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  1. Back from the not-so high seas. Charleston was not a stop. I wandered alone down to the transportation area at the Miami port. I'd say 75% of the passengers heading to South Beach or Bayside were taking Uber or Lyft. There is a cab line. Three people sharing would make it reasonable to South Beach - $22 to $25 one way. Being solo, I approached someone with a sign for a shuttle to SB for $10.00. That seemed reasonable. I asked when it would leave. She called out to a rep down a bit further to see if he was going there. He tries to sell me a trip to Bayside, the touristy area at the end of the bridge. I was now starting to feel like I was at the cab stand in St. Lucia. I go back to the woman and say it is customary to actually have a van going to the location they are selling. They took care of it immediately; they stopped holding the signs. Something shady was going on with some hustler assembling rides using cabs, vans, rickshaws - anything that moved. He set up four to SB in a yellow cab for $7.00 per person. They would have done a bit better at the cab stand. Then he set up a group that needed to bring a mobility scooter. Looked like about five people together. He tells them he can arrange it and gets on his phone. A van with a luggage trailer pulls up (like the hotel shuttles) and they pick up the scooter and put it in the luggage trailer. God knows how they were going to get back. I saw a couple ask some sort of attendant in the area about walking over the bridge to Bayside. From where I had been standing, I could see people walking across the bridge! I decided that watching all this was entertainment enough; I went back to the ship. I'll watch an old episode of Miami Vice to see South Beach. You'll have my beach report for the 12-day around December 14. Have a good sail.
  2. I was at Coco Cay Wednesday, 11/7. Lots of signs touting the "Perfect Day" coming May 2019. I don't see that pier being ready January or February or March or ???. While taking the tender, we counted five workers on the pier and barges. And two were just staring at the horizon. I don't see how the new attractions on the island have any chance of being ready by May, either. They are selling people an expected experience that I feel won't exist by the advertised time.
  3. Well, my friend, we meet again. I came to the Florida board to find the best way to South Beach from the port, also. We will be there Sunday. Crazy prices; it's less than six miles. When will you be there?
  4. Even certified service dogs are not allowed in chairs or in laps. On a leash on the floor or carried while walking. I made a suggestion once before and got negative feedback. I'll make it again. The ONLY way to stop this entitled charade is to make the reaction to it more of a problem than declining passage to an owner. Stand up in dining and LOUDLY protest. Refuse to be seated anywhere within eyesight of a pet. Get others and flood customer service with the same com[plaint. Schedule an appointment with the hotel director and write down the response for future reference. Remember, the ship may not be able to ask for certification, but passengers can. And there are those, and rightfully so, who feel it would embarrassing to an an actual service dog owner. Don't worry, they are easy to recognize. Not in strollers, not dressed up, not defecating in public places, not barking, not seen alone with different adults, and not being available to be pet. Protest. Be more of a pain to RCCI than they are.
  5. I like Paul's laid-back style. I miss him on Grandeur.
  6. Snacks on a Plane??? Wasn't that a Samuel L. Jackson movie?
  7. On a Canada/NE cruise on Grandeur less than two years ago, when we arrived in Boston (our first stop) we found out about a death in my wife's family in the Albany area. We spoke to guest services and they approved her departure in Boston so she could drive to Albany. They charged the $300 fine and explained it was a government fee, not theirs. But there was absolutely no problem about leaving the cruise early, otherwise. We contacted RCCL customer relations10 days later to check to see if there were waivers for emergencies. They explained that a waiver is given when a ship is diverted by weather or mechanical problems but not for individuals. I thanked them, and we later received a $300 OBC for our next cruise - unsolicited. I thought that was above and beyond.
  8. And I've been hanging a giant watermelon magnet. No wonder it has been so quiet.
  9. Any discussion of dining BOGO is really confusing the OP's question.
  10. 3005 shares many of its walls with other rooms. 3009 backs to a steward closet. Noisy at times. I had 3013 once - not again. 3059 adjoining with a 4 bunk room to be avoided. 3055 - I've been in it before. It had more storage space and counter space in the bathroom than when I was in 3013. Barely enough space for one person in the lower 300 interiors. It is identical to cabin 3053 which is always my first choice. The room seemed a touch less cramped than the forward 3's. I would always prefer 3053 and 3055 for interior cabins.
