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  1. My Vietnam cruise was on the hospital ship USS Repose during 1969-1970. Food wasn't bad, but the amenities and nightlife were atrocious.
  2. Forgive you? For what - a perfectly legitimate and completely understandable question. I have sailed Oasis, Harmony, and Allure. There were no reserved seats by the pools for any class of suite. The only reserved spot is the private sundeck that has been mentioned. Enjoy your cruise!
  3. Tip when served. We give a dollar or two per order for the two of us. If we have stayed awhile and were well taken care of by a particular server, we will give a five beyond the other tips. There is no way to track down all who have served you at the end of the week. You might be served by two or three different people in the same evening.
  4. Live with it or don't cruise? Oh, the little flamingoes must be so proud of Papa's wisdom. The fine print seems to say RCCL is breaking the contract. "That's 'cause it ain't hard To get along with somebody else's troubles, And they don't make you lose any sleep at night. Just as long as fate is there bustin' somebody else's bubbles, Everything's gonna be all right." Steve Goodman
  5. Just in case, if your OBC is refundable, then it's cash back if you don't use it. If it is non-refundable, you can "money launder" it through the casino for 5% and get $285 back. The refund on the cabin is not compensation; it is the difference in price of the two guarantees. Go Shen Stallions.
  6. The individual in question was an infant 6 to 8 months old. I'm not sure how the wellness and health of an 18-pound infant applies to the level of danger body temperature rise in 105 degree water.
  7. I would like to add a semi-professional opinion. After retiring from teaching, I went back to work in an aquatic center for mostly handicapped children. I did it full time for 7 years. Health advisory instruction was a requisite. Sometimes the pool heater would not turn off and the temperature would approach 104 degrees - hot tub temperature. We would have the kids out by 98 because of temperature stress. As mentioned by 75, core temperature is the problem for pregnant women, so it is very dependent on the hot tub temperature and time spent. If a newborn's temperature reaches 104, you'd be at the hospital with the child. There's no thermometer in the womb to indicate what your core would be approaching. I've been in many Carnival tubs that ranged from 96 to 98 and wouldn't be a problem. My guess at the Solarium tubs on Grandeur is 102-103. I was staying at a hotel in the Boston area over the winter. I was in their indoor pool, and a young couple came down to use the hot tub with their 6-8 month-old infant. I had been in the hot tub briefly; it was quite warm - 104 or 105. After seven years in pools and tubs just about daily, I don't need a thermometer to know temperature any longer. They had the infant up to her neck in the hot water. I went to the desk and told the night manager about the situation. She understood but said that normally this was a rental decision. I told her that there was a chance that in ten minutes, she would be calling 911. If my pregnant wife (42-years ago) wanted to go into a 98 degree tub for a while, I wouldn't be concerned. Full temperature? I'd hope that she sit on the edge or steps.
  8. On my February Anthem cruise, I was surrounded with full size scooters always parked in the passageway when not in use. SIX were parked within 40 feet overnight. It looked like the start of the Mobility 500. No enforcement at all.
  9. Is it a #3 if you do a #1 and #2 in the same sitting? "Mookie stinks!"
  10. Did Charlie Chan have a hidden message in having Number One son and Number 2 son?
  11. You are all missing the point. It is impossible to do a "courtesy flush" while sitting on a nuclear vacuum commode! My naughty bits could end up in the Atlantic.
  12. I cruised one week after turning Diamond. The points were not in my account. My card was not listed as Diamond. I went to the C & A ambassador on Grandeur. At that time it was the Ambassador formerly known as Prince. He said it would not be possible to change. I strongly suggested that he definitely could and should. He resisted. I had him pull up my status and add my previous points to the 14 earned one week before. I asked if the total was over 170 (rhetorical) and had him acknowledge that I had indeed completed the qualifying cruise. I think I wore him out. I got a new card.
  13. I had $375 in non-refundable OBC. After allowing for gratuities, I still had a little over $200. I went to the casino desk, told them to take it from my OBC, and was given two $100 vouchers. I played a dollar on each one for the hell of it. Cashed them in the next day and was given $198 in cash, no questions asked. The 5% was paid up front.
  14. We booked an Allure neighborhood about two years ago. The price was great; we got a good location, and it was nice to have the free soda package and meal at Johnny Rockets. For us, it wasn't a "which is better" compared to a normal balcony. It was something different and we enjoyed it. We enjoyed sitting out with things to watch and still see the ocean off the aft. There was some minor sound from the late aqua show or a night movie, but we didn't find it an intrusion. We found it to be fun. I/we get balconies when we cruise Anthem, and this satisfies the tranquility desire. Too expensive on Grandeur. But I enjoyed the bustle of the neighborhood balconies and would book it again. The one downside, it is a really long walk to the front of the ship. Bothers my wife mostly.
  15. I have spoken to a manager of one ship's pool staff and performers on the ship (Grandeur and Anthem). They do use the specialty restaurants, especially for celebrations. They get a discount, but I don't know how much.
  16. There's no type of snob more obnoxious than a beer snob. The taste police telling others their preferences are inferior. "I'd rather drink water." Well, goodie for you. Will it be craft water, like naive spelled backwards? You know, there just may be people out there who don't prefer the taste of craft beers. I know, how can they even live a harmonious life. Dilly, Dilly.
  17. Clark Griswold's son or the flatulating horse on Seinfeld?
  18. I use the public bus system to get to beaches in Antigua. Driving in Antigua is not for the faint of heart. Bad roads, driving on the opposite side, daredevil passing, cars parked in the road on one lane roads (everywhere). Not a joy ride.
  19. All is calm; all is bright.
  20. On my January and February Anthem cruises, Solarium pool until 10:00 pm except the first night. Outdoor pool 9:00 weather permitting. I tend to grab a seat by Izumi and wait. It is a very short walk on the same level to the gangway from there. Many people sit in the Jamie's/Vintages area. A bit longer than Izumi but closer than 270. It is an easy walk from Izumi also. I can speak to the indoor pool bar only. If no one is there, they start to clean up at about 8:45 pm. If people are at the bar, they have been open at 9:45 pm when I've left the area. I don't know about after that. I'm assuming they close.
  21. In February I booked it at Guest Services.
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