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  1. All our taxi drivers are licensed and are required to be "tour guides". Plenty of available drivers at the port, tell them what you want to do, negotiate a price and away you go. Or you can join an "island tour" and pay a fixed price. Note this applies to "roadtrip tours" only. You will not be able to book a train tour or a Catamaran tour on the day. Romney Manor has an entrance fee, the Fort has an entrance fee, check these on line. There is an advantage to being "first off the boat" these places get busy. As a suggestion for a "private tour" go to Romney Manor first, stay around an hour, then go on to Brimstone Hill fort. You may need a little more time here. Then get your driver to take you to Timothy Hill lookout and finally drop you at Shipwreck Bar in Friars bay. (This has good food, sunbeds, a snorkeling reef and is only 15 minutes back to the port). You can then arrange a time for your driver to pick you up, or, there will be plenty of taxis available at Shipwreck when it is time to get back to your ship. Everywhere will take US$ so don't worry about local currency, most places will take your credit card (most taxis are cash only). If you get EC$ in your change and would prefer US$ then just ask, it will not be a problem. Above all, don't try to pack in too much, relax and enjoy your day on our beautiful island.
  2. The River Taw details and photographs can be found here: Dive Sites - St Kitts
  3. Closest one is Avis. Walk through the port onto the main road, 2 to 5 mins away depending on where you exit the port. Rental is not cheap here, plus you need a temporary driving license (about 30 US - please check). Also we drive on the opposite side to the US. A private taxi for the day may work out as better value.
  4. The port area in St Kitts, Port Zante is huge, well spread out with hundreds of shops etc. The advantage for you is that it is all flat (built on reclaimed land). You will find the port easy to negotiate on your scooter. The rest of St Kitts is not so "scooter friendly", If you want to travel outside the port there is some transport that can carry you but you will need to arrange before arrival. I suggest you contact Liz Pereria, one of our local independent tour organizers. She is the most knowledgeable person I know to help you. Tell her Terry sent you. https://www.facebook.com/liz.pereira.792
  5. There will be plenty of taxi drivers willing to take you from the port. Say 20 mins absolute maximum if there is traffic clearing the port. About 15 minutes back. You have loads of time. Guessing around 15 to 20 us$ each way. Fare will be negotiable, stress you want a taxi to yourselves ( no waiting for a tour bus to fill up) You have plenty of time. There are a couple of local souvenir stalls at Timothy hill to browse. Ask the driver to come over the "bird rock" route back to town. It will add 5 minutes to your journey time but worth it for the views. Enjoy.
  6. Cockleshell is actually pretty flat. The car park in front of Reggae beach bar is level and the beach is about 30 ft away. No real rough areas between car park and beach. There us a slight slope up. Nothing is paved but should be doable.
  7. There is also a ferry from Port Zante Marina. Fast boat. Apple Syder. Every 2 hours or so. Us$12 each way. https://www.facebook.com/MVAppleSyder/
  8. We have very little issue with our Taxi Drivers. All are licensed and wear ID. All also have a "Tour Guide test" (Although some are better than others at this). Taxi prices are fixed, just ask the price before your journey. Unless there are 4 or more of you then a shared taxi is going to be cheaper than taking your own. If you don't want to get involved at the end of the pier then the taxi station is located 200 yds ahead on your right. If you want to sort it all before arrival then contact this lady: Liz Pereira Tours
  9. The best snorkeling you will find in the Caribbean is around the "coral islands", these are the "flat" islands such as Turks and Cayman. St Kitts is a hilly volcanic island and as such we mainly have fringing reefs which do not extend to the shoreline. There is snorkeling at Friars bay, go to Shipwreck bar, the reef is just in front of the beach. (15 mins drive). Cockleshell beach (Reggae beach bar) ( 25 mins drive) has good snorkeling if you go out from the beach and snorkel in front of the headland to your left. For scuba diving reefs I would give us a score of 8 out of 10 . For Snorkeling reefs it's a 5 out of 10. Hope this helps.
  10. Do you have a local dive shop? Do they have access to a pool? Ask if they can arrange a couple of hours of snorkeling lessons for you. It's all about being confident in the water, some prior experience and practice will make your snorkel tour much more rewarding and "magical". Think of it as part of your vacation.
  11. It's the middle of winter here in St Kitts right now. Only 84f during the day. LOL 😎🤣
  12. Good quality masks are quite an expensive item. $30 just doesn't cut it. Some scuba manufacturers have small adult masks in their range, this is what you need to be looking at. Masks actually have 2 seals for the face, the inner seal can be checked by doing a "sniff test" the outer seal needs someone who knows what they are doing to look at you while wearing a mask. 90% of the time, 90% of people can buy an reasonable quality mask on the internet and it fits, unfortunately you are one of the 10% that can't. Although price is not always an indication it is a good guide, the best mask I own cost me $140. Sadly now I can't wear it as i use a prescription mask. I keep it for loan to students who have "mask problems" The seals on this mask are super soft. You need to visit a good dive shop, most have knowledgable staff who know how to fit a mask properly. Even better if they have a pool you can use. Expect to pay around $80 or so, but with proper care it will last many years. We used to run snorkel tours for cruise ship passengers, many would turn up with "Costco specials", these would leak and the guests would be amazed at the difference when we loaned them a properly fitting good quality scuba mask. Hope this helps you to enjoy your time in the water
  13. Turn left outside the port and follow the main road out of town with the sea to your left. Pass the bus station and keep walking. It will take about 10 minutes and you will see on your left a restaurant called fisherman's wharf with a very small beach at the side of it. There are almost always small pieces of sea glass here. The restaurant will be closed so please do not trespass in the restaurant area. The beach , like all beaches in St Kitts is public and you are entitled to access. Be respectful, don't leave anything behind and have fun hunting for sea glass.
  14. Everything you need is available at both beaches, personally I prefer Friars tends to be less busy, shipwreck is one of about 4 or 5 bars on that beach, Shipwreck is always open. Some of the others can be a bit hit and miss. Carambola beach club is right at the other end of the same beach. https://shipwreckstkitts.com/
  15. We on St Kitts do not move our clocks forward. Right now local time is + 1 hour on EST. Check with your ship. Most ships coming out if mainland USA stay on EST. This causes confusion all the time but most ports of call in the Caribbean DO NOT use daylight savings time.
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