  11. Nachos with a cheese sauce that seems to be white and cheese-tasteless. But you can get chili and salsa. There's pizza, hot dogs, sandwiches, cookies, some pastries. Sometimes there are salads. I've been on Grandeur seven times including last December and January. I have never seen hamburgers at the Park Cafe in the evening.
  12. The OV's between elevator are a good location. Not all interiors are the same. When we book, we try to get 351, 353, or 355. They have a better bathroom set up than the forward deck 3 interiors. Where is the general location of you current interior?
  13. And if you have one of those cabins, it will sound and feel like you are hitting whales during the night. Personal experience. Oh, and dropping anchor early in the morning is a treat, also. I do like the deck three OV's a little further back. We have one for Nov.1.
  14. First, thanks for asking the question. As I checked, I found unbelievably good balcony rates on Anthem to NE/Canada. I'm going to book. My thoughts. Airfare from Canada to US tends to be extremely high for the distance. Two-stop flights are brutal and make for an exhausting day. Boarding is fairly easy for all passengers out of Bayonne. If you can do the slightly less space of a balcony cabin, rates start at about $1,100 pp for unobstructed cabins. I don't know your numbers, but I would think that the sailing Adventure total costs would far exceed Anthem. As said before, Anthem is a cold-weather ship. Large indoor pool and a great adult-only Solarium. Also, I'm fairly sure it's 10 days on Adventure and 9 on Anthem. Enjoy either.
  15. We don't see the tour prices as worth it. So, three Canada cruises back, we started renting a car for a day in Halifax and Saint John. Prices are great and credit card and my State Farm insurance cover the waiver. In Halifax, National, Thrifty, and Dollar are a reasonable walk from the pier. I go get the car and come back to pick up my wife. In Saint John, Avis/Budget is about 100 yards down from where the ship docks on Water Street. Twice I've driven to the sea caves and Fundy Parkway. Check operating dates. So far, by booking in advance (refundable rates), my two Halifax rentals have been under $50.00 US, and Saint John under $40 US. Can't beat that for a tour you can design yourself. Bring your own Garmin if it has Canada maps. I rented a car in advance for Saint John for July 1, 2017. It was Canada Day, their 150th! They were sold out, but I had booked three months before. Economy car but $42 US, tax, tag, and freight. Just a suggestion.
  16. I've been to several. They are announced in the Compass and on the morning show, usually the last night at 9:30. It is organized by the Cruise Director and staff. Every veteran who wishes to participate - virtually all veterans onboard - gather on the Centrum level 3 steps and step front (large numbers) when called up by the cruise director. I've attended three times with Paul Rutter, twice with Bobby Boughton, once with Bob Leininger, and once with a useless fill in when the CD had an emergency (Darryl tore him apart on the morning show every day, and he deserved it!). It is nicely done and draws a big crowd filling several levels of the Centrum. All the times I've sailed, I've heard nothing about a buffet. If I had to guess, it might be Diamond Lounge type snacks and soft drinks served at the Veterans meet and greet (also in the Compass, usually early in the cruise). No one cheered when I came home in 1970 but they certainly cheer at this event. Definitely go and enjoy.
  17. It seems to be a Grandeur tradition. I've never noticed a greeting buffet, but the evening ceremony as described has taken place on all seven of my Grandeur cruises out of Baltimore, under four different cruise directors. Always the last night except when it was celebrated on Pearl Harbor Day last year. I feel young as a Vietnam veteran; there has always been at least one WWII veteran in attendance. Just incredible.
  18. Not really. He didn't say you were stupid. You've been on this board for 11 years and don't know the reaction to this often asked question (though this is much earlier than I have ever seen asked). You decide, if you haven't already. Not a person on this board can assure you it will work. And playing devil's advocate to your own question (but it gets in at 5:30)??? Book it. as a matter of fact, see if there is one even earlier. Shouldn't be a problem. I've made it for a 6:15 am flight.
  19. To those who took exception to this response . . . It wasn't a recommendation; it was information to consider.
  20. If I remember correctly (tough to do these days!), it will be listed as a daily charge on your account of which you will have a printout.
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