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  1. I can only speak from the experiences I have had.

    The only departure ports I have boarded with soda are Baltimore and Cape Liberty (drive-to's).

    This accounts for 18 sailings up to the last February cruising was available.

    I have brought two 12 ounce 12 packs of cans every time, whether cruising solo or with my wife. It was always allowed.

    Once I attempted to put the twelve packs in a checked bag for Anthem. It was sent to the holding room for inspection. When I went to retrieve it, the workers there wondered why soda was sent to them. It was returned to me with a lesson learned.

    Maybe the most significant experience is when docked in San Juan, which was for probably 14 of the cruises. As my favorite cruise director, Tanya, once told me, the most common shore excursion in San Juan was to CVS and Walgreens right by the ship. Everyone brought back soda and water from there, lines of people at the security check coming back aboard. No soda ever taken away. However, I never saw anyone try to take more than the normal amount allowed at departure.

    One last recollection, I have brought soda back from the store near the pier in Halifax several times while on Grandeur. No problem - except for the per can or bottle recycling charge! Quite high.

    I'm not questioning the validity of the Royal statement, just sharing my experiences with it.

  2. 6 hours ago, Heymarco said:


    Then why is Royal doing test cruises all? They are not required for the 95%/98% vaccination rates. 

    Because at this point, the medical safety outcomes hoped for are conjecture, a guess. A Beta test of the protocols will give them insight into what to expect and how to tweak protocols. It is far better preparation than "keeping fingers crossed."

  3. 4 hours ago, Jimbo said:

    You can book the dinner reservation at home prior to the cruise you know? You just give them the coupon on the day you dine there and they then give you credit onto your account.

    This way you get the exact day and time you want.

    Thanks; now I won't have to rush in the bathroom!

  4. First men's room I pass. Hey, it's been either a 2 hour, 15 minute drive to Baltimore or a 4 hour to Bayonne. Priorities.

    Then, if Anthem I head to the Solarium Bistro. Usually not crowded. If Baltimore, I always arrive "late," around 1:00 pm. Short check-in lines and the Windjammer starts to clear when cabins open at 1:00 pm.


    Sometimes the second stop is a specialty restaurant to book the 2 for 1 D+ reservation for night two.

  5. On 5/15/2021 at 9:19 PM, lenquixote66 said:

    How about Lenny’s Deli at the Inner Harbor ?



    On 5/15/2021 at 9:19 PM, lenquixote66 said:

    How about Lenny’s Deli at the Inner Harbor ?

    Alas, I believe it is now closed - permanently.

  6. 12 hours ago, Iamcruzin said:

    This is a perfect example of the discrimination that the law is trying to prevent.

    First,  to think this is this Governor's motivation is ingenuous. 

    Second, it is about as discriminatory as having to be clothed to go on a cruise. A disability, color of skin, age are not choices and need protection. Getting the vaccination is a choice. Choose not to, maybe one can't cruise.


    Last time I tried going to Harris Teeter naked, they stopped me from entering. How discriminatory.

  7. Folks, 

    It may have been answered in the past; I went back many pages and couldn't find a discussion. I've been off the board for almost a year but back and considering two new bookings.


    1. Can a future cruise credit be used for the cost of a deposit? (I called RCI to ask 4 FCC questions. Three were answered with great confidence; this one was an "Uhhhh."


    2. Can a future cruise credit be used to pay the entire fare at the time of booking, thus eliminating the need for a deposit?


    I went through a mock booking until the final step and it said I would get the final information about FCC use after making the booking. And the "pay $250 from your credit card" button was still there.


    Help greatly appreciated. Fifteen months since my last cruise; I am ready and anxious to start again.


    Thanks in advance.

  8. 16 hours ago, ReneeFLL said:

    Restricted from what? Curfew, going around the ship? Sorry not sure what you are asking, but they probably won't be. There might be a curfew, but I don't know what the age cut off is.


    ". . . so I thought I would just put out there this idea of adding college mixers as young adult programming."


    The words of Lucy Van Pelt to Charlie Brown came to mind. 

  9. 22 hours ago, retiredgram said:

    Cruised out of Baltimore several times on the Enchantment. Everything Tony O mentioned above is true. We did not think it was a party ship at all.  The clientele is older not much partying going on. We still enjoyed the ship, but must admit, prefer the Grandeur, but we will adjust also.

    The RC ships in Baltimore have a loyal following. For us, the port not even  30 minutes away. 

    Partying on a twelve-day from Baltimore??? I've done about 10. I'm 71 and feel I'm in the younger demographic on those cruises. If by party, one means placing a feather by the nostrils of a body that has not moved all day on a lounger in the Solarium or comfy chair in the Centrum just to be sure, than an RCI sailing from Baltimore is as wild as it gets. And I sincerely miss them badly.

  10. 19 minutes ago, ace2542 said:

    Horse poop! Are they going to turn for example the Anthem of the Seas around on it's TA crossing off the coast of Ireland one day from Southampton and sail it back to Bayonne NJ with insufficient fuel to reach New Jersey and have it stranded in the middle of the ocean? I don't think so.

    Uh, they can refuel without disembarking passengers. Don't overlook that it will be Great Britain making the final decision about potential docking, not Royal Caribbean.


    When a cruise line informs me of a great change they have made to improve my cruising experience, I know it's time to put on the Kevlar underwear to help prevent the screwing. 

    Their "good news" - you are paying for all these great benefits whether you want them or not.

    Shocked that those who claimed nickel and diming are against it? Maybe because this has nothing to do with the nickel and diming concerns.

    Thinking that those not caring for this plan are just complainers finding something new to complain about? God knows they should be happy to have to pay for things they don't want. They should be pleased to be subsidizing the fares of others.

    Call this what it is. There is all that 125% future cruise credit out there. What better way to get it back and then some without the consumer having a choice.


  12. On 10/20/2020 at 12:57 PM, TheMastodon said:


    Yeah those various epidemiologists have said a lot of things that didn't pan out either.   We will just keep consuming what they say though. 


    2.7% is based on confirmed positive cases.  If we were able to count all the asymptomatic people walking around with Covid19 (CDC estimates 10x)  it would be even lower right?  Or am I just loosing my mind







    No, you are losing your mind.

  13. 2 hours ago, compman9 said:


    I am happy to debate politely here with anyone, but come on, that's just childish

     Debate? With facts like these to counter: 

    "It seems citizens of the world are expecting governments to punish healthy people and wreck economies so that they can absolve themselves of personal responsibility"?


    Childish? You actually think you personal and shallow interpretation of the world view is the world view?


    I actually do want to apologize. I am sorry that I am so old that I fought in the Vietnam War. I'm sorry I lived to reach 71 years of age. I'm sorry that though I take good physical care, 71 takes a toll. I guess all people of Logan's Run-age or above should just throw in the towel for your perceived view. 


    "Punish healthy people."  "Wreck economies" Yep, I'm sure that's the thought prevalent in the world today.

    Who writes your material?


    Excuse me; I have to contact Dr. Kevorkian now.



  14. 7 hours ago, compman9 said:


    Remarkable lack of personal responsibility being shown on this thread


    If you know you are obese, but want to live - Take the right precautions - This is a killer virus for those people


    It seems citizens of the world are expecting governments to punish healthy people and wreck economies so that they can absolve themselves of personal responsibility


    The world has gone completely mad

    It seems that you are living proof of that statement.

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