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  1. First, to think this is this Governor's motivation is ingenuous. Second, it is about as discriminatory as having to be clothed to go on a cruise. A disability, color of skin, age are not choices and need protection. Getting the vaccination is a choice. Choose not to, maybe one can't cruise. Last time I tried going to Harris Teeter naked, they stopped me from entering. How discriminatory.
  2. Everything I needed to know - and more! Thanks! J R
  3. Folks, It may have been answered in the past; I went back many pages and couldn't find a discussion. I've been off the board for almost a year but back and considering two new bookings. 1. Can a future cruise credit be used for the cost of a deposit? (I called RCI to ask 4 FCC questions. Three were answered with great confidence; this one was an "Uhhhh." 2. Can a future cruise credit be used to pay the entire fare at the time of booking, thus eliminating the need for a deposit? I went through a mock booking until the final step and it said I would get
  4. January 11, 2020. 12 nights on Grandeur. 4 canceled since then. None on the books. Would normally be on the Baltimore 12-night in both January and February.
  5. ". . . so I thought I would just put out there this idea of adding college mixers as young adult programming." The words of Lucy Van Pelt to Charlie Brown came to mind.
  6. Partying on a twelve-day from Baltimore??? I've done about 10. I'm 71 and feel I'm in the younger demographic on those cruises. If by party, one means placing a feather by the nostrils of a body that has not moved all day on a lounger in the Solarium or comfy chair in the Centrum just to be sure, than an RCI sailing from Baltimore is as wild as it gets. And I sincerely miss them badly.
  7. Uh, they can refuel without disembarking passengers. Don't overlook that it will be Great Britain making the final decision about potential docking, not Royal Caribbean.
  8. When a cruise line informs me of a great change they have made to improve my cruising experience, I know it's time to put on the Kevlar underwear to help prevent the screwing. Their "good news" - you are paying for all these great benefits whether you want them or not. Shocked that those who claimed nickel and diming are against it? Maybe because this has nothing to do with the nickel and diming concerns. Thinking that those not caring for this plan are just complainers finding something new to complain about? God knows they should be happy to have to pay for things they don't
  9. Eric Blair/George Orwell seems to be relevant to many aspects of American society these days. "The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it."
  10. Debate? With facts like these to counter: "It seems citizens of the world are expecting governments to punish healthy people and wreck economies so that they can absolve themselves of personal responsibility"? Childish? You actually think you personal and shallow interpretation of the world view is the world view? I actually do want to apologize. I am sorry that I am so old that I fought in the Vietnam War. I'm sorry I lived to reach 71 years of age. I'm sorry that though I take good physical care, 71 takes a toll. I guess all people of Logan's Run-age or above sh
  11. Virus doesn't care about the Great Barrington Declaration or what its signees believe.
  12. Wow! Large blue font and underlined. Virus doesn't care what you believe.
  13. I've had three canceled by RCI. I don't have high hopes for my February Grandeur. That's my last one on the books.
  14. Contracted-857 Passed on-78 Source-the guy at the pool
  15. ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greek authorities say 12 crew members of a Maltese-flagged cruise ship on a Greek island tour with more than 1,500 people on board have tested positive to the coronavirus and have been isolated on board.
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