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  1. Well in that case I could do a B2B (Montreal to Boston to Montreal). Better than nothing and I'd have no flying to do.
  2. So, HAL had changed all cruises to 7 days only. Can we do a B2B? If yes, how many B2B segments will they allow? Thank you.
  3. My booking on the Volendam has now been transferred to the Zuiderdam and I have my new booking number and cabin number (sailing date is Nov. 15, 2021). Just checked HAL site and one can now view and book this sailing. So things are moving along.
  4. Safe and Happy Thanksgiving to all our southern neighbours. Take care.
  5. It's never too cold to enjoy anything. You'll only be cold if you don't bring the right clothing.
  6. Well, instead of wearing cloth masks for the whole flight let us wear the oxygen masks
  7. Thank you for posting this chart. So, instead of a lanai cabin (CA) I'd get a forward balcony (VE). Sounds good to me.
  8. You had a VE cabin and HAL moved you down to an ocean view room? I had a lanai cabin on the Volendam - wonder what HAL will give me on the Zuiderdam. If it crappy, I'm not going.
  9. I also have the casino rate for my November cruise that was suppose to be on the Volendam. I got letter from my TA today that the cruise will now be on the Zuiderdam. I had booked a lanai cabin on the Volendam. Wonder what I can expect to get on the Zuiderdam.
  10. But won't it clash with my diamond bracelet daaaarling
  11. Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes from Ottawa. Only my mum and I for turkey dinner. It was good as was the pumpkin pie.
  12. I beg to differ. Once Cuba opens up its borders to travellers again, Americans can travel there again. We Canadians have been travelling to Cuba for years and they love us.
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