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  1. rxlowry

    Live from Serenity

    I'm not a fan of the new dance floor. The old floor was great for social dancing. I wonder how Mama Lee likes it?
  2. EVERY post here is a first world problem. A comment I'm so tired of reading!
  3. I think even the choices in specialty dining is going downhill...BBQ and Tex Mex. Something that is so ordinary yet to charge extra. I think it has changed from a more continental menu to standard American which is not great in my opinion.
  4. rxlowry

    What's the longest cruise you've taken?

    On NCL, 12 days in the Mediterranean but this summer I did 16 days RT San Francisco to Hawaii. It was amazing!
  5. Majesty holds the record at 6 times but she was also close by in Baltimore. Gem 4 Spirit 2 Star 2 Jewel 2 If I like the ship, I like sailing on it again. Personally, I won't return to the Getaway. I'm not a huge fan of the Escape either.
  6. Really enjoyed the blog and the posts here! Glad to see you tried some G&Ts and Portuguese tarts!
  7. It's not just Cunard. Seabourn has all the caviar you want included.
  8. I think NCL sells caviar so I doubt they would let you bring it. I'd contact the concierge to ask if your preferences could be ordered for you for extra cost. I think the best answer is sail a cruise line where these are standard but if you like the atmosphere on NCL give it a go!
  9. rxlowry

    Live From the Serenity, Sept 23-Oct 7

    The photos keep getting better! You've taken some really spectacular shots! Thanks again for sharing.
  10. rxlowry

    What is your favorite cruise tradition?

    On NCL, our tradition is a leisurely lunch in the MDR. As soon as the cabins are ready, I have the personal goal to unpack before life boat drill or sail away. Sail away is usually at the party on deck!
  11. Another difference I thought of is the dancing/nightlife which we enjoy more on Crystal. Crystal has lots of venues with music and the best dance floors we've seen on ships. I also enjoy the professional dancers they have in addition to the dance troupe that does the main theater shows. These dancers also teach lessons on sea days. The live music and dancing in combination with enrichment and excellent nightly entertainment is a real advantage for us.
  12. Congrats on your success with WFPB eating! I have been doing it for 3 years but I will stray on vacation. I use Furhman's "rare and appropriate" during these times. Breakfast is easy..oatmeal and fruits. Lunch is a salad. I will add cooked veggies and I'm sure some have had oil but I use no dressings at all. Dinner is most challenging but we have found the buffet is a great option. The vegetarian options are usually have cheese or cream in them. Our first cruise after switching this way I worried it would upset our stomach to have some of these foods but we did fine. Also, it was very easy to go back to cooking the oil, salt, sugar free way at home.
  13. No survey? And others saying to never receive one? I've gotten one every cruise. That's not right. Please someone use "first world problems" because that's all that's missing. So sick of that...every damn cruise problem is first world...so over it. Let people complain, it is part of a critique.
  14. rxlowry

    Live From the Serenity, Sept 23-Oct 7

    You guys did a babymoon before babymoon was even a thing! I didn't do one..I should get a make up one! What's in a Grumpy Old Man? I only see one because you and your wife look like a delight. I love your joy that comes through your posts. (side note: I followed your Regent thread too..I have to feed my obsession by living vicariously) I hope to someday be on a cruise dancing in Pulse with you both! Thanks so much for taking this valuable time to post here. I did for this first time this summer and blogged during the trip. It's a commitment that I appreciate from others! Keep up the great work!