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  1. So if your cruise had unvaccinated passengers, you’d still go on it or would you cancel? I think that’s the question.
  2. Docking in St. George is the best! But the "cut" is really small and if Symphony can't fit in Hamilton I'm not sure she could do that either. I'm waiting to see what the testing protocol will be in New York (if we need to go to a hotel to test first and then to the pier) since I would drive to New York or take a car service.
  3. Was looking forward to the cobb salad and toasting post but this is just as good! Bon Voyage!
  4. I think the OP's experience is how I'd imagine it to be by looking at deck plans and photos from the first cruises. Those lounge chairs are so close together! I would not want to sit that close to a stranger! After doing that research, I know the Encore is not the ship for me...research is key!
  5. I look forward to reading to help me relive this great cruise. It was a pleasure meeting you both on board!
  6. We were on the Spirit with our 16 year old last summer and she met a great group of teens. They didn't often hang in the teen club and preferred to hang in the conference rooms which I think I still saw on the deck plans (deck 8 if memory serves)
  7. Soggy Dollar is one is the best spots on Earth! Enjoy!!
  8. We were on the same Thanksgiving cruise and the sixty children didn't bother me one bit. Now, we didn't have a balcony so no problem there and the kids seemed pretty occupied. At dinner, we never encountered any even close to our table. Sometimes you just get lucky. I did run into a former co-worker in Miami who was on the NCL Encore with 1600 children! Nope...although after studying the deck plans I already knew I would never set foot on that one!
  9. Yikes...free cruise. Just kidding! The lounge chairs seem different than the ones I remembered on the Getaway. They don't look too comfortable. And the photo of the pool ones...too me it looks like you can't be any closer to the the person next to you. That's a little weird for me personally. Plus, I like a little table between every so many. But with such limited space I understand why
  10. Posted last two full days on the blog if anyone is following along. It was so much faster adding all the photos at home. I'll work on my final thoughts today. For a quick summary, the trip was amazing. Crystal has a wonderful product and fantastic people working for them from the top to the bottom. If I posted the good and the bad..I'm struggling with the bad. Bad...hmmm..well our bathroom sinks only had hot water (the hardship). It started warm and would get hotter. We did mention it but it stayed the same. Oh well, I got used to it. And I guess that the cruise was too short...
  11. Great report and a pleasure cruising with you on the last leg of your journey!
  12. Very entertaining review that helped affirm this is not the ship for me. The pool looks crowded and that lounge has some real pigs laying about. I understand wanted to put up your feet (in socks please) as the chairs by the window are designed for but if you start getting sleepy....go to your cabin. Let someone enjoy the view or read.
  13. Looking forward to the rest to help me from my cruise withdrawal.
  14. I'm not sure you are thinking clearly. It is 100% to help their bottom line. I remember a story from 1987, where American Airlines saved $40,000 by removing one olive from each salad served in first class. With all the dining cutbacks, I'm sure they are saving plenty to help FDR's bottom line.
  15. My thoughts exactly! The only restaurant that comes close is Le Bistro but that certainly was not the case on previous cruises. The main dining room used to have great meals. This is one of many reasons NCL is no longer a go to cruise line for us. I think it is horrible how they have cheapened the product since our first NCL cruise in 2006.
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