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  1. I cannot fathom why the GF doesn't take the offer if it is the no jail offer that I read about. After seeing the video I don't think it looks good for the GF.
  2. I will edit my post, however my statement stands that if he is convicted of any responsibility toward the death of the child, it will severely undermine the family's case against RCI.
  3. I work for a PI Attorney and RCI may still settle. We don't know how much the family is demanding, nor how much RCI would be willing to settle for. They will be weighing nuisance value v. perception, etc. There may still be negotiations going on behind the scenes. I hope they don't settle because I don't believe RCI was liable. I believe the GF made an extremely poor decision. The lawyers for RCI will probably continue the case until the criminal trial is finished. If the GF is found guilty of any degree of homicide/manslaughter/murder, it will bode well for RCI, and against
  4. Thanks so much for checking for me. I guess it is still cheaper to bring a couple cases of water and buy my one iced coffee per day.
  5. AirBnB takes a certain amount of trust. That is one reason I always look for a superhost and a lot of reviews. We have stayed in AirBNB/VRBOs in Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, etc and always had good luck. But we are always looking for a self contained unit.
  6. Thank you very much. I will be looking for your supply.
  7. If you are comfortable, I would suggest looking into an AirBnB. We have a lovely place booked for 2 couples in a 2BR 1BA for the night before our cruise (Jan. 29 - Jan. 30), weekend of Superbowl. I think we paid about $100 total. I just look or a superhost with a lot of good reviews.
  8. Great pics from your phone in low light conditions.
  9. There is always the old-fashioned portable radios.
  10. I will be following along. We are on our first Celebrity cruise, on the Reflection on January 31st. We are looking forward to trying something new. If you go by Café al Bacio, could you see if they offer iced coffees, and how much they cost? I am thinking about picking up a coffee card to used for my much beloved iced coffee.
  11. Ship: Reflection Length of Cruise: 10 Cruise Sail Date: 1/31/2020 Date email offer received: 11/17/19; follow-up 1/1/2020 Captain’s Club Tier: Preview (1st Celebrity Cruise) Booked through Celebrity or TA: Booked onboard RCI; transferred to TA Current Cabin: 1A Bid? Yes/No: No If YES - Bidding Details: Cabin Category: Bid Offer: Notification Date: Accepted / Rejected: General Comments (offer details, etc.): Offer: Royal Suite: $1500/person Signature Suite: $1200/person Celebrity Suite: $100
  12. Saint Greg, Thanks for your update on the Hilton Riverside. My BF and I did end up staying there and had a nice stay for the night. When we checked in the desk agent asked why we were staying and when I indicated we were on a joint 55th birthday trip, he gave us a $75 credit to use in the restaurant. We had a lovely dinner and it only cost $6 plus tip. Our only problem was that none of the employees we encountered could explain to us how to walk to the cruise ship. We just ended up having the bellman grab a taxi for us who charged $8 flat rate to get to c
  13. I will try to get a pic tomorrow. I have had a terrible time today trying to text pics to the family, so if it won’t post, I will include a list. I have had a couple of cups of tea so far and I remember they have a nice selection.
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