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  1. Changing in mid-stream is common for RCCI and they could care less. Remember when you booked a cruise and it was stated that room service was free - until it wasn't when it came time to cruise? The website still said complementary room service, not just breakfast, well after the change was made. The RCCI site advertised the aerial show in the Centrum as the WOW factor experience on Grandeur though it hadn't been operational for three years. They do it all the time and they do not assume responsibility.
  2. Jamie! A real sweetie on her first week of her first assignment.
  3. Three Pride cruises (4th coming up soon!). Noticeable aft vibration each time. I think of it as free "Magic Fingers" bedding.
  4. I had posted this on a thread in the past, but it applies here, also. My first few cruises on Grandeur out of Baltimore, Paul Rutter was the cruise director. I like his style - involved but laid back. Considering average age on Grandeur 12-days, he ran a good Quest. I went twice. The second time, he was on the South Pacific lounge stage as the crowd was arriving. Just before starting the event for everyone to see and hear, he called out a gentleman who came with a stuffed shopping bag. His words were, "Care to show us what's in your bag?" The guy squirmed and was not pleased. Paul pushed it in a very calm, friendly-like voice; "I really think you should show us what is in the bag." You could see the anger building in the passenger. Paul still wouldn't let it go. "You wouldn't have happened to bring items to give you an advantage in the game" (or words very similar to that). Again he asked, "Are you going to show us?" The lounge was standing room only for the event, and everyone was focused on this. The man said, "No." I can't recall what was said next, but the guy left. Paul had my admiration for that.
  5. The sea was angry that day, my friend, like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli. Fish - mamal - whatever. What, is it a Titleist? Affirmative nod. A hole in one!
  6. I've gone to the Solarium Bistro on my three Anthem cruises. Available seating and decent and varied choices.
  7. In August, 2008, we booked a 7 day, Alaska inside passage cruise on Golden Princess. We got a mini-suite with large balcony for under $1,099 per person. A steal. It wasn't only the cruise industry that was hit by the downturn. We flew from BWI to Seattle (Jet Blue non-stop there; Delta one-stop return) for $188 round trip per person, tax, tag, and freight.
  8. Walking around Key West while in port on Freedom. Heading down Elizabeth St. to get my frozen Key Lime pie on a stick at Kermit's and lo and behold! Guy Fieri doing a Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives at Garbo's food truck.
  9. For the first time, my wife and I used the D+ / 2 for 1 in Chops on our Grandeur cruise. But my next cruise is as a solo on Anthem. Are there any accommodations that allow for a solo using the benefit? Thanks in advance.
  10. On the Pride. David! Before he was censored by a leaf. Michelangelo turned in his grave.
  11. Pictures of the enormous rear corner ocean view cabin on Freedom. (Is that still its name???)
  12. The giant Red Frog beer tube as a prize for trivia on the Pride. Almost as good as a Ship-on-a-Stick.
  13. Port stop in St. Thomas. Water Island beach. Unfortunately, she was not an excursion choice.
  14. Wow, you have an excellent cabin! You should be excited for your cruise. Enjoy.
  15. The club ends at the rear elevators. The aft balconies go back from the far end of the elevators and are not directly over the club. Each cabin further back, less and less of a chance. It's possible no aft balconies hear anything. Are you on the same side as the club, port/left? Enjoy the balcony and cruise.
  16. You may be getting responses from people who booked mid-ship forward on deck 1. If you are on the port side by the dance club, you've got a problem. The club is on decks 1 and 2. We booked a french door cabin on deck 4 about 40 feet forward of being over the dance club. We thought we were safe. The room vibrated with bass until two plus in the morning. I could feel the vibrations in my pillow and mattress. You could feel the vibrations walking in the passageway - on deck 4! I tend to walk the promenade deck in the evening before bed. It is on deck three. I could hear the music and feel the vibrations in my feet through the teak flooring. This was our experience.
  17. Word is that in a cost cutting measure similar to what's happening to headliners, the new movie will be shown instead.
  18. Because of the unpredictability of the weather there, the range is wide. Sailing out of Seattle on Golden Princess, we had a relatively calm sail. Returning, we hit consistent 17 foot waves for about 12 to 14 hours. I don't get seasick, so I was out and about. It seemed like an 85% drop in people out there with me. You will not know in advance.
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