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  1. On our cruise on Serenity a few years back, the did have a "love and marriage" game. It was later in the evening (I think at least 10pm) in the small lounge that now has the Supper Club. It certainly wasn't packed. The found a newly married and a couple 50 years plus pretty easily. No one in the mid range was jumping at it but when they said everyone would get a prize bag and one of the prizes was a casino voucher, I raised my hand. We won! It was a really nice gift bag each couple received plus we got a certificate and photo of the ship in a cover. I think offered at this time on shorter cruises, it can work. I love that I'm in my 40s and part of the "younger" crowd. That makes me feel good. But as far as entertainment, I traveled last summer with my then 15 year old and we both enjoyed all the evening shows. I love dancing so Crystal is the best for that in my opinion. True, the late night crowd is sparse but in my two sailings, they are a fun bunch.
  2. Spirit is our favorite..hopefully it isn't messed up with upcoming dry dock.
  3. Since you mentioned Hampton Inn, the Hampton Inn in Brickell is the best Hampton I've stayed at. Great location for walking to dinner and people mover. The hotel has a cute rooftop pool and gives you a welcome drink at the bar. I highly recommend this Hampton Inn. So Cal Cantina is close by with awesome tacos and cocktails with a nice happy hour.
  4. Not plates...plating....how the food is presented is what I was referring to not the actual plate. But interesting facts about Regent...have only been on the Mariner and the Navigator...and if I go on Explorer I doubt it will be in that bed!
  5. I'd continue to post. If Regent passengers are interested, they will read it here. Save yourself time and just keep one thread going...the one with photos!
  6. That is a real shame for you! After looking at the pictures from the Breakaway thread of the Haven restaurant, it looks like the best plating NCL does.
  7. The Spirit was originally a ship from an Asian company. It still has some of the theming from those days. I think there will still be a large amount of English speaking cruisers. I'm sure announcements will be in English. Menus are fleet wide so I doubt much will change there. Drinks of the day will still be Bahama Mama and so on.
  8. The Spirit is our favorite ship of NCL's right now. What features are important for you on a ship? If it is a port intensive cruise, keep that in mind as well. I heard from the crew in July they are adding restaurants and Starbucks but this wasn't definite. The Spirit has a great observation style lounge, Galaxy of the Stars. I think the crew was great as well.
  9. The decorations look better at night with the lights lit. The ballroom dancers also performed a number at the one I went too. I had a great time dancing with the hosts and the cruise director. The themed drinks were passed around with snacks. My daughter and I wore white but if you can't find an outfit, don't worry!
  10. I agree with most posters on evaluating how much you like sea days to decide. Last summer, I did a 16 day San Francisco round trip to Hawaii. It was the most continuous sea days I had ever done and I loved it. But, I've always enjoyed sea days and never find them boring. This summer, we did a 14 day cruise on NCL from Southampton. The crew told us they only took provisions on in Southampton so the food wasn't the freshest quality the second week and they ran out of a few items. I'm not sure NCL is designed for longer cruises compared to some other cruise lines. The food and entertainment is more repetitive but for a cruise with interesting ports, it can be overlooked.
  11. I don't have a cap for DSC but sadly I think the prices keep creeping up while the level of product is going down. I was a big fan of NCL but sadly I understand people selling their Cruise Next certs. This last cruise was the first one that we did not buy one.
  12. The casino used American dollars on my cruise on the Spirit this summer.
  13. Kotor is an amazing sail in and out. The port is great too. It's a shame you are missing it. Hopefully you get those port charges refunded as some OBC and will take another cruise there in the future.
  14. My translation...Here's some chocolate covered strawberries. I think that is a common NCL response.
  15. On the Spirit cruise last month, they just crossed out Moderno. So it's La Cucina only. We skipped it.
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