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  1. NY is actually a great example of how lockdowns/restrictions DO work. If one looks at the graphs of the new cases and deaths per day, it's very clear. Sure, the NYC area was caught off guard at the beginning and probably due to population density, not knowing how to deal with the virus or how contagious it is, overwhelmed hospitals, etc., they had huge numbers of new cases and deaths early on. Those numbers have gone down and pretty much stayed there since the middle of April, increasing a bit as restrictions are loosened. The overall numbers don't tell the whole story at all.
  2. Also, keep in mind that you may not know your room until the last minute. On one of our cruises, a couple on our roll call didn't know their room until a few days before the cruise. That much suspense may or may not bother you, if it were to happen.
  3. We brought pastries onto a ship in KW. We just assumed we could, didn't hide it, and they didn't say anything. That was just our experience, not an official answer.
  4. I would also recommend Floridays for their smaller number of people. When I looked on their website, I saw just their 1pm snorkeling trip. The 2pm trip is on a glass bottom boat and it is called an eco-tour, so I would call to make sure that it goes to the actual reef. I've been on trips on other boats that are called eco-tours, and they went to the mangroves and a smaller patch reef area in the gulf that was nice, but not as extensive as the reef.
  5. It looks like Fury has a trip that usually leaves at 2pm, for 3 hours--the double dip snorkeling trip. You didn't say when you'll be there, but it looks like there's a different schedule from June-August that won't work for you.
  6. We were in 4005 on Sirena. Wondered about the same thing before we went, but it wasn't a problem at all.
  7. Last summer on Sirena in Europe, I also found that wifi was adequate for emails and surfing.
  8. The walks at Brewers and LB are also very short.
  9. jaga04

    Crab claws

    Agree, and to clarify - you can eat at the Eaton Street Fish Market, outside at picnic tables. At the Half Shell, you eat inside at picnic tables, and if you're near the back, can have a view of the harbor.
  10. More on the ferry: It leaves from Camana Bay shopping center, so you'd have to get there from the dock, via bus or taxi. They take you from Kaibo to Rum Point by van if you wish, and pick you up for the return trip.
  11. It's hard to answer your question without knowing the specific tours (not sure if they're the exact same in each port each time) and what you like to do. Even in most of the smaller ports, there are some choices within the should-see places. For example, we wanted to visit Nice, so we did that from Monte Carlo, on an O tour that we really liked. That meant we didn't get as much time in MC, so we saw the casino, but not the palace. I got outvoted, as I was with gamblers. Also, some of the tours have things added like food or wine, lots or little walking, that may or may not appeal to you.
  12. Yes, it should be very easy. Have a great cruise!
  13. This depends on a couple of things. If your cruise hasn't yet left the country, then you may walk off. If KW is at the end of your cruise and you've been to other countries, then you have to go through customs. Also, there are 3 potential places to dock in KW, all very close to each other. One is on a navy base, so you have to take a shuttle from the ship to off the base. The ride is really short - a couple of minutes - and you're let off near Mallory Square, really close to the other 2 docks. This link should let you look up where you'll be docked: https://www.cityofkeywest-fl.gov/depa
  14. We were also there during a swell, a few years ago in March. Stayed in CGB at Lighthouse Villas, but went to both Brewers and Smugglers to check out the surf. It was pretty much the same in all 3 places - too rough to enter. Interestingly, we were able to go on a good snorkeling trip to the Indians, since it's to the south. The other times we've been, all 3 beaches were calm and clear. Mettins, thanks for the beautiful pix of Smugglers. I miss it!
  15. When we've been there, the water has been essentially the same at both beaches.
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