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  1. Nope, that won’t be happening. I know I’m fully vaccinated and will wait to cruise when this is accepted. Not about to waste money on all those extra protocols which I agree are important for unvaccinated cruisers.
  2. It depends on the cruise/home port. For our Aug 20 Alaska sailing (?) everyone 12+ must show proof of vaccination.
  3. Wow, well that’s really discouraging. Hopefully the talks will bring some logical decisions about vaccination requirements. Right now these criteria would mean that most of the Canadian population is unvaccinated - which totally doesn’t support the current low number of daily new COVID cases/hospitalizations here, the vaccines are having a tremendous impact. My family received 2 Pfizer doses, 47 days apart…so a whole 5 days too late to be considered fully vaccinated according to RC. We have 5 cruises booked between Aug and March, hopefully we’ll be able to go on some of them - as long as we ar
  4. Thanks for your update, I have one of my own. Tonight I received an email response to my enquiry about whether the 21-42 day interval also applies to 2 doses of the same vaccine. Hubby and I are at 47 days, kids are under the 42 days. We are booked on the Aug 20 Ovation of the Seas Alaska cruise. I’m not feeling reassured, the answer wasn’t a simple yes or no. ”As of today, the protocols for your sailing have not been confirmed.We have been working with an expert team to guide us in developing protocols to protect our guests and crew. We are working with local health authoriti
  5. Missed seeing your post. . That’s great news if this is the case. The first paragraph gave some referrals to CDC and WHO guidelines re vaccination interval, and when I went to those websites they also give the 21-42 day guideline, which concerned me. I really can’t see them counting the days between intervals if you show the proof of receiving both doses of the same vaccine.
  6. Thanks for bringing attention to this. I’ve looked carefully at the wording on vaccine requirements (same vaccine for both vs mixed vaccines) and it’s still not clear to me. Email sent. Just by pure luck, my family received doses of the same vaccine so I thought we would be OK for our Aug 20 Alaska Ovation of the Seas cruise, but now I’m concerned. It was 47 days between the doses for my hubby and I. I asked for clarification before we book our flight to Seattle, and any excursions.
  7. Our family is also cruising on Explorer a month after you! This is the first Royal Caribbean ship we sailed on, back in 2010, and as our kids were approaching their teens, we found Royal to be a great fit for our family (Disney was great for their younger years). It will be fairly different from Princess. Make sure to attend all the evening entertainment events (ice skating show, theatre productions etc), always fun and top quality. The whole family can enjoy the ice skating, rock climbing, mini golf, but the flow rider is a must! Movies are played on the outdoor screen at different times
  8. Agreed. The Canadian Prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has also received mixed vaccines (AZ then Moderna). I anticipate it won’t be long before some of these accepted vaccination guidelines change. I did end up getting both vaccines the same, but had no hesitation to get a different vaccine if that was the only one available at the time.
  9. Enjoying your review, thanks for taking the time to do this. Very intrigued by your title, and can’t wait to hear about more of your adventures on Adventure!
  10. Booked on an Alaska cruise from Seattle on Aug 20. Family is fully vaccinated, just waiting to find out what happens with border restrictions, testing requirements etc before finalizing our plans. Fully expecting to take a Covid test before flying into Seattle, and will need to check that the free PCR test performed on the ship the day before disembarking will be acceptable for re-entry to Canada. We are flexible, and willing to cancel the cruise if needed, and enjoy our pre-cruise Rockies vacation. Just a wait and see situation right now, but getting excited!
  11. Yes, this dessert loving family will definitely treat ourselves! Not sure yet which ferry we’ll be taking, but will be sure to book in advance.
