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  1. Tenders won't be a problem, because nobody will be going ashore unless they're on an official shorex.
  2. Maybe P&O are planning on removing the top 5 decks?
  3. How many ships will be left, which can actually use White Elephant Bay? P&O Pacific Explorer - yes Pacific Adventure - no Pacific Encounter - no ** Are P&O really down to just 3 ships, with Dawn & Aria having been sold to CMV just before they went belly-up? Princess Coral Princess - no Sapphire Princess - no Emerald Princess - no Royal Princess - no HAL MS Oosterdam - yes As far as I can tell, there are only two ships (regularly based in Australia) capable of operating from White Elephant B
  4. You should get your money back, even if it's in the form of an FCC, when Carnival/Princess/Royal are all eventually forced to cancel these cruises. The advice of most on this board would be to expect the worst, and don't spend any more money until you get news that things have changed. Right now, the advice from the Australian Govt is that our borders are likely to remain closed until at least July 2021. That means no cruise ships in or out, and no foreigners allowed into the country (subject to a few exemptions) during that period.
  5. Hopefully (fingers crossed) things will be returning to a "new normal" by Feb 2022. I wouldn't bet on anything happening in Feb 2021, but there's definitely hope for 2022 .
  6. Singaporeans may, or may not, be allowed into the country by March 2021 - they're definitely not allowed in before 17th December 2020. At least Singapore is a low-infection country, unlike places like India/Brazil/USA, so things are more likely to open up to you than they are to many other countries. Even if you can enter the country, it's highly doubtful that your cruises will be proceeding in April & May.
  7. At least it's been going back up again for the last few months. It was below 20 at one point, and is now just below 23. Sadly, the reason for this reversal is the impact of COVID on the Thai economy. The complete shutdown of the tourism sector has had a severe impact on many Thai people.
  8. The Swans are 4 games clear of Adelaide, with only 3 games left to play in the Home & Away season. Adelaide could theoretically catch North & Hawthorn, but it's highly unlikely with games against GWS & Richmond still to come.
  9. I don't mind frozen peas - but boiling them removes all of the flavour and nutrients. Much better to whack them in the microwave for a minute or two. They come out steaming hot, and still taste good.
  10. Nothing wrong with Deb. Their mashed potato with onion is particularly tasty.
  11. There is no suggestion that Edward William Coon was in any way racist, or did anything wrong whatsoever. The issue is that the word "coon" has also been used as a derogatory term for aboriginals. The terminology has nothing whatsoever to do with the cheese maker. I have no idea about any cross-pollenation between Aus & USA, re: the racist use of the word "coon".
  12. When used as a derogatory term for the country's indigenous population, then it's absolutely 100% offensive. When it's someone's name, and the product is named after that person, then it's completely inoffensive. That's the problem with cancel culture, and political correctness taken to the extreme. Things which are perfectly valid parts of our history are being lost.
  13. Correct. At the end of the day though, it's not a foreign product made in Australia under license, it's an Australian product (company) which has been bought by a foreign entity.
  14. More likely an Australian product for which the naming have been purchased by a foreign company, similar to Vegemite (and many others).
  15. Just because a word has dual usages does not mean that it needs to be changed, given that the product itself is not named for the derogatory term.
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