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  1. Capt. Johnny: Now that's what I call "go with the flow!!" Good for you.You know, things happen and you have to move on. Your experiences were above and beyond and you have my utmost admiration! :) :)
  2. They should, and most dp. but in reality it is your responsibility to be at the designated area at the designated time. And it's always good to have a buddy system in place.
  3. Once the ship leaves the pier, it is then solely the responsibility of whoever was late and got left behind to find their way back or home. The ship has no responsibility from that time on. Good advice about taking a cruise line sponsored tour. We were in Jamaica on the Star Princess last year. Anchored in Montego Bay and 9 busloads of Princess passengers left on an excursion to Ocho Rios. Late afternoon the skies opened up and there was torrential rain which totally washed out roads. Long story short, the 9 bus loads plus 2 from Carnival were stuck....some nearly toppled over...and the authorities literally had to build a new road to get the busses moving. Our ship finally pulled anchor at 2:45 a.m. I talked with a young couple who took an independent tour and got caught in the same situation. Luckily, they made it back to the ship the same time the busses did or they would have been left behind. I can't imagine being left behind in Jamaica (NOT my favorite place) at 2 in tshe morning!!!!
  4. OOOOPS. Meant to say "if it was from abroad" not aboard.
  5. Sorry that happened. But keep in mind, the mail from the ship is sent from the first port the pull into. And some island post offices are rather lax...if it was from aboard, it would take even longer if the postage was not that of the country from which it was mailed.
  6. It doesn't appear that way, but the Dolphin balconies are completely exposed except in the bumpout sections. Balconies look like they are the same size.
  7. The smaller balconies only have 2 chairs and a table. Ours on the Aloha deck were small balconies. But looking down on the Caribe towards the stern, the Caribe balconies were large and half covered and had 2 lounge chairs. Hope that's what you get! We just returned from the Caribbean Princess and had a balcony cabin on the Caribe deck. It was very large and we had two lounge chairs, two arm chairs, a foot stool and a table. Doesn't get much better than that!!!
  8. Most of the Caribe balconies are large and partially covered. Check the deck plans and see if yours is or not -- you can tell a little better by the brochure deck plans. If you are in a bump out section, most likely it will be covered. Your cabin is forward so I'm not sure, but most of those I could see from my balcony were half covered.
  9. Wish this list would disappear....it's incorrect. We were on the Island and Princess in cabins A503 and A503 -- both half covered. I understand there are other inaccuracies in this list too. Find info elsewhere to be sure.
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