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  1. I was there this week. The Glacier Express bus (both the white and the blue) were $45 per person round trip. They ran on the half hour from both Juneau and Mendenhall. The last bus left the glacier at 3:00 the day we were there. I just did a little trip report on this week's visit HERE.


    Thanks for the report, it looks beautiful and plan on walking the trail when I visit in Sept. Do you remember if you could get a one way ticket, we are doing whale watching and they are dropping us off at the glacier, thanks

  2. I have one booked with Captain Steve in Sept and then he is dropping us off at the glacier. He was our Captain on our first trip to Juneau with Harv and Marv and he was awesome. whatever you decide I am sure it will be great!!

  3. I booked with Alaska Humpback Adventures it is a 6 passenger boat with Captian Steve , he was our captain years ago with Harv and Marv and was awesome, and will drop us off at the glacier, but then we have to get our way back, looks like we can ride a shuttle or get a taxi


    When are you going?

  4. I also belong to another group called Royal Carribean Cuba sailings you will have to look it up. Very helpful folks there as well.

    where do I look it up, on cruise critic or Royal Caribbean, thanks

  5. ^Overnight means any immigration/customs issues were handled the day before, so you can just walk off any time you like. The ship does not need to worry about running behind schedule either - it's already parked! Personally I'd take a later flight to allow some more sightseeing unless this was an RT and you had a pre-cruise stay, not because I'd be concerned about making it to the airport in time. Depending how nervous a traveler you are, leaving between 7 and 8am should be enough (you're going against commuter flow).

    Thank you so much, we have been to Quebec City several times and will be spending the whole day before, so leaving in the morning is great, what about shuttles or taxi, do you have to reserve them or will they be there

  6. We too were on the 4 night Explorer and the 7 night Alaska last week, have to agree the first day of the four night was awful in the windjammer, but we were told that the board of health and other government were on the ship for inspection since it was out of the States for almost a year, I think it would have helped passengers moods if a letter was sent to the cabin explaining the situation!!


    As far as the Alaska week have no complains on food was find for us, my only thought was that a ship this size was not good for when everyone had to be indoors, lots and lots of crowds, no one outside or even in the adults only area. They held everything in the prom. area and was too crowded for us.


    All in all it was a great week, but if we every cruise Alaska again it will not be on a ship of this size.


    when you have lemons made lemonade

  7. we are not locals but have cruised several times out of Seattle, and we have always used Seattle Express, Matt the owner has always answered my emails prompt and picked us up at the scheduled time, his first shuttle leaves the pier are 7:30am , I am sure you could arrange for a shuttle for the 14 of you , Have a great cruise!!

  8. We are about to go on Medicare soon. I understand if we leave the country we are not covered in health benefits at all? Is that true? And if so what do you do for coverage while on the ship?


    I can't get over how some people travel after they retire and never check into

    health benefits. They just assume everything is taken care of.


    I am on Medicare and always buy travel insurance, it is not just those on medicare, but a lot of insurance does not cover out of country

  9. we usually do self off because we each only have one carry on bag, several years ago in Port canaveral we were coming off and a couple in front of us on the escalator were carrying liquor and bags, and one of them fell,and the liquor was broken, causing a pile up the escalator and my husband was hurt and our bags were crushed, what a disaster, had a very bruised back and shoulder and we went to the urgent care in town, there was security guard that took a report, but they never contacted us , our insurance paid for the visit. We still do self carry off, but really watch who we get behind and make sure they have a hand on the rail. People just try to carry too much off.

  10. I have cruised 17 times with Princess and this is was the first time we had the port cancelled, I am not sure out of those cruises how many went to Princess Cays.


    Princess can not control the weather, and it was very windy that day, in fact after my ordeal at Grand Cayman, I had no intentions of tendering over there, just too risky with the wind.


    Yes, maybe some day they will build a pier, like Royal did for the Oasis and Allure to there private island, but it is a long, long walk there.

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