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  1. 8dimsum

    Welcome back Andrew Triplow

    Prayers and blessings that Rafaella can spend time with her mother and family.
  2. 8dimsum

    Welcome back Andrew Triplow

    Welcome Back! --Can't help but think of a song snippet: "..I was born under a wandering star..." Plus Lee Marvin's laconic styling...
  3. 8dimsum

    Are Visitors Allowed Onboard?

    Thanks for the comments. First time for us invite guests aboard. Of course, we will be close by to welcome them aboard or prehaps 'escort' them at security. -- Our calendar is marked 'reminder to all to bring ID that matches that which is on file" for boarding.
  4. 8dimsum

    Are Visitors Allowed Onboard?

    As we get close in ( a month to 2 weeks) prior to our requested date, a follow up check re: boarding time and any other questions to ask. I remember "no visitors" when there was a noro-virus problem and not sure if a Coast Guard inspection impacted visitor privileges.
  5. 8dimsum

    Are Visitors Allowed Onboard?

    This thread reminded me to make a guest request for when we return to San Francisco. Our TA assisted us in forwarding the required info and within a day Crystal processed the request. Affirmative!! Counting the days until we can wine and dine our family.
  6. Very Nice and Well Deserved Recognition.
  7. 8dimsum

    Using Plug In Air Freshner In Bathroom

    Thanks for the ideas. I probably would stuff the small refresher into one of our shoes. (I am able to individually plastic bag my shoes and then stuff into my husband's much larger shoes: a great packing space ). - Overtime I have been concerned about keeping the suitcase contents "clean smelling."
  8. 8dimsum

    How is Mama Lee?

    May the recuperation continue successfully and speedily.
  9. Oh Yes! Priscilla, Queen of the Desert...time for another viewing and a big tub of buttered popcorn + a cool libation.
  10. 8dimsum

    Once you try Crystal, you ever go back to Celebrity?

    It has been a long time since our Celebrity cruises ( the Mercury) and we weren't wowed. Princess has a year-round presence in San Francisco and many of our elderly friends are able to cruise round-trip from this port. We find ourselves cruising either on Crystal for distant ports and locales or with Princess for short get-away cruises with friends without the hassle of flying. Of course the Crystal ambiance and activities are missed but many of our friends would not be willing to pay for Crystal. We, too, feel lucky to have the choices and are able to enjoy our vacations.
  11. 8dimsum


    My experience had been a card in the cabin, then recent cruises "no card" and I would get a preliminary cabin statement at the beginning of a cruise to locate the credit.--I have never seen the credit in my on line statement. My recent cruises also no longer have the voyage "stamp" in a small folder awaiting in the cabin. I try to remember to drop by the CC Hostess' waiting area to pick up the "stamp".
  12. Keith: I found an unread Bloomberg Businesssweek 9/12-18, 2016 issue amongst the magazine pile and I came across a short article with pictures on the NW Passage cruise by Crystal! FYI Sorry for the pause.
  13. Hmm, while on the Symphony, the tea menu no longer offered Mighty Leaf Tea. Joseph Meinl teas and coffee...and teapot/cup&saucers.
  14. 8dimsum

    Happy Retirement Slavko

    How time flies. We first met Slavko on the Harmony and then on many subsequent cruises. When we were last on the Symphony, he seemed to be in his element as the Waterside Manager: comparable to an Orchestra Conductor is a perfect description. Happy Retirement Slavko!
  15. Love, love the food & beverage comments AND pictures, too. I make a small snack to keep the stomach growl under control while reading the Crystal boards.