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  1. Thanks for starting this thread! Really hoping we get to do our B2B on Symphony this September. Question, though: we will be in a grand suite so will have access to Coastal Kitchen, but not the specialty restaurants for free. As this is our first time with a Coastal Kitchen, was thinking that we would eat there instead of specialty restaurants. Looks like we might miss out if we do that?? Cheers,
  2. Attended a 'family friendly' comedy show (on Princess) a few years ago and thought the guy was hilarious. So went to his late night, adults only show, and he basically re-used the same jokes, throwing in the f-bomb and other colorful language...the adult version was so bad, ended up leaving early. That said, have seen other comedians do the two shows on the same cruise with completely different content and I usually enjoy the adult versions more. As others have said, language changes and jokes are more offensive to specific groups. My observation is that the smaller the venue fo
  3. We've got a cabin with a great balcony and a $40 per day drink package, so if they will let us board, we will go even if the ship just does in circles in the sea!
  4. Thanks for that info, didn't know about that! Did some research and it appears they are limiting cruise ship visitors to 1500...the radiance has 2500, so wonder how that will work? Add to that COVID concerns, maybe my cruise choice was not as clever has I thought!
  5. I know the area won't allow the larger ships and has limited hours when they can visit (sunset...) but didn't know there was new concerns. Is it COVID related, or bigger than that? Thanks
  6. Just booked a cruise for December 2021...chasing double points as this will make us Diamond Plus. Short, five day cruise on Radiance visiting Key West and Labadee - figure that if cruises are going, these ports should be open. Cheers,
  7. I've read here that they have your account 'flagged' as a consecutive cruiser and the clerk might not give you the bottle, so we make a point to make a new friend on the first leg buy for us. Is that just a CC urban legend? Thanks
  8. Going off topic...(sorry). Just booked 1600 on the Radiance; assume it will be very similar to 1600 on the jewel? on topic - we had just a few mornings with slight soot on the jewel. Bigger problem with smokers on the balcony below us. thanks!
  9. Took my dog for a walk in Astoria today and checked out the Regatta; after convincing my dog (Luna) that I wasn't leaving for a cruise Found a bald eagle keep careful watch over the ship. Cheers,
  10. Hi folks. Wanted to share my phone call as it was not what I expected. Waited about 100 days, so figured I was patient enough. Ended up calling my TA, figured they could do the work on this. First response was that the drink package I had purchased for the original cruse had shifted to the new cruise. I questioned this as I had the cancellation receipt, it's not showing on my cruise planner for the new cruise, and I haven't heard of this happening for anyone else. So they looked more and said that it wasn't actually the drink package, but I had a 'credit' on my new booking. Again
  11. Hi. We are about 90 days out on refund from cruise planner purchases on a L&S. Since the reservation was originally booked with TA, should I check with them or directly with Royal? related, since we will spend the same on our new cruise (drink package) and already paid the cc bill, can we request obc?
  12. It took three calls to my big box TA, but was able to l&s sept 20 and 27 Freedom cruises to 2021 on symphony. I don’t know what was specially said to the royal folks by the TA to make it happen, but I let them know I was cancelling it I couldn’t shift, and the first symphony cruise had a stop in San Juan. Maybe I got very lucky...
  13. Two weeks sounds right from what I was told about the email, however the rep said that the actual accounting should be done in 48 hours so I could call and try and get a correct invoice earlier. I plan to call early next week.
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