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  1. I sewed a small Canadian Flag on my carry-on luggage.
  2. I've never had distilled water. Does it taste as good as Acqua Panna?
  3. Give Public Health Canada a call (1-833-784-4397). According to another post a 'Rapid Antigen test" is valid and can be done at Shoppers for $40.00.
  4. I hope this PCR testing business doesn't last too long. As long as we've got both our shots, let me out the country and back in. Period.
  5. I thought one only got the antigen test 3 days before flying.
  6. Trudeau wouldn't know what to do with a bill - he's never had one to pay in his life.
  7. Cruising in November. Guess I'll contact the Canada Coast Guard to see if I can book passage on one of their icebreakers. I hope they have room service and put a chocolate on my pillow at night😄
  8. For direct flights check alternate dates. You may have to fly in two days in advance but for me it's worth it getting a direct flight. (I got direct flights from Ottawa to Tampa by alternating my dates).
  9. Did you print it on 8.5 X 11 paper? I'd like to print it in a smaller format.
  10. That's a shame. I took a few of the session and they were fun. We even got to keep a lovely cotton apron. I remember taking one class during a storm. All the counters were covered with Saran wrap and the pots were tied down with the same. We were making New Orleans beignets in the deep fryer and I was so scared the fryer was going to land on the floor and the hot fat would splash some participants.
  11. In Ottawa we can get the test at Shoppers Drug Store. There is also a clinic in the Professional building over at the Riverside Hospital. Prices around $200.00
  12. Such a hassle if one doesn't have a smartphone. Thanks for the link
  13. I'm planning on doing the same thing.
  14. I'm just as confused as you. I hope all these tests will disappear in the next couple of months. In Ontario the PCR test is $199.00. Ontario didn't issue a card confirming vaccination but a letter size doc.
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