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  1. We are visiting friends on Vancouver island post cruise (Canada Place). What is the best way and how long will it take to get to the Ferries at Horseshoe bay...on a Saturday... Thank you for any help... :):):)
  2. We love the deck 5 aft with the wrap around. We try to book it most of the time. There is nothing like watching the Panama Canal Locks close from our balcony...you can almost reach out and touch them. plus you can have the best view of the glaciers and wildlife on the shore in Alaska... I also like sitting out at night and watch the beautiful blue wake in the Caribbean ..Because the aft on 5 is covered if it rains you can still enjoy all the sites... Have been upgraded on occasion, but do not like the side suites, even though those rooms are bigger and yes closer to the Neptune... the deck 5 balcony continues to call our name.... I am sad the aft balcony's on the newer ships are smaller so I guess we will continue to sail on the vista class...
  3. We have had the aft corner on deck 5 two times on the Zuiderdam for the partial panama... personally the pictures we took of the locks closing were amazing...oh yes I went to the front and watched as we entered the locks....but the view from the aft is remarkable...the detail and immense work put into building the locks is very apparent....Plus the advantage of that SC on deck 5 is that it is covered..so when it rains (which is surely not uncommon, as one man said...it is a rain forest) you can just stand and watch without getting wet or needing rain wear .... We are balcony lovers (but not sun worshipers) and have had that room on most of the vista class ships and it is the best!!!!! To me it is the best for Panama canal and it was superb for Alaska... db
  4. I had a little black cloud cloud following me on our last cruise my card demagnetized over 30 times sometimes 4 to 5 times a day. Have never had trouble in the past. I was such a frequent visitor of the Neptune that it was almost a "joke".....the minute I would walk in they would reach their hand out...they tried everything....Even though it happened so many times and I put alot of steps on my pedometer...I sure would not have thrown it at anyone... it wasn't anyones fault... but I do know how exasperating it can be when you are tired and you get back to your room and you can't get in... I tried carrying the card almost everywhere...for a while they thought the slot machines might be causing the problem, but then realized it was happening even on port days (no slot machine use)... carried it in my purse, around my neck, in my pocket, in my hand...nothing helped.... I typically chill out on vacation, but it really got frustrating... I will say that the entire cruise had strange things happening to us (definitiely not my favorite cruise)...so I am hoping things are better on the next cruise...
  5. Thanks for the nice review...makes me want to sign up for another cruise on Zuiderdam....I love the staff on the Zuiderdam, Grace and Vincent are quite wonderful in the Neptune... DB777
  6. I had read so much good about Noordam too... and it could have just been that particular cruise... I have always written a glowing review when I have been on HAL, this one was just off....I think with Mr. Deering on board things will be more consistently well done. As for Alaska we are going early August...I have put every kind of notice on our reservation about not Upgrading as we have one of the SCs on deck 5 that is covered...which we had last time in Alaska and is perfect even if it rains... DB777
  7. I agree with Seasick Sailor. I was on the Noordam over Thanksgiving and the dining room situation was less than favorable. We were given a table for two in the middle, where on some of the other ships the string quartet sometime perform. It appeared to be a "major highway" between both sides of the dining room...I can't even tell you how many times someone was going through. Before someone says "well there are alot of people walking by everywhere"... these tables are much closer together than other places I have been in the dining room... they were so close to the next table that almost evertime individuals walked thru they bumped the table...We ended up going to the Lido most nights and having wonderful service and very good food. I had to have my card rekeyed almost twice a day throughout the trip (10 days)...fortunately we had access to the Neptune and so most of the time they were available to rekey so didn't have to wait in lines...obviously they never did figure out the problem (and no I was not carrying it close to any other card with magnetic strips...)... Fortunately, we did not have bad neighbors, in fact as other cruises no noise except a few times when people talked on the way down the hall. We did get "upgraded???" to the humped cabin, it was so windy we could not sit on balcony (which is one of our primary past times on cruises)...We did not care too much for excursions and Martinique was "as warned" by other cruise critics not the friendliest. However, the crew was as nice as they could be...which is why we sail Holland..and the people in the spa (where we spent a lot of time) gave us some of the best treatments we have ever had. Overall the cruise compared to others was a 7...it just wasn't quite as "spot on" as in the past...up to this point we have given all our past HAL cruises a 9 or 10 (we are three star mariners)... but, as usual a cruise is what you make it and we did enjoy ourselves...While on board we booked Alaska next year on Zuiderdam (will be our 4th trip on Zuiderdam). DB777
  8. Our Maggie a 78 pound "mix" stays at the "farm" a great place out in the country...She gets to bark all she wants...runs around a very large play area and she has an indoor outdoor suite... in the summer she gets to swim in the pool (oh my goodness she loves that)... They provide online video access anytime day or night for a fee...but I love to see her sleeping or I check in when she should be eating (very picky!!!! you think she was a cat)... when we used a different kennel she would not eat very well and use to come home having lost weight...however, at the "farm" she comes back no weight loss and happy to see us...does not punish us for being gone... the owners are wonderful and help Maggie feel "loved" DB777
  9. Agree...HAL is really a class act... I will be on Noordam starting the 23rd...are there things we should think about bringing to help at St. Lucia...I will definitely bring extra cash to contribute... DB777
  10. I like everything everyone has said...I also like being able to avoid the line at the front desk...the Neptune Concierges can do everything for you that they can do at the front desk including getting you change before you go ashore, or checking you onboard account... Oh and I don't want to forget about the coffee machine in the Neptune... the options are really quite good... DB777
  11. I heard from him also...and will be there Nov 27...and I agree, they are going to need our dollars as I know people may stay away for a while...having been through post hurricane devastation, you really seek any way to help you get to some sense of normalcy...and for these tour guides this is their living... will we get the same experience, probably not, but we will get a different one that may be very memorable.. DB777
  12. I am really happy about having steel cut...nice oatmeal flavor, but more texture... breakfast is my favorite meal of the day... so I am really excited about new menu... is it on all the ships or just part of the fleet... I am hoping it will be on the Noordam in November.. .DB777
  13. Agree, I have never had anything but nice encounters with the front desk on HAL...However, on my one cruise with RCCL a number of years ago that is another story... I even had somebody yell at me when I asked to see if they had a bandaid...I think I was catching the frustration related to the passenger right before me that had every complaint in the book....I know the desk manager immediately stepped up an apologized and kindly escorted the desk person to the back... DB777
  14. We were on the Zuiderdam two years ago for Thanksgiving...and the turkey was excellent very flavorful, moist and tender...the stuffing/dressing was definitely not made like my mothers...but having live all over the US that is one food that really differs based on part of country and family tradition...hard to get it right for everyone...however, the dinner was very good and quite festive... DB
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