wonder how early Viking cancelled your previous cruise and if Viking compensated enough for you to re-schedule the cruise? When we booked ours, we had the July 4 sale (which is much better than the Explorers’ sale of free air). Thus, it will most likely cost us more to rebook. If Viking cancels your cruise again, will you rebook the same cruise?
  11. I do not drink. I take included shore excursions only if there are no interesting optional excursions. I would attend shows only if they add to the cultural experience. FCC and complimentary upgrade are only icing on the cake. Question is if the fare is comparable for a veranda stateroom? What are O’s pros that work most for you?
  12. Good topic. Never sailed with O. I have sailed once on Viking ocean, and thrice on Viking river, and found Viking most suitable for me. Pro’s are excellent enrichment lectures (guest lectures, and port talks for an in-depth understanding of culture, geology, economics, and etc) and entertainment (performance by locals and special included excursions) and ship decor/stateroom size/# passengers under 1000. Every stateroom in Viking ocean ship has a balcony. It has no mediocre shows, casino, and kids. Instead, it has free internet, free alcoholic drinks during meals, good food (although not
  13. I have not yet sailed on Emerald or Scenic river cruises, but I sailed Scenic’s Eclipse on an expedition cruise to Antarctica (+ South Georgia and Falkland Islands). Perhaps I am among the lucky few who took this wonderful cruise and had a enjoyable life-time experience. My next expedition cruise is to Arctic. Explored other expedition cruise lines. My final decision is still Scenic Eclipse. I have already paid in full (elected the early payment option), and I am not too worried about cancellation or bankruptcy. My travel time is quite flexible, and Scenic does not seem to disappear at t
  14. I meant msmayor’s suggestion was brilliant.
  15. We are talking about a diamond ring for dear wife. Do you really think you can find a top quality diamond ring with ideal cut diamonds and superb workmanship for a bargain price without any good knowledge of what to look for and abundance of shopping time? I second sail7seas’ brilliant suggestion of buying a diamond ring from home country and then give to dear wife on the ship. Of course, I assume there is a free inspection/good return policy in case of problems, such as 1. Wife does not like the ring design and 2. Ring does not fit. Full Eternity rings are trickier than a solitaire or
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