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  1. Keep looking and asking around on other sites for a good TA. Interview some of the popular ones, like you would for a job. If you have 40+ people cruising- you will make that TA some serious $. They should be prepared to work a bit for it.
  2. It is so disappointing. I get it. The cruise lines need time to get it all figured out. But I am with you, I am tired of waiting...
  3. I gave up on Princess transfers when they charged almost 3 times the cost of a taxi in Copenhagen. I have used Uber to and from San Pedro to LAX- it went off without a hitch- we used Uber XL and even with the additional expense, it was still half the cost- and there was no waiting.
  4. We opted out of a July sailing, just for this reason... I am skeptical about our Jan 2022 cruise- to be honest...
  5. Sounds lovely... I dream of the day when we all cruise again.
  6. Couples massage Time in the Sanctuary Requesting Tea Time be delivered to your room (they may say no, but what the heck... you can always ask!) Chef's Table or Wine Makers dinner Oh... Congratulations!
  7. I will be so happy to be back on board to "restock" my FCDs. I just spent the last two today...
  8. You also sound like the perfect "match" for an accessible cabin. This would provide a "roll in shower" and more space to maneuver. I have not seen photos of the accessible cabins on the Sky, but I would assume everything is zero entry. Good luck in your planning! Keep us posted.
  9. I am not seeing significant pricing increases for international airfares. My flight to Singapore in 2021 is actually 25% cheaper than when I flew there in 2019. Domestic fares have gone up a bit, though. My flight to Newark is about double from 2 years ago (up from $95 rt to $200 rt). Not a deal breaker for me. I am planning travel so far out these days, that I am able to finally use miles in a way that economical.
  10. I have done 20+ on Princess and 2 on HAL. (We won't even mention that one-off on Carnival...). I love both. I like the perks I get on Princess (Elite) compared to HAL (2 Star)... but that could always change. I have enjoyed the food on both cruise lines, but to me, nothing in Specialty dining compares to the Pinnacle Grille. I had an amazing cabin on HAL and a not-so-great cabin on HAL. Most of my cabins of Princess have looked pretty much the same... and I have sailed in most every class. My next cruise is on HAL because the itinerary works. (And I will find a wa
  11. I have been on the Zuiderdam... not my favorite ship. I don't want to get in trouble here, but I sort of felt like Mardi Gras threw up all over the ship. I think I did a "live from" on that sailing... about a million years ago. So by default, I would chose the Konigsdam.
  12. TracieABD

    Hotel Singapore

    I totally agree... I love the hotels in Farrer Park and the AMOY in Chinatown... No "big box"...
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