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  1. I tried this once... The ship was sailing full for the second leg, but they created a waiting list. I did not clear the waiting list. Others have this same idea, I guess... I was on a cruise that was not sailing full- they sent a note to passengers to see if they wanted to stay on. I wish I could have taken them up on that offer. I don't know if they do that anymore.
  2. TracieABD

    The good, bad and the ugly!

    That is just not fun... I wonder if there was a charter group that focused on art aboard for your cruise... Either way- No bueno!
  3. TracieABD

    Diamond Princess-is she looking tired?

    I loved the Diamond... If you have some time, book a stay in the Izumi Onsen. It was a lovely little escape.
  4. TracieABD

    Best MDR Table Size for Solos

    Us Cackilacky Girls have to stick together! I love traveling alone... It is so easy- and a bit indulgent, even a tinge selfish. I typically book in TD in the MDR- This lets the waitstaff get to me a bit.
  5. TracieABD

    Best MDR Table Size for Solos

    I second site blog here on CC in the form of Live Froms... I am getting ready to pull the trigger on an independent blog site... If I can get it figured out.
  6. TracieABD

    All Aboard Time vs. Departure Time

    As I almost always DIY or book privately, I shoot for an hour before departure... just to hedge my bets.
  7. TracieABD

    On board drinks prices revealed

    This is one of those times that I am grateful that I am not a drinker. I typically trade out my mini for Perrier or a coffee card. I bring water/ sparkling water on board with me. (With that said, I want to make it clear- I am not judging... I know that it is a vacation and people spend on what they value. I don't hesitate to book the Sanctuary or the Thermal Suite.)
  8. TracieABD

    Best MDR Table Size for Solos

    You can do it on your Cruise Personalizer. Personally, I request a table for 2, knowing they will not pair anyone with me- which is my preference. I use meals as times to catch up on my blog and reading. As a rule, I am pretty shy/ introverted/ socially awkward in person- I opt not to inflict that on other people!
  9. TracieABD

    Being escorted aboard

    I have been in a suite at least 6 times... I have never had an escort. Like an above post- I was escorted on an NCL cruise.
  10. TracieABD

    Ground transportation to and from port

    Uber and Lyft are so easy to use. I hope you take the plunge and try it! I will say- years ago- when Uber was new- I signed up and just took a "trial run" to see if I liked it... I was sold!
  11. TracieABD

    Crown medallion

    Yes. You can use it to open your cabin door and to make on-board purchases.
  12. TracieABD

    Chairs removed to make more room?

    Thank you... It will be a long 34 days with just a couch and a desk chair... not that I am complaining (well, too much)- the extra comfy chair would be very nice to have.
  13. TracieABD

    Balcony camera??

    And there you have it!
  14. TracieABD

    Bringing back Alcohol on return flight

    They do make special padded bags to use to pack bottles of liquor and wine. Not sure if they are fool-proof, but it might protect your investment.
  15. TracieABD

    Chairs removed to make more room?

    I am not happy about this. Does anyone know if they are taking out the aux chair in a mini on the Coral?