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  1. I never book excursions in Freeport. I had no plans to do so for this cruise. Just reporting what I saw that related to the topic.
  2. I'm on the 10/6 Pride. I know they have excursions listed for Freeport.
  3. Wow, I've never seen the booking option for getting a bathroom with an ocean view. How cool would that be?
  4. I thought I was rather restrained! It might be an amenity that someone else may be looking for; like a public service announcement.
  5. I'm looking forward to it on my Pride 10/6 cruise. It gives the prostate a tingle while dining!
  6. Destiny, Victory, and Triumph - for the obvious reason.
  7. This is the method I use for excess OBC. 5% but easy to do.
  8. If you stay on the ship at HMC, other than Seaday brunch isn't that the same as a sea day?
  9. Quite a comment. Grandeur is a great ship. It is well kept with a great crew. It accommodates those who want a more traditional cruise experience. It allows for enjoying the sea while sailing rather than a resort/hotel experience. It is a drive to port for many, and Baltimore is the easiest port for embarkation I have ever experienced. I've sailed Quantum class, Freedom class, Mariner class, the first three Oasis class, and Vision class. I've enjoyed them all. But when I want to feel like being in touch with sailing, I look to Grandeur - the ship I sail most. And I am far from alone. Every time I sail her, it's like a reunion with previous cruisers. It is a drive to port for many, and Baltimore is the easiest port for embarkation I have ever experienced. The 12 day Caribbean itineraries are great. Oh, I'm sorry - I forgot I was told not to say it. All ships encounter mechanical problems. Enjoy your Florida cruises; I'm sure there are no problems on those like a hurricane hitting their home ports.
  10. I was on that cruise, also. I was hoping for an additional "free" day ๐Ÿ™‚, but as you know, we got back on time easily.
  11. Changing in mid-stream is common for RCCI and they could care less. Remember when you booked a cruise and it was stated that room service was free - until it wasn't when it came time to cruise? The website still said complementary room service, not just breakfast, well after the change was made. The RCCI site advertised the aerial show in the Centrum as the WOW factor experience on Grandeur though it hadn't been operational for three years. They do it all the time and they do not assume responsibility.
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