  12. Hi Everyone, great to find this forum! I have never monitored the cruise news as much as I have these past 15 months. I’m finally feeling more hope that it won’t be too much longer before sailing again. Our family of 4 typically cruises 1 week each year during the winter to escape the cold, mainly with Royal Caribbean. We are actually booked on an Alaska cruise departing Aug 20 but we know it may/may not happen - depends on a lot of things (getting our 2nd vaccine in time, easing of border restrictions on non-essential travel, end of the mandatory hotel quarantine, etc). This crui
  13. Booked on Ovation’s second Alaska sailing, on Aug 20, only because of the cruise with confidence policy. We tacked this onto the end of a domestic vacation we have planned to visit the Rockies. We have 4 more cruises booked in Dec-Jan and Feb 2022. Personally, I’m feeling optimistic. Based on the declining cases/hospitalizations, and increasing number of fully vaccinated people, IMHO I don’t think it will be too much longer before the non-essential travel restrictions are lifted, and I expect the mandatory quarantine won’t be required if fully vaccinated. People are getting an
  14. Great news! With the big decline in # of cases and increase in vaccinations, I was counting on this happening. Now we just need to get our second shots and will be good to go on our Aug Alaska cruise on Ovation.
  15. Also booked on a B2B on Explorer in Feb 2022, lift and shift from this Feb. love those Southern Caribbean itineraries!
  16. I noticed that there is only one ship (Voyager) sailing out of San Juan for winter 22/23. It was usually 2 ships in the past. I checked more carefully and it looks like it’s down to one ship after Nov 2021. I’m guessing this might be because of the new Barbados home port?
  17. In the past we would book only 1 or 2 per year. Right now we have 6 booked (2 B2B) between Aug21-Aug 2022! Wish I could get more excited about them, but I don’t want to do any extra planning until there’s more certainty.
  18. That’s what I would expect, but we are being told differently. I guess it doesn’t really matter, I’ll just just expect to pay the penalty. It’s just a factor in our decision to book refundable vs non-ref.
  19. Looking at using FCC for a non-refundable deposit for a 2022 summer cruise (outside of current CWC). If we cancel (outside the 90 days) we were told that there would be no $100 per person change fee since that can’t be taken from the deposit when it’s paid with FCC. Trying to confirm this with RC, but still on hold. Anyone know if this will be the case?
  20. We do both, depending on the price difference and our certainty of cruising. I’ve been finding the refundable price to be much higher than it used to be. I weigh out the penalty cost of cancelling with non-refundable deposit ($100 per person, with the plan to move the deposit amount to another sailing so it isn’t lost). I also consider my confidence in actually taking that cruise,. The farther out I book, the more chances something else might come up with my kids schedules etc, so I’m more likely to book the refundable deposit. We’ve also booked refundable ($800 more for 4 people), planning t
  21. I went through this tough decision a couple of years ago. Ended up choosing the bigger ship (Oasis) vs small ship with better itinerary, even though we’d already been on Oasis before, but not Vision. In the end it came down to: a) this was our first trip to Europe, but it won’t be our last, so one day we will do a smaller class ship & more unique ports b) we were travelling with 2 older teens and hubby who enjoy the extra bells & whistles (flowrider in particular) of the larger ships c) we also wanted to visit Paris after the cruise and this worked well with the round trip Mediterrane
  22. Wish RC would offer free onboard texting for communicating with family, other passengers etc instead of having to purchase an internet plan. I know there were some trials happening on a couple of ships via the Royal App but it’s taking forever to be rolled out across all ships, I don’t think there’s been any change in 2-3 years. Disney already had onboard texting in 2013/14, it was very handy for keeping in touch with our teens. I really hope RC took this last year to work on and improve their IT systems!
  23. Feb 15, 2020 on Anthem. Happily celebrated my 50th BDay at Coco Cay 😁
  24. I’m concerned about this policy of one FCC per person. We took the 125% FCC for our Aug 2020 Alaska cruise (cancelled in June by RC) , and were quickly issued the FCC and received the refunds for the taxes/fees. About 1-2 months ago we received an email from RC indicating that they sent a refund, and that it might have happened in error, so we contacted our TA to find out what happened. Strangely we did get small refunds back at the end of July which we never noticed, and some new FCCs were issued. So now, instead of having a single FCC, we have 2 FCC each from the same booking. The new FCC a
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