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  1. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post, but here I go:

    We are planning an Alaska cruise on the Amsterdam in July, 2018. I will be using my travel electric wheelchair most of the time, a walker if I feel really good.

    I am looking at Neptune suites, either regular or "accessible". Are there step ups or humps entering the regular suite? I need to drive my wheelchair in easily. Any other problem you can foresee if I don't go with the accessible? Thanks to all of you

  2. I keep reading and getting more confused. Please help me IF you have used the Sanctuary.

    1. Is tipping expected? How do you handle it? How much?

    2. Is there any extra charge if you eat only from the spa foods offered and drink water, lemonade, and iced tea? (I'm assuming some drink is complimentary).

    3. Are smoothies and drinks from the menu charged and paid for the same way bar drinks are?

    Any other charges I'm missing (other than the daily charge; that I get).


    Trying to make planning decisions for this cruise - on a tight budget this time.


    Thanks so much!!

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  3. This year traveling with disability. No balcony, no 7 day, no money.:(

    We're on the Crown for 4 days. We usually love to spend outside quiet time on our balcony reading and watching the ocean; inside quiet time in the library (Holland America), or quiet lounge with chairs that have the ability to put feet up (medical issue), reading and working puzzles watching the ocean.

    Where are the best spots? Never sailed the Crown before - which are her sister ships so we could use info on them also.

    Thanks so much!:)

  4. We've been visited by the upgrade fairy, but not sure if we'll change back or not. Our original cabin was on the Riviera Deck which I assumed had access to the Terrace Pool. Today a Princess rep told me that you can only access the Terrace Pool by stairs from the Lido Deck. Big problem with that - I use a walker and it doesn't do steps well :). Can anyone tell me how you get to that pool, and if there is an accessible way? If not, there's no sense in trying to get nearby. Thanks.

  5. We were on the Z for Christmas week in 6056. At the start of the cruise, everything seemed to be working well. On Thursday, Dec. 26, our "air handling system" and that of our area of the ship, was turned completely off for maintenance. We were forewarned by a small, easily overlooked note in our mailbox,that this would be happening from 8am to 5pm. Unfortunately for us, coming in from Half Moon Cay and wanting to get ready for our early dining was a bit steamy. Once the air came back on all was well. Guess they didn't do a great job of fixing it and we "sweated with the oldies" for not.

  6. We are leaving tomorrow to board the Zuiderdam on Friday. We have a SZ guarantee (which we paid too much for, another story for another time). As of now we don't have a cabin assignment. I know that can happen all the way up to the pier. What happens when I get to the pier without a cabin?? (Usually I seem to remember we just hand bags to a porter). What is the best or the worst that has happened to you? ANY cruise is a good cruise, and ANY cabin a good cabin, but is it still possible for that little fairy to wow us? Your experiences, please!

  7. We're leaving a week from Friday on the Zuiderdam. I've just realized it is really happening and started planning. Yikes! First planning questions... DH wants to do the post cruise excursion that includes an airboat ride in the Everglades. Is this safe (I envision bugs and alligators). If so, what should we wear? Plan on changing clothes for flight home? What to do with valuables? Any advice welcome.


    I'm sure to have more questions as I wait for the upgrade fairy!

  8. We were on the Zuiderdam last Christmas (and will be again this year). My husband wore a suit and I wore dressy pants and a glitzy top and we fit in just fine. I don't think you'd feel very comfortable without a jacket. There will probably be three days you want to dress "formal": formal night (probably Dec. 21), Christmas Eve (formal night), and Christmas Day (will be announced as optional formal night). Have a wonderful time!

  9. My husband and I took this cruise last Christmas and we had such a good time he booked the same cabin, same ship, for this Christmas (and he's not a cruise enthusiast)!


    You can get into as much or little holiday spirit as you choose. Just watch the schedule left in your room. There were holiday cookies at a tree lighting ceremony - very nice. The ship is decorated everywhere - and if you watch carefully, more decorations are added/changed daily. Don't miss the Christmas eve show. Crew members process in and perform in their native language. The captain reads the Christmas story in a most moving way. All in all, it was a fantastic way to have lots of holiday decor and activities without the work for good old Mom.


    Your stops are definitely summer weather. The ship can get cool, so I wore long sleeve tops/sweaters and Christmas attire.


    Enjoy! Maybe we'll meet this year.

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