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  1. Did you have refundable tickets with Air Canada?
  2. Hi again @bazzaw, Could you please give me any other info on how you got your Air Canada non-refundable flights refunded. FC are telling me the Air Canada are not refunding any non-refundable tickets 😥
  3. @Blackduck59 mid Feb onwards is best time for NZ, the warmest, most settled weather and kids back to school.
  4. I was to have a month in Alaska August/September this year, including 2 Princess cruises, my bucket list trip for a big birthday. Princess cancelled the cruises a while back so of course the whole trip was canned 😏 Hoping to go in 2022, not sure if I'd chance it next year.
  5. Is there a specific name for this 35 night Cruise? It'd be great if I could get on in Auckland! I've done the Honolulu to Sydney Transpacific and I love the sea days 😁
  6. Which Cruise is the Princess Hawaii/Tahiti one, how many nights? thanks
  7. Is there a particular reason not to have an inside cabin on Sea Princess when you'd be happy with one on Sapphire? Thanks
  8. "Lift and Shift", isn't that Royal Caribbean?
  9. Can I ask what dates were your flights and where you were flying from/to?
  10. Hi Bazzaw, Were your flights with Hawaiian and Air Canada cancelled by the airlines? I'm asking as I have flights booked thru what sounds like the same TA (FC?). with same Airlines, Auckland to Honolulu on Hawaiian and Honolulu to Vancouver on Air Canada in August/September but I've heard nothing from TA. Any advice you can give would be welcome, thank you.
  11. hi coolcruiser 14107, yes I am from NZ. I don't have any insider info as such but considering its not even looking like we'll have travel between NZ and OZ until September it's seems unlikely to me that there will be a full cruising season down here, but you never know, I've got bookings that I don't know if they'll go ahead, it's just a waiting game.
  12. Sorry but I don't think NZ will be allowing overseas visitors (Oz notwithstanding) in January.
  13. Did you find a better price elsewhere, or just call to see if there was a price drop? Thanks
  14. That is ludicrous. Having to put the mask on/off up/down while eating and drinking renders it completely useless!
  15. Jacinda stated (yesterday I think), that it is far too early to be having this sort of conversation, so it's wishful thinking at this stage.
  16. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-13/singapore-stops-cruise-visits-as-imported-virus-cases-mount
  17. I'm in NZ, can anyone help with how to buy the shares from here please?
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