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  1. No message on the first cancelation. Just the credit card record. Second one canceled yesterday; got an email for that. Not expecting an email when it is refunded.
  2. Got my email notice today with the cancelation of our October 1 Grandeur Canada/NE cruise. It contained all the information for options. I'm going for a refund; I still have a November and February on the books. I am hoping to get refunds on them all. The itineraries are ones I really enjoy, but I don't see a predictable stability for a great deal longer in time. Yesterday, I woke up thinking about getting breakfast in Windjammer and then taking the $5.00 shuttle bus to Harbour Lights in Barbados. The reality was painful when the bus wasn't available!
  3. I received their update as it related to the October 1 Grandeur Canada/NE (I'd give odds you are booked on that one, also!). What I don't see yet is any official cancelation. My concerns is the possibility of being restructured to a Boston/Bermuda or Bermuda/Bahamas and using the "itinerary is subject to change" approach. I'll/We'll see on June 2.
  4. And your article is the one YOU have chosen. The one I read today, from the Mayo clinic (I think they still count as science), recommends their use to help curb spread to others. By the way, just how many hands high is that horse you ride?
  5. Will the phony service dogs on ships be required to wear masks?
  6. I've been following your conspiracy theory logic and enough is enough. So, hospitals may be reporting some deaths they are not certain is COVID 19 and getting more funding. They are terribly underfunded for their efforts and rather than help, our federal government actually hinders them and withholds needed support. Money has to be sent to suffering corporations like Apple and our president's son's private school.There are large amounts of people who had the virus in December and January and some died. Antibody tests have found it goes back further than first thought. My brother, his wife, and
  7. My thoughts for me and family. Truly safe? Not for a full year after a successful vaccine is available. So two years or longer. The virus would have to be under complete control in the ports of call for a cruise and that is going to take time. If there are inoculation deniers on a ship and they contract the virus, the entire vessel could be quarantined for an extended period. I would fear returning home without symptoms yet infected and passing the virus on to family and granddaughters. I enjoy cruising and have taken 38 since 2008. I have three more that I booked bef
  8. It may be sarcasm, since there are no cruises now.
  9. I have sailed in 6662 on the other side on Anthem; I look for the larger balconies. It is quite blocked, but I was ready for that. I could still see the ocean through openings. What I was not ready for, and would keep me from booking deck 6 obstructeds again, was the bright lighting illuminating the lifeboats. For me, it ruined sitting out at night.
  10. Sounds like the beginning of a New York City comedian's punchline. Just needs the conclusion: "Right here!"
  11. I didn't cancel my 5/21 Adventure; I just let things take their course believing it would never go. I filed the online claim for no more that 2 1/2 weeks ago. Every penny of the payment was refunded to my credit card today. The charge for Voom Internet was returned days ago.
  12. I'm not expecting to sail the 10/1 on Grandeur to NE (one of my favorites). But if cruising is allowed by then but those ports are closed, don't be surprised if your itinerary gets changed to a Boston - Bermuda or some other option. I think the cruise contract says they can. Others will know for sure.
  13. November. And the construction workers still operating on the island do not live there. RCI workers on the island were not all hired at the same time; there is coming and going all the time. Goods are delivered, which implies contact with the outside. Complete isolation is not feasible. And I had a great time while there. I just love emojis.
  14. Exactly the point. When there is an outbreak of Norovirus on a ship, it first must be brought on, before symptoms appear, from those boarding the cruise. The same is possible of crew and performers. And workers on Coco Cay do not live on the island. And Norovirus only makes you wish you were dead and usually resolves itself in about 36-48 hours. I have hope; I miss cruising badly. I'm good for 4 or 5 a year in recent years. I just had a 4/21 canceled and have 3 more booked from before the outbreak. But I think in America the resilience of this virus is being dangerously, sometimes i
  15. I was skeptical of the changes made on the island, but they've done a very good job. I was there with Grandeur and Anthem in port. I spent most of the day at a lagoon swimming area. Nicely arranged and chairs with umbrellas were easily found. I could see many openings at the beach on the ocean, also. Interesting walking around to look at the different areas. As previously mentioned, the food was way better than Labadee or even the Carnival privates like Half Moon Cay. Many choices and shorter lines. It was a great day; I felt no need to pay for any extras.
  16. I thought I had been given the answer. So, I injected bleach into my bloodstream with confidence I would be immune. All it did is make me nauseous and turn my, uh, excreta white!
  17. I've been on Anthem several times. I try first for deck 7 so I can take stairs to activities on 4 and 5. I usually try for 7262 - larger angled balcony and non-adjoining. A bit rear of center, but that's the area of the ship I use most. That cabin location is on the decks above 7, also.
  18. When you get to the reports that say "Las Vegas came up with a highly-effective, fool-proof, proven plan," this is all empty conjecture.
  19. Very impressive sounding, but completely devoid of relevance. - many have no symptoms or fever though they carry the virus; it is not a reliable screening tool - what YOU do to clean your room has NO impact on what is happening in other areas - what YOU learned about washing your hands does not impact what others do - there was not as much concern over other flu strains partially because they were better understood; new aspects about this virus are discovered daily - doctor's note? like the one people get for their fraudulent handicapped hanger or excuse an absence fro
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