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  1. I have been using an big internet agency since 2018 with two cruises done and 6 upcoming. I have her email and the email of her customer service, usually booking by phone and asking for adjustments by email. They always do what I ask but very rarely get anything adjusted for me. No extra points because I booked in the wrong month, no cabin changes because I booked guarantee, no extra OBC because the price came down in less than 14 days. I know this is by the book but I have read some TA's can get their clients these changes. I wish I knew one. In fact one of my future cruises I was able to get a $90 price reduction by joining their club. The TA said that because the price was now lower they were deducting $25 from their OBC they were giving me.
  2. The NJ Board of Health also authorizes certain places to give PCR tests. I have appointments in CVS but am using one of these places as backup in case CVS cancels. It's known to happen.
  3. Sorry. I forgot about the SECOND PCR test required by Bermuda at the dock along with the antigen test required by NCL given by Eurofins.
  4. They are not giving the PCR test at the dock. You must get that yourself where a available on Wednesday to get the results by Friday to send to Bermuda with a copy of the CDC card and $75. Then when you get it approved by Bermuda you bring this approval plus all other requirements to the dock and then you will receive an antigen test from the company you signed up for from the letter. If you test positive and denied boarding, NCL will accept the negative result from the PCR test so you can get either FCC or your money back.
  5. Then why does it say complimentary?
  6. Just think about those who do not read cruise critic or fb and got the emails about getting the test beforehand some are calling NCL and agents are telling them otherwise. I think many will be left at the pier.
  7. I read somewhere that Bermuda has agents working on the TAs 24 hours including weekends.
  8. I don't think so because this is a 100%. Vaccinated cruise whereas the Oasis has unvaccinated children on board.
  9. Yes, but it would be one more piece of info to make everyone feel more secure before boarding.
  10. You're probably right. I wouldn't wait any longer than Friday afternoon to apply.
  11. Charlie from the Sept. 26 roll call got an answer from NCL that we can use the 96 hr. PCR test instead of the 72 hr antigen test for the backup test before going to the port. Then someone from our FB group got an answer from Bermuda that we can submit the TA as late as 2pm on Saturday before the cruise
  12. You also have to upload your vaccination card with the test results to Bermuda.
  13. That would be great if you would be assured to get the results in 24 hours.
  14. Two questions:. 1. What if your medical insurance does not pay CVS? Would CVS bill you? 2. For those who have travel insurance and you didn't do the 72 hour antigen test and you tested +at the port, would they cover the cost of the cruise?
  15. I also am on the same cruise as Jamie, September 26th. I also am on RCI Oasis October 17 going to Bahamas (no visa needed). I would be so upset if Bermuda was changed to Bahamss and it was too late to cancel. I will take a leap of faith and schedule my PCR test tomorrow with CVS for Sept 22. It would be nice if NCL informed us if we needed a rapid antigen test on Friday Sept 24 in addition to the rapid antigen test they are giving at the port on Sunday.
  16. Royal Caribbean just changed their requirements for the antigen test from 72 hours to 48 hours but said nothing about a visa for the Bahamas if coming by ship.
  17. I will be taking my first Royal Caribbean cruise in 25 years in October. When I booked the cruise they wanted $500 deposit for this 7 day cruise. Now I am interested in booking another cruise that is 11 days and they want $900 deposit. Do deposits get reduced once you sail on RCI or if you book a cruise while on a ship? Do they ever have specials with reduced deposits?
  18. Hmmmm...They changed our departure time from 4pm to 6pm on the Oasis out of Bayonne. I wonder if this is because they will be testing us at the port but not telling us.
  19. We are on an NCL Bermuda cruise the end of September and we have to take 3 covid tests. First a PCR test 4 days before cruise, then NCL is giving us an antigen test at the pier day of cruise then Bermuda is giving us another PCR test before we can disembark in Bermuda. I don't know how many passengers will be on that cruise but it sounds like a nightmare getting tested at the pier and on the ship. BTW we have to pay Bermuda $75pp for this.
  20. It seems all this social networking and internet usage connect to each other. If I just click on an ad on fb then i am bombarded with emails.
  21. Or if they change to the Bahamas itinerary. I would be very upset because I'm doing the Bahamas two weeks after we return from Bermuda on RCI Oasis. Ive never been to Bermuda and am looking so forward to it. We have a snorkle excursion booked for day 1 at 1:30pm and now not sure if it will go.
  22. On the Walgreens website some locations give both the PCR test and some give only a ID Now test (Rapid POC NAAT). Would the latter be accepted?
  23. I am on a NCL cruise to Bermuda two weeks before my Oasis cruise. They require 3 different covid tests. A PCR test 4 days before sailing, a rapid antigen test at the pier and then another PCR test given by Bermuda the first day before we can get off the ship. With all that we are given the privilidge of paying $75 pp to Bermuda to enter their country. So I guess we are lucky that Royal only wants the antigen test.
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