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  1. When I went to enter my credit card info every thing went fine until I have to put my card number in. The field won't let me. Zip, nada, rien. So, I went back up on the screen and ticked off "I'll pay my account in cash." Once I get on board I'll have to go to the Front Office and switch that over to my credit card. Grrrrrr.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to do this. It is especially valuable for those sailing on the QM2 for the first time (as I will be doing next July). Your photos are wonderful and my anticipation has increased for my first sailing.
  3. Well, I just may have to sew my own laundry bag and attach a luggage tag to it when it's ready to go out. I do not want paper bags.
  4. Yeah. I'm thrilled. Best decision HAL has made in a long time. Can't wait to book a cruise.
  5. I've also stayed here 3 times. There is also a Walgreens (or CVS) right across the parking lot. Great for stocking up on items. The beds and pillows are so comfortable that I could stay in bed all day. Hotel name is Sleep Inn & Suites Fort Lauderdale International Airport. https://www.choicehotels.com/florida/dania/sleep-inn-hotels/fl664?source=gyxt
  6. Is it a fixed rate to the airport? If not, how much should the ride cost? (I'll be taking a taxi in November). Thanks
  7. I fly in the day before departure and in the US I go to the nearest CVS or Walgreens to my hotel. I've put a case of Canada Dry ginger ale (only one I'll drink) and a couple of bottles of water in one of those plastic dollar store bags that you can zip. Then I add a luggage tag and off load it at the port with my luggage.
  8. Thanks Copper. This sounds like fun.
  9. I'm sailing on her Nov. 11th and I'm sorry the Mix Bar will be gone. What is BillBoard Onboard? Never heard of this.
  10. If you're a night owl just to the sea part. Years ago mum and I who are both night owls did the sea/land cruise. OMG, we almost died and were exhausted when we got home. Up at 5am - breakfast at 6am - bags outside hotel room at 7am - on the bus/train at 8am. You get the picture. I've never booked nor will I a land tour again.
  11. Use packing cubes. I've used them since they came out and I could not pack without them. When I get to my destination you just take them out the suitcase, unzip the top and place them in either a drawer or on a shelf. I also keep my dresses and good tops on those super thin flocked hangers and put a dry cleaner bag over them. This is the last item to go in my suitcase and at the destination - poof - ready to hang up.
  12. My first cruise with HAL (years ago) was during Halloween. So many people brought costumes. There was a big party, the HAL band was there and the CD would invite those in costume to come up on stage while the band played a tune to compliment your costume. I went as a black cat and the band played Tom Jone's "What's new pussycat." The CD would ask you a few questions and then the next person came up. It was so fun. Aaaaah, the good old days.
  13. I love cruising from Tampa, I love flying to Tampa and I love Tampa airport. I hope HAL comes back in the future.
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