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  1. Curious as to what that should tell people. The news I read mentions all three.
  2. I'm relieved to see the actual topic and posts. From the lead in (Brilliance 8032 let’s get back to cruising!!!), I thought that was the predicted year of the cruise taking place! 🙂 Hopefully, things will resume sooner than that!
  3. "You’re trying to make this political. I’m not going to respond, hopefully the thread doesn’t get shut down. All I ask is consider the source and their agenda. " ??? Every shortcoming I listed is true; it happened; it exists. If the cause of these failures was political, I can't change that. The sources??? The sources are what is happening in America every day. It does not matter the source. They exist. Which one on the list is not true?
  4. Rondolat believes the light bulbs are a preventive measure that may be useful in all types of public places. The notice from Signify follows research from Columbia University, where researchers found low doses of far-UVC light "inactivated 99.9% of aerosolized alpha coronavirus 229E and beta coronavirus OC43."7 These scientists found that viral inactivation took approximately 25 minutes. They believe that by doubling the intensity, they may be able to cut the disinfection time in half and still maintain safety. Yeah, I think I saw this ad on TV. I can't remember if it was Bul
  5. Nope. The key to the answer is the incredible activities manager (at that time) I'm trying to steal.
  6. I agree. But we would be WAY ahead of the game in progress if there hadn't been a five week hoax, making masks a political issue to fly one's colors, using the "personal freedom - it's in the Constitution" defense (as if we don't have laws to moderate a civilized society), "it's all about me," demonizing researchers and experts trying to deal with a novel virus, the absence of any sensible leadership, repeated suggestions of cures that range from comical to dangerous, making it a state by state effort to deflect responsibility causing inconsistency while successful nations have had a unified p
  7. Great montage! Shatner, Candy, Fox - so many great choices. Hundreds of Canadian greats. Just a few to add. The entire casts of SCTV and Kids in the Hall and. . . finishing with my favorite from Fort Macleod, Alberta - Roberta Joan Anderson
  8. Thanks. But he has accidentally answered correctly for a different picture!
  9. Florida Palms - Which picture were you answering with Bolero's on Enchantment?
  10. And here is the exactly correct response. Thank you. We have seen what the "I need to go back to the bars mentality" has done. But I guess not everyone has paid attention.
  11. I flew my Maple Leaf in front of my house in Delaware. Three years ago, we were on the Summit "Independence Day" cruise. Overnight in Halifax for Canada Day. Great spirit in the city; it was the 150th. We were lucky enough to see the Royal Tattoo at the ScotiaBank Center, followed by some congenial beers at the Halifax Ale House down the street. Fabulous. Then overnight in Boston for the Fourth. A great cruise and a great celebration in Canada.
  12. A compliance measure that NO ONE rEally cares about? If you care, cruising isn't for you? Vox populi. Got your travel plans for tomorrow's Independence Day COVID19 rally at Mt. Rushmore. Compliance measures; no one cares. Tell that to the Arizona and Texas hospitals out of beds and supplies. Check all the boxes and set sail? You might notice that many other countries are restricting Americans from entering - with good reason.
  13. Number 5? Just who is that disco inferno and put it together with "Number 5."
  14. What are you, 12? If the CDC hates that the cruise industry is not under their control, as you say, why are you concerned that the evil CDC is controlling them???? You know, it may just be me, but I haven't been reading about the cruise lines moaning about the CDC. They understand the magnitude of their problem and their problem isn't the CDC; the problem is a virus like no other as far as how its spread can be disguised. " There have been posts about "letting the consumers decide." As if. Those consumer decision makers have no responsibility if things go south. More cruis
  15. At least one "analyst"? Overwhelming evidence. A bias by the government? And, no, it is not the same as planes and hotels. Captive audience in tight quarters with extremely limited medical facilities. To think they are being "unfairly treated" is sophomoric and ingenuous.
  16. Why are you even asking? Are you looking for approval? You do it or you don't.
  17. It just might be a "Spanish Pipedream." Sorry, but I couldn't resist. So, plant a little garden; eat a lot of peaches.
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