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  1. It took three calls to my big box TA, but was able to l&s sept 20 and 27 Freedom cruises to 2021 on symphony. I don’t know what was specially said to the royal folks by the TA to make it happen, but I let them know I was cancelling it I couldn’t shift, and the first symphony cruise had a stop in San Juan. Maybe I got very lucky...
  2. Two weeks sounds right from what I was told about the email, however the rep said that the actual accounting should be done in 48 hours so I could call and try and get a correct invoice earlier. I plan to call early next week.
  3. This is what I was told. My call ended around 1PM Pacific (Wednesday).
  4. Happy to report success (I think) on the third try. After 2.5 hrs on the phone with a very helpful rep, moved B2B sailings on Freedom out of PR on Sept 20 and Sept 27 2020 to Symphony of the Seas Sept 18 and 25 2021. Went from Eastern/Southern to Eastern/Western. New cruises have Perfect Day. Was able to keep cabin categories of grand suite on one and owners on the other. They also preserved the OBC we had from originally booking on board. However, they were not able to give me an invoice that showed the price protection. What I received shows the full price for the new cruise (which is nearly twice the original price) with the promise that Royal will do an adjustment on that within 48 hours to match the fare. Per my agent, this is something brand new and the first time she has run into it. She said her file was well documented and the calls recorded...also preserved the booking numbers so there is a clear connection between the two cruises. While I'm not happy about the wait to confirm the rate, I was going to cancel the 2020 cruise anyway, so if they screw this up, we are no worse off. Cheers,
  5. Thanks for posting this - I got turned down on similar request. Would you mind providing a few more details such as date of SJU cruise and what cruise you moved to? thanks
  6. Fair enough - thanks! Going to wait a little longer to see if something changes on L&S, but if I go this route, will report back.
  7. With all the great info on this thread from Ourusualbeach and others, hoping someone can answer this for us. We were shot down on the L&S for our Freedom cruise and are likely to cancel under CWC, which I understand would give us FCC for our $1000 combined non-refundable deposit (correct?). Instead of cancelling and waiting for the FCC, could we cancel and book a new cruise during the same call and request that the $1000 be moved to that cruise? Would prefer not to put down a new deposit, then wait an uncertain amount of time before seeing that FCC. Thanks!
  8. Reporting my unsuccessful experience attempting to "Lift and Shift" our Sept Puerto Rico Cruises on Freedom. Earlier posts had already tempered my optimism, but attempted the angle that one of the cruises is technically an Eastern Caribbean itinerary, so tried to move to another eastern out of Florida. No luck. Final payment is not due until June, so figure I will monitor other's experiences and try again in a week or so in case the rules loosen up. PS - apparently the Royal rep suggested that my TA tell me to 'keep watching itineraries in case a new cruise is added". We both had a good laugh at that.
  9. Great info here; thanks everyone for posting! Getting ready to call my TA first thing in the morning. Quick question: have an owner's suite booked on Freedom this Sept. Looking at options on the Allure but can't find an OS category, any thoughts on how that might transfer? Thanks
  10. This is the best advise I've seen in a bit; cheers!
  11. Paid upgrade from current cabin.
  12. Well - maybe I'll make the phone calls later...when I just called, the phone tree had a new option to cancel a cruise at the start of the call. Then the wait time was over an hour with no option of a call back.
  13. Hadn't thought about that. Can they actual book the upgrade, or just advise if it really is available? Think I'll try the TA one more time with the info above, but might as well give Princess a call too! Thanks
  14. Thanks for this info! I Will call again with these facts. PS - hello again, we cruised together on the Bliss last year (or was that two years ago...)
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